Friday Tidbits

We had lots of family in town for the 4th and everyone is worn out! Worn out in a good way but still a very a worn out way.

Remember when I prettied up our front door to detract from the peeling paint and mess of hoses? They look so perky in this pot MamaP gifted me many years ago.


Until they didn’t look pretty or perky anymore. See, the blue flowers are part-sun and after a while the hot afternoon sun was too much for them.


They were very sad indeed:


With company coming soon, I decided rip out the blue flowers and add more petunias. Amelie helped me pick out the colors; we added white, pink and a more purple to the existing batch.


I also snagged a used hose reel for $5 and while it doesn’t work great, it still cleaned up the space beautifully!

And now they look like this, just in time to greet our guests:


They are spilling out and filling in nicely, even though they are still a bit lopsided. I love them so. I know, they are just petunias, nothing fancy here, but they add some happy to my sad front step which is a very good thing since our guests had to walk by this compost pile to get there:


And another riveting post has ended so you can charge into the weekend inspired. You’re so totally super welcome.


4 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. I love wave petunias. I buy them every year. I also buy marigolds and geraniums. Fun! I think you did a great job with the flowers and the hose reel. I need one of those and not sure which one to buy. Glad you had a good visit. Happy Weekend! Love mamap

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