Home Sweat Home: Master bath

Just as I did with the office, I’m giving you a tour of the “master” bath. And it might make you a little sick.

It’s a weird space, with two doors. It’s small and hard to photograph. Here are a few pics from inspection day:


Can you believe Amelie was just a little nut in my tummy in this picture? AWWW.


That shower tile though? Yuck. It doesn’t look terrible but it has a gross vibe to it. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’ve done very little to update this space but the few things I have done made it worse. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

There is only one bathroom upstairs and this is it. It’s the “master” bath that we all get to share. That’ll be so super fun for Amelie when she is a teenager.


It has two doors – one from the hallway and one from the master bedroom. Those two doors are annoying, especially during bath time when both Hubs and I are trying to get the kids bathed and ready for bed at the same time since this is the only bathroom with a tub.

In the name of progress, I did finally finish painting both doors recently and you already know I used Zinc by Martha Stewart. That can of paint is still going strong! 17 doors down, two to go…

Anyway. I switched out the hinges on one of the doors but as you can tell, the other is still bathing, if you will, in all of its brassy glory. The doors look great, it’s the walls where things get scary. Did you notice they were half painted?

You see, I’m crazy. Remember when my MIL gave me a few paint samples and I used one of them to paint the downstairs bathroom? I’ll have to show you that sometime, once you’ve recovered from this post, of course. Anyway, I lost my mind when I got to organizing the downstairs closet. WE HAD SO MUCH PAINT. Instead of giving it away or trashing it, I decided to use it up whether I liked the color or not. I ripped down the mirror last summer during nap time and started painting.


And then nap time ended. So this is what we’ve been living with for a long time now.


My husband has not uttered a single word about the half painted bathroom. He’s such a dear. He knows I’m trying to get there but time and efficiency are not something I have in high abundance.

We don’t want people using this bathroom but they do anyway. I wilt inside when I notice someone go up there. I need a sign that says “Please don’t use this! I’ve gone mad and I’m trying to hide it from you!”

Unlike the downstairs bathroom color, which is Sea Salt by SW, I’m not loving this color. It’s Rainwashed by SW and although very similar, it looks too bright in contrast with the tile and vanity. What’s that you say? You want to see the vanity?


Not cuuuute. *shudders*

The tile on the floor and in the shower is also not cute. It’s supposed to be “natural” looking with browns and white swirled throughout. But instead it looks like poop. Do you know how many times I’ve gasped and hopped over the threshold thinking someone didn’t quite make it to the toilet and shat here?


Both bathrooms in this house were recently redone by the previous homeowner but not done well. It has decent storage but horrible everything. The sink is too low to wash your face easily, the vanity and medicine cabinet are very oak-y and builder grade-y. The tile is uneven, the grout has cracks in it, the outlet covers are mismatched, and the trim is a wreck (just like it is everywhere in this house). We have a lot to do.

Here are the plans for Phase 1:

  • paint doors
  • replace hinges
  • paint bathroom
  • caulk & paint trim
  • remove anchor bolts & spackle
  • replace outlet covers
  • add art/accessories/organize
  • possibly repaint vanity and medicine cabinet
  • paint ceiling white
  • replace vent cover — weeee!

What’s Phase 2?

  • Rip out everything and replace it with lots of beautiful white and gray gorgeousness

I’m hoping to settle on a color and at least get this room FULLY painted sometime in the near future. I’m leaning towards painting it Sea Salt by SW to keep things simple. I’ll keep you posted. It can only get better from here? Right?


7 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Master bath

  1. This bathroom is so awkward! I hold out hope that there’s some solution to expand/remodel it without sacrificing our closet and bedroom (and kiddos’ college savings), though the more I think about it the more my head hurts.

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