Toys! Everywhere.

I’ve been trying to control the chaos but it seems like the influx of STUFF happened over night. I have a system that’s kinda sorta working so why not do what I always do and tell you about it?

A long time ago, we had a grown up hutch that stored grown up things like candles and serving pieces.

PICT4760_1Now it holds toys, burp cloths, wipes and Aquaphor too! Look how fancy:


All of Amelie’s toys used to live in that white basket in the corner. The tiny toys sifted down to the bottom, never to be unearthed again! I knew I had to organize the madness so I bought a bunch of cheapo bins from Target and sorted all of Amelie’s toys by category.


I don’t love the look of a hutch lined with plastic bins but this new system is working quite nicely because Amelie is able to see what she wants to play with. It’s nice for when other kids swing by too; they can help themselves and it’s easy for me to pick up at the end of the day. Cade is even starting to play. He loves emptying the bins!

I plan to replace this hutch eventually. I’m not in love with wood tone anymore and I don’t want to go through the hassle of bolting this to the wall. Amelie leaves it alone but who knows what Cade will do as he gets more mobile and starts to pull himself up. Other kids like to yank on the doors which makes me nervous.

I’m hoping all of the toys in the living room will eventually migrate to Amelie’s play area and her room once she gets a little older and prefers to play more privately. I would like to have a living room where I don’t slip on tiny plastic dinosaurs and have to vacuum around battery operated singing things. But maybe by the time that happens, I’ll be wishing for these days back again?

So that’s the inside. Since this post, we’ve acquired a few more plastic monstrosities for our yard. They are so ugly/kinda awesome.

A water table, scored for free!


A jungle thingy, also scored for free!


It was grimy but I cleaned as much as I could. It’s hideous! Amelie loves it.

Although admittedly atrocious, I’m so thankful we have a few things like this now because Amelie has been playing on her own lately. This is new and so adorable. I love hearing her play pretend!

Not inspired? You have to see this play house that my friend designed and her dad and hubby built. It’s beautiful and classy and awesome! I asked if I could move in but I’m still waiting to hear back…

6 thoughts on “Toys! Everywhere.

  1. Loved the little house Lisa’s family built. It would be fun to get one for Amelie. Enjoy the toys and the chaos and the people that come with them. I know it is hard especially when you are home all of the time and faced with upgrades you would like to happen. ::)) lv mamap

    • I’m still brainstorming a way to get Lisa’s dad to accidentally work on our house since it’s the same layout but flipped. Maybe if I spun him in a few circles and let him loose?

  2. Oh my, we’ve become THOSE people! It’s amazing how quickly we went from “I’ll never accumulate all that stuff” to “if it distracts the kids for 10 minutes, I’ll take it!”

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