Home Sweat Home: The Stairs Again

Remember when the Heavens opened up and the world rejoiced because we finally completed the stairs?


Lookin’ good, right?

Actually. No.

Like me from far away, everything is kinda looking alright. But when you get up close? Everything IS NOT LOOKING ALRIGHT.

For example, this huge hole in the caulking:


I’m to blame because the handyman caulked in a shred of blue carpet in his haste to get home. I was not having that so I carved it out, leaving a large gaping hole for bugs and things to snuggle in. Awesome, huh?

The caulking in the seams was also lacking in a few places. Can you see it?

crappy_caulkI tediously re-caulked everything and painted the primed risers a delectable white. Look closely and you will notice where it’s been painted versus the plain primed riser:

paintIt took three coats of paint to get the coverage I was happy with and of course our stairs sat like this for a few weeks along with my best intentions. Warning, adorable toddler ahead!


That swimsuit! It makes me weak!

Anyway, you’ll never believe this but here they are finished:


Here is where my husband and I differ. This is a project he would have never wasted his time on. From far away, it looks fine! On the other hand, the doors to the laundry nook are off and propped up in the den, the office is disaster, the bathroom is half painted, etc! I could be making a much bigger impact. But, my spare time is sporadic and comes in very small chunks. The stairs bugged me and it was a project I felt like I could take on in small steps.

Ending with a pun is so clever, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: The Stairs Again

  1. Loved the pun, love the stairs, LOVE THE SWIMSUIT on The Baby!. It is important to get done what you can. And do the stuff that bugs you. The whole house can be in chaos and I worry about the dryer vent. ::)) Go thecandace. Lv mamap

    • Thank you, MamaP! I agree. Who’s going to complain if I’m making progress, albeit inefficient progress? XO~

  2. I’m seriously impressed with how you find time to do so many different projects at home with two small kids. You make other moms, like me, look bad 😐 Stairs look fantastic btw, they would’ve bugged me so much, too.

    • You are an amazing Mom, I can promise you that. The Mom Thing is hard, hard work.
      The stairs, a day-long project, took me weeks to complete so don’t stand in awe for too long!

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