My Cade

AGE: 7 1/2 months

He is my Mr. Sweet and Sensitive!


Growing: He looks like a little baby boy now. I think he looks like my twin brother. His bald patch is filling nicely, although he’s got serious hair wings in the front. I should trim them soon but I’m hesitant because they have some curl to them, like his Daddy’s hair. They are hilariously cute!!


He’s a long skinny baby still, wearing 9-12 month clothes already. I love to smooch the back of his neck! He is seriously the cutest little guy!

Just recently, he’s showing signs of stranger danger. He’ll be subtle about it but I can tell that he is wary of new people holding him. He usually does ok if I’m near but if he’s tired, he’ll fuss. Amelie had serious stranger danger by the time she was 4 months old and would cry instantly if she was in anyone’s arms but mine or Hubs. It’s so interesting to see how different my two babies are!

Sleeping arrangements: Up until about a month ago, Cade was sleeping in a swing. I worried about it because he’s a long baby and since we swaddle him, we couldn’t buckle him in. “Do you think he could flip himself out?” I asked, concerned.

“There is no way. Think about the physics! Candace, it’s impossible.” Hubs replied.

Like usual, I woke to him crying one morning so I slowly shuffled down to feed him. To my horror Cade, swaddled like a caterpillar, was HANGING OUT OF THE SWING like a teeter totter hinged only by his hip!

Yeah. So, now he sleeps in a pack and play. We had to cut the swing cold turkey and as with everything Cade, it was fairly easy to do so. It wasn’t a piece of cake but rather a few bumpy nights. We bought a used crib many moons ago but haven’t gotten around to setting it up. It’s on the To Do list, along with putting together a nice room for him someday. He’s still sleeping downstairs but we have to move him for guests soon so I might try to start working on his nursery. I don’t know when though because I have so many projects in flight and so little time.

Milestones: He can flip to his tummy and back again and now he is sitting up unassisted! We never leave him because the opportunity to face plant or fall backwards is still very high.

He can feed himself a bottle which has come in handy when I’m trying to get Amelie down for a nap. I usually bring him upstairs with us and he sits in his chair feeding himself while I read Amelie her two books before nap.


He reaches for everything, especially my hair. He’s always ripping out strands in his tiny clenched fists. I don’t love that…

What a I do love? When I pick him up and he holds on to me.. His little hand holds my shirt, his legs wrap around my hip and his other arm links around mine. It’s the best!

What Cade loves? Amelie. He adores her. Every time she’s near him, he grins and laughs. He’s delighted by her!

Play: Unlike Amelie, Cade will play for a while. We prop him between our straddled legs and dump bins of toys around him. He loves to empty the bins, suck on everything and clang things together. He plays!!!

Nicknames: Mr. MaGoo, Gooies, Cade Man, Mr. Sensitive. We call him Mr. Sensitive because if he gets the slightest bonk, he cries. On the other hand, Amelie skinned her knee pretty bad this week and didn’t flinch. Cade is also scared of the the vacuum cleaner (Hubs had to take him outside one time because he kept screeching) and just recently he finds the washing machine concerning.

Feeding: Ugh! I hate this part. It’s really hard to find time to make food for him. He doesn’t like it, either. We’ve tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas. Unlike Amelie who gobbled up everything I made for her – even straight pureed kale – Cade refuses. He’s drinking way too much milk and not eating nearly enough. I may have to start adding apples or pears to everything to get him interested. I noticed Cade didn’t struggle learning to use his tongue with solids but Amelie had a lot of trouble with accidentally pushing food out (tongue thrust). I believe it was an issue when she breastfed too. I don’t think she was very efficient and it frustrated her.

Speaking of breastfeeding, it is not going great anymore. My supply can’t keep up. I used to feed him during the day and slowly I started to supplement at night with formula when my supply was the lowest. Now I feed in the morning and maybe once during the day. The rest is formula or milk that I have pumped and frozen beforehand. More on that someday! Luckily, he takes a bottle like a champ. It only took him a few seconds to figure it out, whereas Amelie cried during the first few bottle feedings. I felt so sad for her!

Sleeping: Bed time seems to be the trickiest with Cade, especially the few months when Amelie was sick. It was relentless! We’d finally get Cade to sleep after much bouncing and effort and then Amelie would wake from her cough and be up crying/coughing for hours! Cade would wake for his first feeding between 4am and 6am. And then everyone was up for the day shortly after. I thought I may not survive! Seriously, I was a total wreck.

About a month ago, he started going to bed around 8-8:30pm AND Amelie’s cough disappeared. It was a dream come true! What a beautiful schedule to have an hour in the evening to ourselves to get the house picked up, dishes done and be able to sleep during the night again. Now, he goes to bed anywhere between 8:30pm and 10ish. Sometimes he wakes for his first feeding around 6am, sometimes he wakes me at 2am!

Naps: His naps are all over the place. I should be keeping a log to see what schedule works best for getting him to bed before 10pm. But I’m trying to keep up with Amelie and I put him down when he’s fussy. Sometimes we are out and about and his nap gets pushed back and we all have to roll with it! He still takes three naps/day but his last nap can start late in the evening. That’s where it gets tricky because I wish he were going down for the night, but instead he treats it as his last nap and is up again. Luckily when he is awake, he’s a very happy pleasant guy so it’s not a big deal except for cutting into our kid-free time (which is pretty precious).

Cade, I get a little sad thinking about you growing up. You are my last baby. I don’t get to really enjoy your babyhood because I’m juggling you and Amelie. It’s unfortunate because you are such a loving, happy, smiley, wonderful baby. I always wondered how other parents were doing it – going out to eat (especially during the witching hour?), getting projects done around the house, going shopping and taking trips. Now I get it! I could have done it all with you.


Even so, I’m counting my lucky stars that you came second. Amelie is the most amazingly awesome toddler and you are a rockstar baby. I don’t deserve either of you!

4 thoughts on “My Cade

  1. This guy is the sweetest! I love his smile and laid back attitude. Candace, you absolutely deserve the amazing kids you’ve birthed and raised :)

    • Awww. XOXO. I consider myself so lucky these two beings ended up with us. They are awesome little humans! And you? I’m the luckiest lady ever to have you as my partner and their Daddy. *gets mushy*

  2. Amen!! You are doing a bang up job. Levi came up this weekend and I was going to have him comment with me (because you said Cade looked like him) but time slips away. Here it is already 7pm again and just now getting to it. Now I am behind in commenting on your wonderful blogs. AARGH! I say keep up the good work. You have two wonderful beautiful babies. Can’t beat that for a record! lv mamap

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