Home Sweat Home: Outside Front Perennials

Perennials! I feel like such a big girl now. I did lots of learning googling and figured now is as good of time as any to dive in.

It’s overwhelming but I’m reminding myself that this is simply an experiment. I’ll try a few things and then see what works. I don’t think I need a grand vision just yet.

We started here with a very busy front yard. Lots of trees, mulch and a few perennials too:


We removed two trees and I weeded a lot but not nearly enough:


I have big plans – namely removing the juniper jungle (also seen here),


cutting back the mulch and adding more lawn. But for now, we are starting small by adding a few perennials to the mulched section by the corner of the driveway.

front_perennialsCan’t tell what anything is because I had to take these photos in the middle of the day, with sweat dripping into my eyes because that’s when both kids were serendipitously napping at the same time?


The placement was random. I’m a thinker and Hubs is a doer so we plopped them in without allowing me to think too hard about it. I really wished we didn’t put the dianthus right in the middle since it’s such a low plant but eh, it’s in the ground. It would be better as a border. I’ve already learned quite a bit about what I would do differently. The strawberry plant, although beautiful with its dark green leaves,


attracts bunnies and the fruit is nibbled off instantly. It would be better in a fenced garden. The asiatic lily, although stunning,


only bloomed once.


But, I do love the Happy Returns Day Lily (as does everyone) because it blooms frequently. I’ll be planting more of those!


I took the earlier pictures a while back. Here is how everything is looking now. Look at the Russian Sage, it’s huge! I guess my pruning this spring helped. It’s a beast!


I scored the irises for free from a lady that was thinning hers out. I had been wanting irises so the timing was perfect. Nap time was ticking away so I quick googled how to plant them because I know nothing. There was an empty spot where we removed the young silver maple tree:


I probably planted them too close but it’s difficult to dig through the mulch, sheet block, roots, stiff clay and rocks. I need a tiller but who has time for that? I’m praying they take root in spite of my amateur gardening.


Up close:


The second batch is looking especially sad but I’m hoping one or two survive. Forgive the lighting, the sun was setting and casting a gorgeous pink glow on everything:


Up close:


I planted a spirea on the corner and it’s barely clinging to life:


In July, I got overzealous and bought a few echinacea and phlox:


I planted them on either side of our sage (which I trimmed back because it was overflowing onto the sidewalk). They don’t look so healthy now:


And after weeks of slowing dying in their pots because summer busy hit me like a freight train, I finally planted the remaining two out back where our hot tub used to sit. They have lots of company with the weeds!


I have serious doubts they’ll live but at least I tried! Plus, it was good Mommy-Daughter time planting these together. She stacked the bark on the top. 😀


I know I was supposed to only talk abut the front yard but eventually, this will be an amazing place for a garden! Wouldn’t it be a pretty corner with raised garden beds surrounded by echinacea and shasta daises?

Anyway, the summer is closing in on me fast so I think I’ll focus on maintaining what I have before diving in any deeper. Along with adding a few perennials, I have been in major cleanup mode. I’ve trimmed, weeded and raked so much that our compost bin has no hope of keeping up! There is still much to do but I’m trying to make progress when I can. It’ll be fun to take a peek at this post next year and see what actually survived!

Our neighbor graciously gave us a tour of his beautiful backyard and it has Hubs and I very inspired. His lawn is lush and he has roses, peonies and raised garden beds! I wish I could wave a magic money wand and have someone come do the work for us while I drink iced coffee. Wouldn’t that be nice?

2 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Outside Front Perennials

  1. Iced coffee and a gardener! Lotsa cash. Yes, I would like to do that as well. Love your photos! Love your assistant gardener ::)) Lv mamap

    • My assistant is quite the helper! “There you go, Mama.” she tells me. I’ll keep you posted on the ice coffee and hired gardner situation. A girl can dream, right?

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