My Amelie

Age: 2 years, 3 months

This is not my biased opinion but simply fact. Amelie is the sweetest toddler in all the land!


Look at that hair!

Now that Amelie is getting a full night of sleep, she’s a dream. I have to give her credit when she was sick, she was up much of the night and miserable. This went on for months. She was crabby a lot, but so was I! The Real/Rested Amelie is happy, goofy, sweet, kind, polite, obedient, and imaginative! She is such an awesome human.

Schedule: Amelie wakes around 8am. I get her ready for nap around 1.30 or 2pm and wake her by 5ish, if she’s still asleep when Daddy comes home. We try to get her to bed by 7pm but it’s usually drawn out and more like 8ish. At least once every week, she ends up skipping her nap. Nowadays it’s not horrible – she happily plays upstairs in her crib the whole time. I can hear her singing, counting and talking in her voices for her stuffed animals. It cracks me up! If she skips her nap, we try to get her to bed earlier and sometimes I can tell the next day that she needs extra sleep. Even when she’s tired, she’s usually a good girl.

Likes/Dislikes: She loves peanut butter oatmeal (eats it every morning), chocolate ice cream, playing pretend, going to the water park, coloring, jumping, bath time, Daniel Tiger, temporary tattoos, and reading books. She doesn’t like change, most foods, wearing dresses (phooey) or messes (which is hilarious because the house is a constant wreck).

One thing that confuses me and kinda makes me sad: When she hurts herself, she doesn’t want comfort from me. In fact, getting hurt seems to embarrass and anger her. I wish I could scoop her up and kiss away her tears, but she runs the other direction. I usually end up gathering up her sleepsack and nuk then handing them over to her without saying anything until she calms down. I remember strong feelings of embarrassment over the littlest of things, so maybe she’s like me in that way.

On a related note, she’s not snuggly. She doesn’t want to cozy up on the couch or lay in bed with us. She likes to sit in our lap to read. I’m usually fairly affectionate and she’ll let me know when I’ve stepped over her boundaries.

Verbal: She talks in full (albeit, choppy) sentences now! This is my favorite part about this age: talking with her. Every once in a while she’ll tell me something that I can’t quite understand. She’ll repeat it a few times very slowly for my benefit but if I still can’t decipher, we both smile and move on.

She is extremely polite. She says “Thank you, Mama” unprompted! A lot! She’ll bring me my phone or my water bottle and say “Here you go, Mama!”


In the car, “Oh Bunny, I love this song! Do you?”

Amelie: “Yes.”

“Do you want to sing along with Mommy?”


She was with Daddy at the water park and noticed a round lady in a red swimsuit with black polk dots. She pointed and said “Ladybuggy.”

And the cutest thing of all: “I’m happy to see you, Mama/Dadda/Babba/Monkey”. What toddler says that?! Seriously, she’s wonderful!

Learning: She knows most of the alphabet. “A is for Amee!” “C for Cade!” “D for Dadda!” “M for Mama!” She only counts to three, I can’t get her to go further. I know she knows because one day I asked her what comes after nine and she replied matter of factly, “ten.” Her memory is very sharp – she remembers things in her books that I don’t!

Imagination: Her imagination is my favorite! She loves Daddy because he plays pretend with her. He talks in a high voice for stuffies/toys and she is over the moon for it. Now she uses different voices too. Best of all? Her sleepsack, which she still sleeps with every night and drags everywhere, has a very low manly voice! It’s hilarious! Every once in a while, I’ll play too although my imagination is rusty. One day we watched a baby sea turtle make its way to the ocean on Instagram and so I pretended we were baby sea turtles. She could not get enough of it! Here she is pretending to be a sea turtle at the water park.


Social: She’s shy and prefers to play one on one. She handles aggressive kids fairly well; she usually watches them from afar. She’s a good sharer, although most kids are not so I feel bad when she gets pushed around by them. It makes me very irritated!


Unlike Cade, Amelie is not overly smiley. She’s a very happy girl but a serious girl. She went to a birthday party last weekend and I asked if she wanted her face painted. She nodded and sat so still. And when she saw the result:


She was ecstatic! I love that smile. It’s so sweet to live these moments again, but now as a Mom. I remember feeling like this – how exciting it was to get my face painted!

Every once in a while, she’ll surprise me by waving or saying hi to someone spontaneously. Also to my surprise, she’s done really well with our summer visitors and sharing her toys. I expected she’d find it all overwhelming but she proved us wrong. She especially adored our friends Chris and Amelia – maybe it was the namesake that drew her in? She was pulling out all of her show off “moves” for them – twirling, “headstands”, dancing and balancing on one leg.


Cade: Seriously, she is an awesome big sister. She has never hit or shown aggression towards Cade. In fact, she’s done the opposite. This week, Cade started crying when I left the room and when I came back, Amelie was sitting next to him stroking his hair. He stopped crying and was smiling up at her. What a sweetheart!

Now that he’s been playing more, she’s been mimicking him, like sucking on toys which is funny because she wasn’t an oral baby except for her pacifier. Many times she wants what he’s playing with but will wait (impatiently) until he’s done (drops it out of his tiny fists) or she will trade him for a different toy, which suits him just the same! She is still jealous when Daddy holds Cade and will ask that he holds her instead and that “Mama hold Cade.”

Mommy stuff: Daddy is still her go to for Fun, but she’s not showing overt preference for only him anymore. She loves me for what I offer, which is different than what she gets from Daddy. I feel such strong love for this sweet girl. Like deep in my throat kind of strong, you know?

The “terrible twos” have been far from that. She is a delight!

8 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you! I remember that you weren’t very affectionate either when you were little. Amelie Quinn sounds a lot like her mother. ::)) Lv mamap

  2. I love our sweet, clever, curious little girl! I adore her imagination and kindness, the pleases and thank you’s. We are oh so lucky!

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