Kid Table Makeover

You guys! I made over Amelie’s kid table for her playroom. *Cue disbelieving gasps*

I purchased this table and chairs from a big consignment sale last fall for about $30 with the hopes I’d get the nerve to make it over before Amelie out grew it.


Here is a before. Also, please excuse the nasty compost pile. I’m working on whittling it down. It’s slow going.

beforeIt was quite slick with poly so I knew I had a big sanding job on my hands. I was inspired to try a liquid deglosser after a friend redid her bathroom vanity.


The deglosser was easy to use but stinky Here is the deglossed after.


A lot less “shiny”.

Up close. If you squint your eyes and scrunch your nose, you might be able to see the white film left from the deglosser.


In hindsight, if I were doing things the Right Way instead of the Impatient Way, I would have done two rounds of deglosser and then went in with a sander as well. But I didn’t do it the Right Way, in fact, I barely let the deglosser dry before I attacked with this:

ocean_mistIt’s a new color called Ocean Mist by Rustoleum. It was just the color I was looking for!


This was after two rounds of spray paint. I ended up needing a second can and a few more rounds. I did most of my spraying in a hurried fashion and during the sunniest part of the day so I kept missing spots. Still, I liked where it was going. But it needed something more…


Gold always takes things to Fancy, right? I was going for “gold dipped”…


Let me see you dip, baby, dip in progress:

gold_dipped_progressAre you ready for the final reveal?

table_finishedIt’s marred with many imperfections but isn’t it still so cute?

gold_dipped_closeWhy not end with a badly lit zoomed out shot? Please ignore the laundry room doors propped against the wall. It’s on our To Do list…


This project took me weeks to do so I might get physically ill the moment one of my kids takes a crayon or pen to it when I’m not watching. It seems to chip easily too. Why, DIY Gods, why? I think I need to go in with some poly but I can’t muster any more effort on it.

I’m opening the floor now. Shower me with Ooohs and Ahhhs!

If you want to see how the playroom has evolved, click here.