Friday Tidbits

Oh dear, it’s been over a month since my last post. Are you wondering where I’ve been? Not really?

You see, Amelie started preschool last week. Her and Dad donned matching shirts for the occasion, of course.


She is in school for half days, 2 days/week. It’s been liberating for me to have some time to focus on Cade and do things around the house while he naps. But it hasn’t been an easy transition. Amelie cries at every drop off and it’s all sorts of sad. She seems to do ok after we leave but can’t wait to come home. Plus, she’s been sick for almost a month now. She has been sick so much this year! I sure hope this all gets easier. :(

I also started coaching five days/week. It’s wonderful and exhausting. My body just aches when I get home from practice. But I’m so happy to be back.


Can you believe how lucky we are to head up into the mountains on a regular old day of practice?

What’s tricky is my precious “both-kids-are-napping-time” only happens in the late afternoon when I’m at practice. So I am full on Mom-mode then Coach-mode then Mom-mode again, until I fall into bed promising myself I must find time to eat a decent lunch the next day.

In random DIY news, while Amelie was at preschool this morning, I worked on this:


We have biiiiiiig yard things going down soon and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.  Who’s excited?

2 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. You are so amazing thecandace ::)) What a big project! I am happy you are back in the coaching system. It is wonderful to exercise and good for you to have something else to focus on. I say, Carry On. Looks wonderful to me. Lv mamap

    • It’s a HUGE project; I can’t wait to show you! You’re right, exercise is good for the body and soul and I’m a better Mom because of it. But, I’m sure feeling my age….

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