Halloween Treat Bags

The Halloween stuff cropped up at Target and I had these sweet non-candy treat bags assembled by mid September (while the rest of the house sat in disarray, obviously). It’s one less thing to think about come October so why not?


I spent about $10 for the supplies and took some quiet crafting time to myself. Turns out, I don’t want to spend all of my free time doing laundry and cleaning up spilled food. Mommy needs some fun time too!

Included in each bag is a pencil, eraser, foam and paper stickers and a package of Goldfish. Basically stuff I was craving to get in my Halloween haul because I loved this kind of thing as a kid. Target is the best! They should sponsor this blog.


As I ran low on items, I substituted in suckers and temporary tattoos I had lying around. I tied each one up with “candy corn” curling ribbon from the 90s and called it good.

I figured it was less than I would have spent on candy. We can give a few to friends and set the rest out for trick or treaters. We will be out trick or treating ourselves so I didn’t go overboard. When they are gone, they are gone!


Next project, Amelie’s costume. She wants to be a sea turtle…

2 thoughts on “Halloween Treat Bags

  1. Amelie looks like a sea turtle. I wonder if they have a sea turtle pillow. Oh how fun for you Trielle. Save me a treat bag, please Just kidding. We’ll make some more when we visit. I always have such a great time shopping with you and the babes. Hugs to all. Lv mamap

    • I bought a teal/green sweatsuit from Kohls. We’ll see how it turns out. Thankfully, there is a chicken costume waiting in the “wing”.

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