My Cade

AGE: 10 months

I wish he would stay my little baby forever and ever.


Growing:  I have no idea what his stats are because we don’t go back to the doctor until his one year. He’s in that weird stage where 12 month clothes are too short but he’s swimming in 18 months. Cade is still a long skinny guy. I want to smooch him constantly.

Sleeping: On most nights, he sleeps all night long. All night! I’m so lucky. Amelie didn’t do that until she was over a year old! She still doesn’t, actually. Cade is easy to put to bed. Sometimes he cries briefly, sometimes he needs bouncing or to be awake a little longer but most nights, we can put him to bed and that’s it! I can hardly believe it.

He is still sleeping in the pack and play in the guest room. I’m working on his nursery but it’s going painfully slow. My goal is to get him in his room by the end of the year. I have many plans but no time. But he does well downstairs so why hurry, you know?

One big project should be done by next week though and I’m excited to tell you about it!

Milestones: He has been busy! He can sit by himself and scoot around the room. He *just* started crawling, like as in a day ago. It’s slow and robotic and soooo cute! He also does this adorable hop to get his knees up underneath him. He works very hard. It’s funny to watch him learn compared to Amelie; she went about it differently. She would pump her hips really fast while lying on her tummy. She struggled when she was on all fours because her ankles would get crossed! Cade started with rocking on his hand and knees. When I go get him after nap or in the morning, he’ll rock excitedly when he sees me. So sweet! Cade has got the arm motion down but kind of drags his knees behind him.

Trying to crawl has been disrupting his sleep some. I bet his mind is a whizzin’ thinking of ways to keep up with Amelie. Who can sleep with exciting stuff like that on the horizon?

He also got his first tooth a month or more ago. When Amelie was teething, she had terrible diaper rash (I’m talking blisters!) and was crabby and it was all sorts of yuck. With Cade, the milestones have been much easier. His sleep patterns were a little funky, he wasn’t as smiley and his skin was more sensitive. And then, bam. A tooth!

Play:  He loves to put things in bins and take them out again. He likes to swish things in windshield wiper motions while laying on his tummy on the floor. He loves to throw balls and play “catch”. He thinks throwing food and other objects from his high chair is hilarious. Amelie will usually retrieve them for him and he thinks it’s such a grand game until Amelie gets fed up and finds something else to do.

He loves to go on walks and be read to; two things we don’t do nearly enough with him.

Feeding: Dad has been great at giving Cade lots of new food to try and he loves it all. He uses his thumb and pointer finger to pinch food and feed himself. He feels empowered! Favorite foods: yogurt, squeeze packets, sweet potatoes, cheese and tortillas.


Breastfeeding is not happening anymore and he’s 100% formula for his milk. Ah, well.

Naps: He usually takes a morning nap, one after lunch, and he needs to squeeze a short one in before bed time. I’m thankful Amelie is in preschool because his naps can be really limiting for her. Amelie was an unpredictable napper (is she going to sleep for 30 minutes or 3.5 hours?) but Cade is much more consistent and even.

Firsts: He got his first haircut about a month ago. I’m nervous with scissors! I cut off his adorable hair wings because they were getting tangled and matted after naps.  His bald patch filled in and he looks like a little boy. His hair is lighter and thinner than Amelie’s was at his age. I was hoping to see some curl but it looks pretty straight.

I’m excited for his first Halloween. I’m still brainstorming a costume for him. He’ll be so entertained by Amelie’s enthusiasm! I’m worried he might be fearful of the commotion that comes along with trick or treating but we’ll have to wait and see how he does.

Amelie: He watches her every move and he is thrilled by any interaction she is willing to give him. He adores her. She makes him laugh from his belly!


Amelie goes to school two days per week and it has been really nice to have time with Cade alone. I’ve been meaning to take him to story time but he is usually still taking his first nap so we always miss it. It relaxing to spend my morning with him; we snuggle on the couch while he takes his bottle. It’s so lovely and slow paced.

Personality: Since I coach xc each afternoon, my MIL comes on her days off to watch the kids. On the days that Grandma works, Isabel (a sweet high schooler) comes over to babysit for me. If Cade is awake when she arrives, he sobs and reaches for me as I get ready to leave. It makes me sweat! I feel so bad for all of us; Cade, Isabel and me too! Now I try to time it so he never sees me leave but that doesn’t always work out. He does fine once I’m gone (unlike Amelie as a baby, she was not easily comforted).

He babbles a little (“Na na na”) but mostly, he’s a quiet baby. Even when he is tired.

He loves being held. He likes to move from me to Daddy by reaching out his arms. He is such a loving and cuddly little guy!


When I found out I was having a boy, I was a little disappointed. I don’t know why exactly but probably because I was scared of the unfamiliar. I feel so silly now. I’m totally in love with being a boy Mommy AND a girl Mommy. It feels so good and comfortable. And much to my surprise, shopping for boy clothes is a treat!

Cade, being your Mommy has been a pleasure. A cup full of sweetness you are; filled to the very brim!


14 thoughts on “My Cade

  1. I know you are writing these blogs so you can share them with the kids when they are older but I certainly enjoy every word and every photo. THANKS, thecandace! I can’t get over how sweet Cade looks. Alan says he has old eyes. I think he means he has an old soul. What a pleasure it is getting to know this precious little boy. love love mamp

  2. This guy is all sorts of incredible! I think he looks so much like his mama and I’m guessing he gets his sweetness from her as well :)

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