Home Sweat Home: Cade’s Closet

I alluded to a big project going down in the last My Cade…we redid his closet! And it cost a fortune. It was worth it but wow, that stung.

This room was supposed to be Zack’s office but now we hope to move Cade into it officially. We still plan keep the desk area for when Zack works from home but I have plans to transform the rest of the space into something nice for my little guy.

There is a lot of work to do but a big issue was storage. Having a usable closet was top priority!

We started this closet adventure many moons ago with funky blue carpeted stairs, wooden cubbies, and hideous doors:


We ripped down those doors (I kinda wish we hadn’t done that), removed the carpet and had flooring installed. And then we crammed so much random crap in there, it gave me an instant headache:


Initially, I wanted to plan an Ikea closet but the standard heights would not work with the funny stairs inside. The Container Store was having a sale of 25% of Elfa systems so I had them help me plan a closet. They were great! I wanted a place for Zack’s dress clothes- for now, until we redo our own master closet – and then lots of other drawers and shelves that Cade could grow into. And until he does, I also wanted a place to store crafts and supplies that currently don’t have a home.

I cleared out the clutter and with great effort, removed those crooked and poorly built cubbies. The walls were in tough shape afterward.


Meanwhile, Zack and Amelie picked up the Elfa supplies and plopped them in among the chaos so we would be ready for the installer.


I did my best to sand, spackle and prime what I could with the little patience and expertise that I have. The walls were still far from perfect, but I figure the closet hardware would mask most of it. Then I got to painting. I chose “Paper White” by Benjamin Moore. It’s a, wait for it, light gray…


After the second coat:


I really really really wanted to tackle the gross popcorn ceiling but I knew I didn’t have time. One day, hopefully!

The installer came this week and it took him over two hours. I’m so glad we didn’t plan to do it ourselves. Wanna see how pretty it turned out?


I’m all heart eyes emoji-ing over here! The nice thing is I can live with this set up for a while and them customize it if I need to change things around. It’s very flexible!

What’s left to do?

  • Fill it and organize with bins
  • Fix a few issues with the walls where old trim used to be
  • Buy and install bi-fold doors
  • Paint bi-fold doors Zinc by Marth Stewart
  • Possibly paint the door rail…maybe a gold?

A good start though, huh?

10 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Cade’s Closet

  1. Money well spent! Last time I was at the Container Store I thought of doing my entire house (which we don’t have yet) with their organization stuff – it’s so chic & functional. Will you post a picture after you put things in it?

    • It’s an easy place to lose your mind. I’ll post an after! For now, everything is still on the floor in treacherous piles….

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