Holiday decor: Amelie’s room

Where have I been? That’s a fair question.

You see, I have the best intentions of blogging in the evenings but once the kids are finally asleep, I can muster no more thinking for the day. I’ve fallen so far behind, I’m not sure where to begin!

I figured I’d start with the holidays since they are fast approaching. Even though it’s far from blog worthy, I like documenting our Christmas decor for me to look back on. Last year, I bought a little tree with the hopes of keeping Christmas decor super simple and stripped down since Cade was due in December and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. Although a good idea initially, it felt disappointing so we ended up putting the tree up anyway because a full sized Christmas tree is too magical to skip!

When I hauled out the Christmas stuff this year, that little tree was in there. I thought Amelie would be excited to have it in her room. Excuse the heater and fan clutter, but this is real life.


Typical toddler, she thought it was fun momentarily but dismissed it pretty quickly after that. She thinks the owl is pretty awesome though. “It’s so fuzzy!”.

tree2Sparkly gold reindeer antlers (that Amelie refuses to wear), a Christmas craft that I intend to blog but I intend to do a lot of things that I don’t end up doing, and tiny reindeer slippers from her Oma. <3 Cute, easy, sweet.


I put up a little banner too on her door. Forgive the brassy hinges, I have the hinges to swap in but don’t have the time. Or so I tell myself.


I probably should have done another for the closet door for symmetry’s sake, but oh well. The banner was a buck in the dollar spot at Target. A buck! I love Target so much I could cry.


When Target’s Christmas decor came out, I had to buy a gold tree with pink, aqua and gold ornaments for Amelie’s playroom because it NEEDED it, you know?


Isn’t it perfect? The fuzzy tree skirt put me over the edge (thanks, Oma!).


Pretty, pretty sparkly tree.


Bam, there it is. Post over. Why did it take me so long to sit down and do this?


6 thoughts on “Holiday decor: Amelie’s room

    • I got it for TWENTY BUCKS from a local buy/sell FB group. Can you believe it?! When Cade and I picked it up – it barely fit in our car. It even came with furniture – which Amelie is accidentally dropping and breaking daily. Oh well! It’ll be so fun to get one for Maddie. <3

  1. Oh my goodness. What nice blogs. I love the tree with the booties and the fuzzy owl. What wonderful decorations for Amelie in her room and playroom. You rock, thecandace! I am proud of you. Lv mamp

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