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I know you are surprised to see me today. I am too!

I thought I’d keep the Christmas train moving since I recently posted about a few decorations in Amelie’s room.

Let’s start with a very dark picture of our dining room. I’m not sure it’s even worth posting, but here we are.

dining room

The lighting in our house is certainly an issue. Let’s focus on the good stuff though? MamaP bought me a new yummy sparkly branch-y wreath:


On our table, we have an “apricot” poinsettia from my MIL. Isn’t it interesting and cool? Moving on to our grimy counters, I plopped an old Pier1 mini tree and called it good enough.


If you are wondering (unlikely), the little tea light holder is holding a bunch of mini clothespins from Michaels to hang our Christmas cards.

pinsIn the past, I’ve put our Christmas cards on the fridge but I usually run out of space and magnets simultaneously. Plus, I think it looks messy. And now that I have little exploring hands that like to take things off of the fridge and store them in strange places, I needed a new solution. I used a few command hooks and twine and strung them across the “french” doors (warning, another dark picture ahead!):


Ah, so much better. And if we are *really* popular (also unlikely), I can add another strand if I need to. It’s a much better option that last year’s black hole of effort because they all came tumbling down within 10 minutes!


Let’s turn our attention to the living room. It’s pretty sparse but hey, I took the time to take crappy pictures so I guess we have to keep going, you know?

As always, a crooked hutch picture:


I scooped up the “JOY” on Target clearance last year, as well as the mercury glass monogram ornaments. I wanted to put them on the stockings (which you’ll see in a minute) but I feared a curious toddler might drop them, smashing them to a million sharp bits. So hung awkwardly on the hutch they go.

Moving along…

I’m not a huge fan of the side tables themselves, but I love my little “forest”, if you will.


The small glitter trees are from the Target dollar spot (but they were a whoppin’ $3) and the tall one was a clearance score from last year. The glitter reindeer is new too! Drools.

As for our “entry way” – I added stockings and another reindeer. The reindeer obsession continues!

stockingsThe stockings were an after Christmas score from Pier1 when I was pregnant with Amelie. I had debated on getting a fourth stocking in hopes of having two kids one day, but I didn’t want to jinx myself so I stopped at three. The deer bust was from the Target dollar spot too (at $3 too).


He’s just cardboard but I think he’d be cute white or gold or glittery or all of the above…

Last, but not least, of course, the tree!

I had a little helper…


Actually. No.

Amelie helped me decorate it for about 20 seconds and three meltdowns so I had to put her down for a nap. I finished decorating with one arm, holding a sad little Cade in the other. He was pant-less because of really horrible diaper rash and my arms were burning by the end. It was worth the effort but in the moment, I was on the fence…

treeA few new tree items this year: a cheap tree topper from Target along with some new silver ball ornaments and birds that I picked up on clearance last year. I’m kinda loving the layered blanket and tree skirt. In the past, I thought it always looked too flat.

Then later, I added a garland (also from Target). It’s so adorable!


There is also pine wreath from the school choir fundraiser adoring our front door but it’s cold outside so I skipped the picture. I’m sure you’re devastated!

Zack is concerned because I need to pick up a few new bins to store my growing collection of holiday decorations. I can’t stop and I won’t stop. I need more! Don’t you agree?

I need to up my outside Christmas decor game though. I’m hoping to grab some lights during the after Christmas sales.

The Tour of Christmas’ past: 2010, 2011, 2012 (we moved on Dec. 20th that year!), 2013 (Amelie’s first), 2014 (Cade’s first; he didn’t care because he was sleeping).

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  1. I love little clothespins. I might make a twine banner and just clip little clothespins to it. ::)) Tell SIL, he will have to build a shed in the back yard, or like Uncle Steven, buy a pole building. ::)). Lv mamap

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