Christmas Crafts

The Christmas crafts are endless, are they not? It can be kinda overwhelming. Amelie did a few easy ones and I wanted to share. These will not blow your mind.

A while back, a few moms came over and we made salt dough ornaments…just like everyone in the world because it’s an awesome and easy craft. Mostly, it’s the moms doing the work while the toddlers bounce around demanding snacks and spilling things.


I baked a bunch that day but we only got around to painting them this past weekend. It was a great excuse to haul out my craft paints and Amelie loved it!


Especially with her favorite guy.


Maybe next year, we’ll use a coordinating – instead of competing – color palette…


In hindsight, I would have made the ornaments thicker because¬†they are pretty fragile but I honestly don’t expect these to survive more than one Christmas anyway. Keeping my expectations low, you know? I should get a sealant for these too but eh, I doubt I will.

Wouldn’t they be cute taped to a hand-delivered holiday card or a present?


Oma bought Amelie this little wooden house from the Target dollar section (at $3). That place is a treasure trove of lovely easy kid crafts. I pulled this out during a crabby day and she was into it. So into it in fact, I had a hard time pulling her away for nap time.


It came with red, white and green paints but Amelie mixed them all together in sort of a, uh, Christmas Mauve. Beautiful, right?

christmas_houseI know, short post today. Two days until Christmas Eve, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. Thecandace, what fun! Salt dough ornaments are perfect for little people. You will be making those for a few years. I remember licking one of mine. Ugh! Taping the ornaments onto presents is a lovely idea. I love that you are crafty for Amelie and Cade. lv mamap

    • I do love crafting and hopefully the kids will get more into it as they get older. Otherwise, I’ve got little else to offer except tired mom eyes.

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