Organizing Christmas Wrap

Whoa, welcome to 2016! Isn’t it the perfect time to talk organization, even if it’s still Christmas related? I think so too.

So, my Christmas wrapping game started out strong.


But it quickly fell into exponential decay as the holidays drew closer. I ran out of steam.

I do love wrapping though. I look forward to spending time alone, listening to Christmas music and playing with pretty paper. I’ve collected lots of adorable tags, ribbon, and do-dads but needed a better system than what I was working with this past season. It was a serious mess.

The day after Christmas, I scooped up a whole bunch of wrapping goodies on clearance at Target, as well as some storage items to better organize myself for next year. I was in a Starbucks fueled craze, kid-free and hysterical. It was awesome!

It seems excessive but here is what I ended up with:


The tall tupperware is obviously for gift wrap – although I’m annoyed that I have two rolls that are too long for it. Those are stashed in Cade’s closet for now.

Look at all of the pretty pretty paper. I’m in love.


Much of the gift wrap isn’t necessarily holiday specific so I can use it for other occasions throughout the year. That helps justify my outrageous Target bill…

The big clear bin houses gift bags, boxes, tissue paper, and a tin.


I picked up a few new gift bags because they always come in handy for those awkward and lumpy gifts. I also pruned out any bags that I’ve been dragging into each holiday and never end up using.

Lastly, the most fun of all. This gold bin:


Tags, ribbon, ornaments galore! There was a method to the madness. I tried to coordinate these goodies with the gift wrap so they can all be mixed and matched. I have A TON so I’ll be set for a few years again before I need to restock. I must resist buying anything new next season. I must!

I’m glad I put the effort in now so come next Christmas, all I have to do is pull out these bins and get to work. It’ll be so fun to play with all of these beautiful things that I’ll most likely have forgotten about.

Next up, Christmas decor. I think I need to take it down in stages so I can organize as I go. Wish me luck and simultaneous naps…


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