Merry Christmas!

Still posting about holidays past. Sorry. I just want to plop a few photos into a post so I don’t forget. Forgive me. Christmas was sweet and surprisingly, not very chaotic. I started Christmas-ing way in advance this year and that helped temper the stress immensely.

A Christmas Eve Underwear Party (of One)


Amelie isn’t officially potty trained but doing well in undies. Only one accident so far!

Opening presents with Grandma. <3


Amelie was overwhelmed and Cade was uninterested so we saved most gifts for Christmas Day and, actually, the days following.

Playing with their new toys with Daddy; he’s very popular:


While Amelie was getting tucked in to bed, I snuck a pic of my sweet little Elf under the sparkly lights:


And when the kids were asleep, Santa filled their stockings. Oh what fun!


Christmas Day

I really wanted to get a Christmas pj picture in front of the tree but there was too much going on. Maybe next year!

Opening stockings.



Amelie opening hers:


Stockings opened. House officially ransacked.


Unsuccessfully trying to get a picture with my toddler:


But this guy didn’t mind:


And then Amelie lost her mind over this little thing:



The house was a crazy mess and the kids were tired so Hubs and I stepped outside and got a picture together. Flannels are forever, you know.


That evening, we decorated sugar cookies for dessert.


Amelie thought this was a grand way to enjoy dessert!



Grandma’s a pro.

grandmas_cookiesAnd Amelie too!


That’s all for today. Not a well crafted post, I admit, but a post nonetheless.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Wow! What a bear! Looks like Grandma scored a big one! Keep up the good work on dry underwear AQ. It is hard work holding onto stuff and letting other stuff go. Whew. What a doll elf little Cade is.. under the christmas tree. I am so happy that everything is good in Colorado. lv mamap

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