Organizing Christmas Decor

I finally organized and packed up the Christmas decor. Same as I did for the Christmas wrap, I organized as I went. I lost my fool mind and grabbed more Christmas decor while it was on clearance at Target…which prompted me to buy an extra bin and wreath holder too. So much for “saving” money during the after Christmas sales, huh?

And after much effort, my final Christmas Bin Mountain:


For years, my tree has been generic ornaments and lights…

like this year:


and 2014


2013 as well


also 2012

tree_scaledyes, 2011 too


and way back in 2010, when I started this blog!


I always thought it was pretty that way. But I know as the kids get older, they will get more involved with decorating the tree. It’s a special part of the holidays, especially when they have homemade treasures of their own to add. It’s one of my fondest memories as a kid. I’m happy to create a mismatched magical tree from here on out. I’m willing to “branch out”. Ha ha.

I needed a way to store these precious pieces (like this and this) as well as ornaments we’ve received as gifts with plenty of space to grow into.


I can imagine each kid having a bin of their own eventually but that’s quite a few years out.

We got a few wintery holiday mugs for Christmas and normally I would add them to our current stash but we were running out of room in the cupboard.


I packed them away as well. I think it’ll be such a fun treat to pull these out to sip from next season, especially the mini mugs for Amelie and Cade.

And that’s it! Underwhelming, I know.

I’ve already been sucked into the next holiday. I’m not sure it’s healthy but I’ve decorated for Valentine’s Day, using a clearance Christmas tree so it kinda relates to this post?



11 thoughts on “Organizing Christmas Decor

  1. I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with, your organization/storage or the fact that you are into Valentines Day already! I’m still vacuuming up pine needles!

    • Yes, be impressed! My Christmas is organized but the rest of Life took a hit. It’s a disaster around here. Also, I admit, the Valentines Day thing is a little much/alarming but the Dollar Spot got me like a gigantic bullseye magnet. It’s messing with my mind!

  2. I love it thecandace! It took me five minutes to figure out what you meant. LOL. I love it that Valentines stuff is out now. Time to enjoy it and do some crafty crafts instead of smashing it all into one big construction paper heart. ::)) Go Girl. You are my hero. Hugs and Kisses. lv mamap

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