Friday Tidbits

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)! I have some Love Day randoms for you, if you don’t mind.

I’m kicking off the weekend with a picture of my littlest Valentine and my heart necklace from Britta Ambauen

He is my little lovey and very generous with his kisses, even if most of them he saves for his Baby Bear.

These Too Faced Love Flush blushes would be an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for any ladies in your life that dig makeup.

blushMy minis are from this set and I’m loving both of these colors!

Amelie’s has a Valentine’s Day party today at preschool. I may have bought and assembled her Valentines in January because I am a lunatic. But, hey, that made this week no stress!


These Valentines are from Target – they are little critters “hugging” a piece of Dove chocolate that I taped in. I also added treat bags filled with chocolate for her teachers. If I were a preschool teacher, I would need to eat a lot of chocolate to cope.

Amelie was not into dresses but recently Katerina Kitty Cat (from Daniel Tiger) has her changed her mind. I asked her if she liked this red one and if she would wear it for Valentine’s Day? Her reply, “Yes! It has a tutu on it!”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Smooch!

7 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. She is stunning. hearts on her tights. I mean, seriously. Isn’t that the best EVER! And you are the best mom EVER! Chocolate makes is important for living a happy life. Cute valentines. I am in love with katerina kitty. I can buy dresses with tutus for the little one. Lv mamap

  2. You are so crafty, I wish I lived near you! Hey, would you mind emailing me jossie(dot)mcmanus(at)gmail(dot)com? I wrote a blog post for women or anyone raising girls and would love to share with you. I don’t have FB anymore b/c I got in trouble with it a lot :(

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