Easter Tree

Amelie and I got out the Easter bin and decorated a little. Oh what fun that bin was to open! I had forgotten about most of the goodies I had picked up after Easter on clearance.

The plastic egg ornaments I made last spring by hot glueing ribbon to the tops were in there and so we put up our “Easter tree” again this year.

amelie_egg_treeAnd done. So festive and a little bottom heavy…

egg_tree_decoratedThis morning though, it looked like this!

snowy_egg_treeIf you care, a look back to last year’s Easter egg tree.

Spring Treat Cups

Oh my, Easter is early this year! I love any excuse to pull out the bunny ears.


I mean, come on!


Anyway, I put together spring/Easter treat cups for Amelie’s preschool friends. I’m sure this will get old quickly but for now, it’s something fun to do during nap time. I picked up some supplies for a few bucks at Target. Plus, I needed to use this grass washi tape on something and this was the perfect project. I had to!


I taped a chocolate carrot to the Fun Dip and nestled it in shredded tissue paper. I added a pipe cleaner handle and a few stickers that I already had on hand. Here are the finished “baskets”:


Crude but cute! I hope parents don’t curse me out for sending the kids home with more sugar. I couldn’t resist! I hope the preschool teachers don’t curse me either because I can see that shredded tissue paper being a problem. If Amelie’s tuition goes up, I’ll know why!

Hoppy Monday, bunnies.



Happy St. Patty’s Day!

My little leprechauns.

photo 3

Cade’s only green shirt is in the wash because he wore it yesterday. My inept planning surprises even me sometimes. Also, Amelie is wearing bunny socks because you win some you lose some, you know? Also, an aside. Putting them on this bench was a mistake. It caused much drama post picture.

This morning. Cade with Daddy before work <3

photo 1

Annnd, a real crappy picture of me too. Yay.

photo 2

I should have done something fun with gold coins or whatever but we celebrated by doing Easter crafts with neighbor friends because I’m not on my game today. Maybe next year? Maybe.

Aww, remember Amelie’s first St. Patty’s Day?


My Cade

Oh dear, it’s been months since a My Cade. Fixin’ that right now.

AGE: 15 months


I’m clinging to his baby-ness. My sweet baby Cadey-Cade. I love him so much.

Verbal: He’s babbling a ton. The babble is my favorite because it sounds like real sentences but it’s only gibberish. Besides babbling, he’s also saying quite a few words. He’s much more verbal than Amelie was at this age. He can say graham cracker and “baaaa” like a lamb. He makes zoom zoom noises when he drives cars around. He says “Buh bye Dadda!, Mama, hi, bye, thank you, more, Night Night, and Baby Bear.

It’s so funny when he decides to talk. He usually talks to women because he knows they will coo right back at him. He’ll say “Hiii.” in the sweetest little voice that turns me all mushy and proud. The other day, just as I packed up my items at Target, he told the cashier “Buh bye.” and waved. He is adorable! Amelie was more of a long-stare type of baby…

Growing: He is in 18 month clothes still and is skinny, skinny, skinny. He weights just under 20lbs. His legs are so tiny. Ugh, I think he is the cutest ever.

Sleeping/Schedule: Cade, overall, is a wonderful sleeper. It was rocky for a while when we first tried dropping his morning nap but that’s always a tough transition. For a few months, he couldn’t quite make it to the afternoon nap and was endlessly crabby and needy. We are finally settled into the one nap schedule, which is a lot of work for me early on in the day but a much nicer schedule overall for us. Now I don’t have the conundrum of whether I should go somewhere so Amelie can get out and have fun but mess up Cade’s morning nap or keep Amelie at home, bored and unstimulated while Cade naps – just to have Amelie throw her nap out the window that afternoon.

Cade typically wakes earlier than Amelie – in between 6.30-7.30am and Amelie is usually  7.00-8am. They are like me, late sleepers. Then they both go down for a nap around 1pm. Cade is always up before Amelie – she usually takes a long time to fall asleep because she’s upstairs singing and reading. It’s a long afternoon waiting for Daddy to come home, trying to figure out how to entertain Cade but not go anywhere.

We get started on bath around 6.15-6.30pm and try to have both kids in bed around 7.30pm – although Cade likes to stay up and play a little longer so it’s closer to 8pm. This is way better than his 11pm bedtime from a few months ago!

Sick: Our family was hit with some serious sickness early in 2016. We had three rounds of bad colds and have only been healthy a few weeks this year! At one point, we were all on antibiotics in the same week! Zack was first with a sinus infection, then Cade had an ear infection, then I got sinus infection and then Amelie was next. And she got croup (again). It was insane. We were dealing with difficult nights and miserable days for weeks. When Cade had his cold and ear infection, his naps were inconsistent and he was so sad. Now that we’ve been through one round of ear infection, I know better and will not wait as long to go in to get meds. I couldn’t put him down or leave him by himself even for a moment. It was terrible!

Milestones: He can pull himself to standing, he can climb stairs (and go down them backwards like Daddy taught him), he can stand unassisted for a few moments, and he has take one or two unassisted steps (super recently). It’s so cute and Frankenstein-y. He is learning to walk much later than Amelie (she started all of this around 11 months). He’s taking his sweet time. With Amelie, I worried a lot about her tipping over or tripping when she got going too fast – and I still do. I don’t worry as much with Cade because he seems more coordinated. We have this window sill in the living room is just high enough to climb up on and sit. Amelie loved that little spot and I hated it because I had to sit on the floor next to her to make sure she wouldn’t fall off. Being pregnant and sitting on the wood floor until my butt fell asleep was far from fun. She fell anyway one time when the doorbell rang and I stepped away for a moment! Cade is up on that thing all of the time and a lot of the times, I’m not even in the same room.

He has five teeth! It’s so weird to see them sprouting up when for so long he had that adorable gummy smile. He has two teeth on the bottom and three on the top. And more are coming!

Randomly, he’s had three haircuts already (one at an official salon). His hair is no where near as thick and long as Amelie’s but it grows fast like hers.

Play: He loves caps and lids. He loves to play in the kitchen while Daddy cooks. Daddy pulls out bowls and utensils for him to stack and bang (and stash into random cupboards to surprise us with later).

He plays so well by himself. I’m amazed and thankful because that makes managing both kids easier on me. Amelie is demanding and rarely goes off to play by herself. Here he is, a one-man tea party.


He loves to play with Daddy. They “wrestle” on the bed or couch. In fact, the down comforter in the guest room (ie Cade’s room still) kinda crinkles when you lay on it. He was having trouble sleeping one night and I laid him on the bed to change him. He heard that crinkle and immediately thought it must be wrestle mania time! His eye lit up, he got the hugest smile and was ready to go! It was far less amusing in the middle of the night…

Cade does not like books as much as Amelie. Bummer! By this age, Amelie wanted to be read to constantly. She loves her books. Recently, she has started taking books with her for naps and bedtime. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? I wish Cade liked them more but he’d rather open and close them and carry them around. He loves to push the buttons on the animal sounds book from Great Auntie Jane. He’ll “read” in the car but I think that’s because Amelie is always reading her book in the car and he wants to be like her.

Feeding: He used to be a better eater but he’s become picky recently. One day, he gobbles a food up and the next day, he refuses it. I’m feeding him too much milk and snacks but I’m having trouble getting him to eat real food. He usually eats oatmeal with Daddy in the morning so at least he has a good start to his day. He likes oatmeal (usually), Daddy’s morning toast, squeeze packets, blackberries, smoothies, yogurt and the rest is hit or miss!

Firsts: His first Halloween was a bust. I dressed him in his mummy pjs but he was cold, a little afraid of the dark and hungry so Dad took him home. He was much happier after that.


His first birthday was a small party with friends. We had pizza and a few decorations. It was nice and laid back. In true Cade style, he almost slept through his own party! Dad had to wake him. Also, he refused to eat his cupcake. That’s ok, more for Mama. I’ve been meaning to blog about it but I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things.


His first Christmas was sweet; he was spoiled with books from his Grandmas, some clothes and a few toys. His favorite gift of all though was spending more time with Daddy.


The only toy he actually cared about was Baby Bear from his Auntie Becky. He took one look at Baby Bear, clutched it his chest and gave it the biggest kiss. He is in love! Now Baby Bear goes with us everywhere and he sleeps with it at night. Cade dropped Baby Bear at Target last week and a thank goodness a lady noticed and let me know. “We cannot afford to lose Baby Bear! THANK YOU!” I gasped. She told me she understood completely.

Amelie: He wants to play with her! Badly. Every once in a while, she’ll talk to him or hand him something to play with and it makes him so happy.


He watches her closely and wants to be involved with her play, especially when Daddy is home and they are playing super heros or cars or whatever pretend thing they’ve come up with. Daddy does an amazing job of involving Cade and satisfying Amelie simultaneously.


Personality: He is affectionate. He loves kisses and being held. He doesn’t mind if I touch his hair or kiss his neck or tickle his legs – in fact, he loves it. He smiles and laughs! I could count on my hand how many times Amelie laughed in the first year. This is new for me because Amelie wants attention but not necessarily affection. I do it anyway and she mostly tolerates it.

Cade gets mad when Amelie takes something from him or tries to push him out of the way. He’ll put his head down and push her with it like a ram. Ha! He’s not all sweet and sugar, I guess.

Daddy time: When Cade had his ear infection, he wanted his Daddy. He would sob and reach out his arms, begging Zack not to leave in the morning to go to work. He was fine with me when we were alone but the moment Zack was home, Cade wanted him desperately. He would even swat me away if I got near them! It was hard on me and made me feel bad.


But even before Cade got sick, he was really attached to Zack. They have breakfast every morning and make coffee together. Zack grinds the beans and Cade will lean in to sniff the grounds. Hilarious! It’s so sweet because he used to make coffee with Amelie in the Baby Bjorn and she too loved that time with him.

Cade started saying “Mama” way before “Dadda” but what’s ironic is that when he says “Mama”, he’s really saying “Daddy, hold me.” It has nothing to do with me! Both kids love him and miss him. In fact, we all wait at the window for him to come home from work. Zack is a wonderful, attentive, loving, hard working father. Go me for picking such an awesome partner in parenting! But come on, why do the kids have to love him more than me? No fair, I thought I earned some sort of birthing rights?

Mommy time: Amelie is still in preschool two mornings/week but since Cade has dropped his morning nap, I only had a few short weeks where I had some time in the morning while he napped and Amelie was at school. I had such grand plans of being productive! Oh well. Now, we go out for walks, go to swim class and run a few errands and have lunch together. It’s so sweet to have special time with him and I enjoy it. It’s not a break for me but I’m thankful we get to do this together.


I could go on and on. Cade, I relish this time of your life as I know it’s fleeting. In this brief moment in time, you want to be held and snuggled and be a baby. I’m more than happy to oblige. You make me swoon.