Happy St. Patty’s Day!

My little leprechauns.

photo 3

Cade’s only green shirt is in the wash because he wore it yesterday. My inept planning surprises even me sometimes. Also, Amelie is wearing bunny socks because you win some you lose some, you know? Also, an aside. Putting them on this bench was a mistake. It caused much drama post picture.

This morning. Cade with Daddy before work <3

photo 1

Annnd, a real crappy picture of me too. Yay.

photo 2

I should have done something fun with gold coins or whatever but we celebrated by doing Easter crafts with neighbor friends because I’m not on my game today. Maybe next year? Maybe.

Aww, remember Amelie’s first St. Patty’s Day?


5 thoughts on “Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  1. thecandace, you make me LOL. I am impressed that you know what day it is. Let alone if it is a holiday! I loved your comment about the bench. You are so funny. We have to talk so you can explain. What do gold coins do? I thought you just drank green beer. and ate corned beef and cabbage. The eating part is good. You look beautiful dear girl. Keep blogging. You are delightful. Lv mamap

    • Sitting them on the bench was brilliant, until, well, it wasn’t anymore. Cade kept wanting to hop off of it so I spent the next 15 minutes crouched in front of the bench on the floor catching him and putting him back on while tending to Amelie’s array of requests (milk, monkey, nuk, “No let Cade touch me!”, etc.). It was exhausting. Then they started fighting anyway so the bench was put on “off limits” which was followed by much howling and foot stomping. It was super fun and totally worth taking that stupid St. Patty’s Day picture where neither kid is looking at me anyhow.

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  3. Adorable! Cade and Dad look great in green. And so do you! Sweet Amelie and your beautiful fringes. Talented. I love the bench story. Lv mamap

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