Happy Birthday, Amelie!

This beautiful girl turns 3 today! She made me a Mama and I’m forever grateful.


Happy birthday, Amelie. We love you so much even though you should be napping right now and you’re not.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Amelie!

  1. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Amelie!! Hope you guys do something fun, and I’m sure you will!! And you, Candace, should also receive some recognition on this day for laboring her 3 years ago and the amazing, most difficult job of being a stay at home mom..good job, mama! I guess Mother’s Day is coming up soon, but still hehe.

    • We had a few celebrations for the birthday girl! She loved the happy birthday song. <3 Thank you for the pat on the back, Jossie. It’s actually been a tough week for me because Zack was out of town, Cade has an ear infection, and Amelie doesn’t like to nap even though she needs to! This comment was perfectly timed; I was in serious need of some encouragement. Smooch!

  2. Another big smooch for you as well, Candace. What a nice little girl you and SIL have nurtured these 3 years. I am the luckiest grandmother ever. Lv mamap PS Hugs and kisses to all

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