Cade Turns 1!

Ok, that happened a long time ago. You know what? I’m the worst.

Look at him, though.


He’s an angel!

We kept Cade’s birthday party very simple with easy food and minimal decorations. We ordered pizza, I didn’t do treat bags and I didn’t bake. In fact, I was barely ready by the time our guests showed up because Cade decided that he preferred to be awake while I was trying to clean the house and snooze through the actual party. It’s probably because he’s an introvert like his Mommy. I kinda wanted to nap too!

All I did was make a little banner with supplies from Target to mingle with our holiday decorations:


Just like Amelie’s first birthday party, I went with a one color “theme”. Amelie’s was a stereotypical pink and for Cade, I picked light teal. I use “theme” loosely because all I had was a banner and some coordinating paper plates. A tad on the pathetic side. Maybe I’ll get more creative for year 2?


The set up. Pretend the only thing we made, the salad, is in the bowl. Imagination is fun!


We hauled in the picnic table and that was a brilliant place for littles to eat at. It was a small party, which suits me and our small house perfectly.


Dad finally had to go in and wake the birthday boy. Poor guy just wanted to sleep. He was groggy and refused his birthday cupcake.


Amelie, on the other hand, shouted “I love it!” while smashing her cupcake in her face. That’s my girl!

Even as simple as it was, hosting the party was more stressful than I thought it should be. It’s hard to get the house cleaned and the food prepped with little ones around. My tips are: do as much as you can in advance and invite great people that don’t care!

Happy Birthday, my sweetie, my lovey guy, my Cadey-Cade. Please stay my little baby forever ever, amen?

6 thoughts on “Cade Turns 1!

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Cade! I hired cleaners to clean our place before W’s 1st bday party…the excuse was “my ankle feels sprained” — my hubby will tell you that I don’t need an excuse to hire help, he encourages me but I hardly do it because the guilt.

    My friend gifted me the book below for W’s bday and I literally cried reading it. Have you read it? I highly recommend it!

    • Before I had kids, I could never wrap my mind about getting cleaners. Because you’re home ALL day…can’t you take, like, 15 minutes to clean your own house each day? How hard is that? Well, obviously, my perspective has changed. BIG TIME. I had no idea the constant tornado of what having kids really means. For every 15 minutes I spend cleaning, the kids are creating 30 minutes worth of a mess. I can’t keep up! Shortly after Cade was born, we hired cleaners to come once a month (although, I wish they could come weekly!) and it’s been a huge help. I wish I would have hired them sooner! You don’t need a sprained ankle to convince me – hire help if you can afford to and don’t feel guilty! I felt weird the first time they came but now I am just so grateful. One added bonus of having the cleaners come is that it forces you to at least put stuff away and organize a little, otherwise the cleaners will have a hard time cleaning around all of the crap. Picking stuff up is a massive effort in itself! Now I just need to plan our parties around when the cleaners come because the last few times we’ve hosted, the cleaners came the day after I cleaned the whole house one-handed, holding a baby. 😀
      I added that book to my Amazon list, thank you for the recommendation. It looks so sweet and is sure to make me weep!

      • Oh yeah, being a mother has made me so compassionate to other moms doing things I used to scoff at before. Moms do it all! Good job on throwing an awesome party!!

  2. Seriously, I can’t believe I missed all of these posts. ::((( Poor little Cade. Everything you did was perfecto! Next year he might stay up for it or maybe not. We certainly can’t count on many outcomes. It is stressful entertaining and the more you do, the less anxiety you will probably have. Your friends are wonderful and so are you. Keep up the good work, the Candace. I am so proud of you. Lv mamap

    • Thank you, MamaP. I’m a nervous lady and probably always will be. I’ve been brainstormin’ a theme for Cade’s 2nd. I’d best get working on it now…

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