Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I sensed that you were all a teeny bit concerned about how I would handle the aftermath of Amelie’s panda party. What is one to do with 30+ die cut pandas in an already cluttered house, you may have asked yourself? Did she toss them? Did she make them into some incredible panda mural? Did she donate them because she is a selfless giving human and loves to spread panda joy? Did she leave them on the floor of the office for weeks and just recently started glueing them to cards and randomly giving them to people?

Why, yes. The latter.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and to show my gratitude for all they do, I put together little gift bags for Amelie’s teachers. I didn’t photograph the gift bags themselves but just imagine run of the mill gift bags with snacks, chapstick, and Target & Starbucks gift cards stuffed inside. I wish I could have loaded them with more but I’m on a budget.

I did repurpose two of the die cut pandas for theirĀ thank you cards:


Nothing spectacular to see here, I know. These cards got my rusty brain gears turnin’ on other ways to use them up. Since I have a handful of pandas left, wouldn’t they be so cute adorned with a Santa hat or scarf and used as tags for the holidays?! Stay tuned!

Or don’t. I totally understand either way.


4 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  1. I think you are the bomb! What a great idea. I can even see a Panda Wreath for the door! I hope I get a Panda with a Christmas hat. ::)) You are so fun the Candace! I love you. Lv mamap

  2. I adore you thecandace. I mean it. best blogger picture taker in the WORLD. Lv mamap Whoops, I almost spelled blooger. HA!

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