Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Heart of Gold

When we bought the house, the previous owners left quite a few random things behind – tools, a bunch of junk, and a few pieces of small furniture like this side table I made over before Amelie was born. I’m happy to report that we are still using it too!

They also left this stool; a hideous orange-y wood.


I’ve been planning to paint it for forever, but it became more urgent now that Amelie is potty trained and needs a stool she can move to the sink to wash her hands.

I used a new Rustoleum shade: Coral. I had originally bought it last year for my living room lamps but have yet to tackle those. Story of my life, you know?


And now, after a few coats. So bright and happy, right?


I felt like it needed some dimension. I was debating on painting 3/4 of the top a super light coral. I mulled over it a while until Zack suggested a total different direction: a heart. Ummm. YES!


I cut a stencil out of scrap paper and traced the heart with pencil. I chose the Martha Stewart craft pain in Gold – it’s such a beautiful gold. It’s what I used to paint the plastic dinosaurs for Amelie’s 2nd birthday party.


I did my best to stay in the lines and used a small brush. It’s far from perfect but this little piece is marred with imperfections anyway so I tried not to worry too much about it.


The first coat was patchy and I worried I should have primed it first with a white. But I kept on painting thin coats and it ended up covering nicely. It went quickly too. Amelie skipped her nap and we painted outside together (she used watercolors and paper). It was sweet!

After letting it dry, I added pads to the bottom because this stool made the most atrocious sound as Amelie dragged it across the bathroom tile. In addition, one of the legs was too short so I added an extra pad to prevent it from being tippy.


Since Amelie (and eventually Cade) will be moving this about the bathroom and stepping on it, I figured it could use a couple coats of sealer. Luckily a friend had a can on hand in her garage. Thanks, Lisa!


All done! Can you believe it?


Me either!


Ok, I’m ff to take a nap or eat cake or something to celebrate this momentous occasion. Say nice things while I’m away!

3 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Heart of Gold

  1. You have a heart of gold, thecandace. What a fun project. I love coral. And I love gold bullion. I have more gold spray paint then I do of gold bullion. Maybe in my next life. Did you eat cake? Lv mamap

    • No cake or nap but it was Amelie Approved, which was celebration enough for me! She’s been dragging it around everywhere. <3

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