Backyard: Dead space Updated!

Remember last summer when I showed you this weird area of yuck?


Back then, we had moved Amelie’s new sandbox there because we didn’t know what else to do with it.

sandbox2Then we acquired this obnoxious play structure for free. We cleaned it up and plopped it in the yard.


And then all the grass underneath it died. Like, duh.

Last fall, we had some big landscaping done which I’ve been meaning to share with you but you know how I am; ineffective on my best days. Anyway, the landscaping work prompted us to move the jungle thingy to join the sandbox and the water table too. Our icky dead space was turning into a nice shady play area! The kids love it – especially Amelie.


Since the kids tromp around with their bare feet hopping from the sandbox to the structure, I really wanted to spend some time cleaning things up. I recently had access to a dumpster so I got to work making this area safer and way less gross. Look at all of this rotting wood! Piles of it!


It was a centipede and spider haven!

The previous owners must have stored a vehicle back here, using the ramp to get in and out.


Those had to go. It was rotten too!


(Taking that apart wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, by the way.)

The “After”! Better? Yes! Oh, so much better. I took four car loads to the dumpster!


Admittedly, it’s still weird now that we have a gaping hole of mulch. I’m thinking of adding sod for now until we can put more money into the backyard.


But progress counts, people!

6 thoughts on “Backyard: Dead space Updated!

  1. Wow! You are strong like ox. Sod? maybe mulch. Something you don’t have to pay attention too. Maybe a group of gnomes in the mulch. That would be colorful. Needing no water or mowing or fertilizer. There are benefits to that. My grass is hip-high. Wonder when it turns into a prairie? I hope I can find out before the neighborhood forms a posse. Lv mamap

    • Gnome grouping! That’s funny. I have a little gnome in the kitchen that I’m thinking of painting. Amelie thinks it’s Santa Claus! 😀
      Aren’t prairies a protected national resource? You should be proud of yourself!

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