Home Sweat Home: Master Bathroom Update

After much effort, I figured it deserved writing some sort of progress post, you know? Hang in there with me, it’s still an ugly bathroom! As I mentioned in this post, the doors have been painted but surprisingly I’ve managed to finish a few more projects in here.

Where should we begin? The beginning?

We started out with a dingy beigy bath. It actually photographs better than it looked in person!

DSC_0111_scaledIt seems as though the previous owners started to run low on the taupey beige and patched it with the yellow used in the kitchen. The resulting effect was gross.

Then, if effort to use up paint in the overflowing linen closet, I started painting but never finished and we lived with it half painted for far too long.


So it sat, along with my To Do List. Well, a while back, I got some of those To Dos crossed off! See?

Here are the plans for Phase 1:

  • paint doors
  • replace hinges
  • paint bathroom
  • caulk & paint trim
  • remove anchor bolts & spackle
  • replace outlet covers
  • add art/accessories/organize
  • possibly repaint vanity and medicine cabinet
  • paint ceiling white
  • replace vent cover — weeee!

I can’t take credit for all of it. Remember when I hinted at hiring a professional to help me get things done?

Well, I hired a painter. Now, I’m capable of nearly nothing except for painting and caulking. I cringe at hiring someone to do the one thing I can do but I have come to accept that I have very little free time in this phase of my life. I am barely hanging on, week to week. I hired Pieter The Painter (the same nice guy that refinished my kitchen cabinets) to finish caulking and painting all the trim, including the quarter round that we installed ages ago. He caulked and painted in all of the rooms that I hadn’t got to yet…which was basically everywhere except the living room and kitchen. It took him a week and some days he had help! Can you imagine how long that would have taken me considering I’m usually able to work for 15 minute chunks at a time at the costly expense of all of my other Life To Dos? Remember how ineffective I am?

I digress. Back to the update. One of the rooms Pieter worked on was this master bath. He worked hard in here since much of the trim was falling off the wall. He painted and caulked and even cleaned up the door frames. The bath doesn’t really look that much nicer but it feels so much less dingy!

Before Pieter worked his magic, I finally finished painting the walls. Finally!


I admit, I really hate the color. I was hoping the green would be soft and muted, but it’s clashy and cheap looking in person. In hindsight, I should have picked a warm white or cream because the tile, floor, vanity, and mirror are warm. We are a long ways from renovating this bathroom completely so maybe someday soon I’ll muster up the energy to repaint it. O maybe Pieter will paint it for me!

Moving on. I also painted the ceiling! It took a couple coats but that really helped to brighten the space. It also inspired me to clean out the atrocious amount of dust hanging from the vent! Yuck!


The vent could use a fresh coat of paint too. Someday!

That’s all for today. Nothing stellar or beautiful but moving in the right direction. Maybe I’ll tackle that vanity! I’m kinda scared.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Master Bathroom Update

  1. I would paint walls 100x more than I would a ceiling. Good job, thecandace. Just the idea that you are even thinking of improving ANYTHING in the house is awesome. 15 minutes at a time. I can’t find the paint in 15 minutes. Mint is just fine. Get an awesome shower curtain and rug. Bam! Keep on truckin’ girl. You know you are my hero! Lv mamap

  2. Such a small, vexing space! But at least we keep moving it in the right direction, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some day we’ll figure out “the answer” for the master bathroom.

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