Home Sweat Home: Picnic Table Update

This is a teeny tiny post and probably not worth writing but what better things have I got to do anyhow?

Remember the picnic table I stained and built (well, kinda) last summer? The kids love it and we’ve been using it almost daily. I’m so glad we have it!

On a whim, at a local grocery store of all places, I picked up two yellow chairs to add to it.


I think it looks so sweet, especially with Amelie’s pansies that she’s (kinda) in charge of watering.

It was perfect spot for enjoying root beer floats with friends on Memorial Day!


And that’s it. Two chairs. Hopefully more interesting posts are coming. We can all hope!

6 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Picnic Table Update

  1. Aren’t kids and picnic tables the funnest ever? Summertime summertime! Feeling of the sun on your back, wet sand in your little hands, an annoying mosquito buzzing by your ear – and then your mom brings out popsicles. Seriously, life is good. lv mamap

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