Home Sweat Home: A Painted Master Bedroom

Remember when Pieter the Painter came to help me? Not only did he paint and caulk all of the trim in almost every room of the house, but he also painted the master bedroom. It’s the only room I hadn’t tackled myself yet and I’m so grateful for his help. He patched holes, caulked trim, and caulked the three doorways. It feels so much less gross now!

I don’t have a before picture but here is a picture from way back during our home inspection, blue carpet and all. Oh dear.


Besides new flooring, it looked pretty similar actually. Just envision our own matchy-matchy dark furniture swapped into the same places but with an unmade bed. And piles of crap, of course. Always with the piles. I’m working on fixing that.

I chose Paper White by Benjamin Moore because I love that color in the office/Cade’s room. Oh, you didn’t know? I painted the office/Cade’s room a while back. More on that update later. Hopefully. I’m so far behind…

I picked up the paint and bam! Pieter painted it for me in a day. Oh what a glorious day that was!


(Please excuse the dingy and mismatched bedding. It’s on the Needs a Refresh List.)

Although the picture makes it seem otherwise, it’s a very light gray. You know how I lurve me some gray. It’s a few shades lighter than the living room and kitchen color, which is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. The lighter color made the room feel bigger…and all of a sudden I was drawn to look up! But what I noticed on the ceiling horrified me: tons of dust bunnies dangling casually from the popcorn ceiling! Yuck! We took a vacuum to them as fast as we could and frankly I’m surprised Pieter didn’t charge us extra for the deplorable working conditions.

There is still lots to do in here: new light fixture, new windows and window dressings, art and pictures of the kids, new furniture and bedding. I’ve got big confused plans, like always.

Another angle, but with the same poor photography. I promise you, it’s not this dark!

master_bed_painted2If you take your mind off of how creepy it is that we have almost the exact same pieces of bedroom furniture as the previous owners, then you might notice a sneak peek of the other project I’m working on – a little vanity for myself!

I’ll keep you updated. I hope to anyway. As per my usual, I’ve started three projects and finished none so my brain kinda hurts.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: A Painted Master Bedroom

  1. My work is done once I mow the lawn. I could’ve sold it as bales of hay, it was so tall. You couldn’t see Penny, just her progress and she moved through the tall prairie grass. Now I am planting flowers. I can’t think about the inside of the house AND the outside without having a psychic episode. Keep up the good work, thecandace. Lv mamap

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