Happy Halloween!

ROAR! Can you spot two adorably fierce dinosaurs in the “wild”?


Their tails wagged when they walked. The cuteness made my eyes cross!

In full disclosure, I thought I was being such a fun Mom when I surprised the kids with their costumes one day in the car. I had bought the dinosaur costume for Cade and I picked out a wolf ears/tail set for Amelie. But Amelie really wanted the dinosaur one instead so I let her “trade” with Cade. Cade lost his sh*t! So much crying! Rightfully so because he just got his costume stolen right out from underneath him.

I learned two lessons: Cade is not a baby anymore, he has opinions!! And secondly, everything needs to be the same. I thought that was a “twin thing” but it’s a general kid rule. I’m still learning this Mom stuff…

Before we headed out to trick or treat, I set out our candy for the neighborhood kids.


It looked so cute all aglow after dusk! Let’s all be amazed by my geraniums that I planted months ago that are still going strong!

About to head out to trick or treat with friends. I love this wagon. I have put miles on this thing.


Amelie brought her bucket from McDonalds instead of the cute Halloween bag I bought her but you win some, you lose some…

The kids loved trick or treating. I wish I would have taken pictures of the entire group all dressed up. Next year! Once the sun set, all of the pictures I took turned out blurry and dark. But trust me, it was so sweet watching them. These are the moments I want to remember forever. <3

A look back:

2013 (Amelie’s first), 2014 (Pregnant with Cade), and 2015 (Cade thought this was all no fun and wanted to go home).


Fall, y’all!

I’m back. Do not be alarmed!

It’s been quite a month, you guys. My kids have been sick, my husband has been sick, my cross country kids have been sick and I’ve been sick. A deep throat infection plus intolerable ear pain? Check. The stomach flu? Check. A bee sting and reaction? Check. A sinus infection? Check. “Just” a cold? Check. It’s been rough.

Until now, I’ve been limping through my most favorite season of all, Fall! Let’s skip and clap instead!

Admittedly, it still feels like summer around here but I pulled out the fall decor anyway. First up, my tray filled with fall; with my go-to gold-stemmed pumpkins, a gold candle (a Christmas gift) and a new ceramic squirrel from Target. Isn’t’ she cute?


The hutch adorned with a few clearance pumpkins from last year:


and with my favorite picture of the kids ever:


And lastly, Cadey-Cade and I picked out pumpkins and spruced up the front step while Amelie was at preschool.

front_step_fallI couldn’t bare to take out my summer flowers just yet; the geraniums and jungle grass are still so happy! We added a few real pumpkins to our fake ones, along with mums and pansies. On our To Do list. A new front door. Before the snow flies!

I have more Halloween decorations to put up now that it’s officially October. I plan to post about those too but then again, you know me better than that. Right?