Christmas Salsa

I have hardly done any Christmas baking or crafting this year (or any year since having babies?) but I did manage to whip up some cranberry salsa to hand out as gifts. Ok let’s be honest. I started making the salsa but was running short on time getting myself together so Zack had to finish it for me. I am one of those thoughtful but inept types. Didn’t they turn out cute though?


I’ve been hoarding these little jars leftover from my MIL’s jam for a long while now; they’ve been sitting quietly in this cabinet┬áready to go. This salsa is a really nice alternative to homemade sweets but still feels “seasonal” with the cranberries and oranges. It goes great topped on chicken and probably pork too!

Eat and be cran-merry!

(Ugh, that was the worst).

2 thoughts on “Christmas Salsa

  1. that was so cute, thecandace! Alan says “yes, please!” Me too! He puts corn in everything like you do. I spoon the guacamole from Chipotle right into my mouth sans chips. Unless I am not alone. ::)) then I am on my best behavior! (just kidding) Also, one blog we need your recipe for chile. It is the best. Lv mamap

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