Christmas Decor

Are you ready for this or are you over it? Doesn’t really matter, actually. Let’s go!

This year, I finally did outside lights for the first time. Ever. You guys, this is a big deal. I was intimidated because I wasn’t sure how to plug them in since we don’t have an outdoor outlet (something I’d like to change eventually). I ended up snaking the extension cord underneath the gaping hole in our garage door flashing (something that I’d also like to change eventually). I even used a timer and felt very smug about it.

I copied a friend and wrapped lights around the posts and called it good enough.


I know, it doesn’t look like much. But when I’d sneak out for my morning run in the dark, they made me so happy. Lights are magical! Plus, I scored the lights on mega clearance last year so that’s secretly thrilling to me. I don’t love the silver ball wreath around the light but I couldn’t figure out where else to put it and it’s actually gorgeous at night when the light is on, so I left it.

I’ve been perusing clearance Christmas trees to fill out the front step – wish me good deal finding luck!

The boxwood wreath is from Trader Joes and it’s so fresh and pretty. I stuck a gold sparkly sprig in it and that was it.


I actually bought two more boxwood wreaths to hang on either side of the garage but the Command Hooks were out to get me so that didn’t happen. I felt defeated, I’m not going to lie. Come on inside, the Command Hooks got me in there too.

I like to decorate the hutch by mixing in a few holiday things among all of the white pieces:


Truthfully, I was going to clear out all of the toys for the picture but I thought maybe one day, I’ll want to remember what Christmas decorating with littles around is like. So, they stayed in all of their primary-colored messy glory.

The navy mercury tree was from last year when I lost my mind in the after Christmas sales. I scored it for cheap! I didn’t want it to happen but the Target Dollar Spot lured me once again this season. How cute are these ceramic houses and bottle brush trees!?


You can even put tea lights in the houses, which I hope to do next year. I think they would be so sweet all aglow at night.

The left side:


It’s a sparse, I should have crammed the bowl full of ornaments but I didn’t. Hey! Another sprig! I love that word, don’t you?

Moving over to the other side, Elf made her appearance again this year. She’s been with me for Christmas ever since I was a kid!


The couch finally -FINALLY- got new throw pillows.


I’ve been hesitating to buy them because sticky fingers makes me think twice about buying anything to make the house look nice, you know?

I wanted to add some extra holiday cheer and this cozy bear and plaid throw seemed to fit right in:


Christmas pictures. I have a matching frame for Cade’s first Christmas but no picture printed yet. I need to do that. I need to do a lot of things but instead, I drink coffee.

xmas_pictures Also! “New” lamps that I intend to bore you with someday.

Moving to the kitchen. I strung our cards up here and added one of the rogue boxwoods that had no home. Two wreaths would have made this look much better. Maybe next year.

xmas_cardsNext year, I plan to do two strands for the card display. We got a big handful right before Christmas that sat in a pile on our table because I was zapped of motivation to hang them by then.

Of course, I plopped a few pretties in my tray on the kitchen table.


I had two helpers with the tree this year. For the first time, Amelie was really into it.


Last year, I did it by myself. Amelie was too crabby so I put her to bed and I did the rest one-handed, holding Cade who was naked from the waist down because of some bad diaper rash. A lot has changed in a year!

And, Ta Da!


One new thing I added this year, a step button to turn on the tree lights. Like, duh. It’s so amazing. I also added one strand of twinkling lights (clearance score from last year) and that was a fun change-up.

Originally, I planned to drape layered garlands along the window but my Command Hooks were not cooperating and I just gave up. I did manage to get the wreath up that MamaP bought me last season, so there is that.

The rest of the house got a sprinkling of cheer, starting with our downstairs bath:


And my vanity, that I intend to tell you about someday too:

vanityIn Cade’s room, I thought the rustic mini tree would fit nicely since he has an “outdoorsy” inspired room:


(Hey, remember when this desk used to look like this?)


I know. Even the drawers are organized. More on that someday…

Anyway, a closeup of that adorable fuzzy owl:


I also added these glitter trees from Target Dollar Spot. That place! Is the best. Isn’t it?


The glitter trees are actually supposed to be paired with bigger trees but Amelie wanted those for her room. She even adorned them with ornaments herself:

amelie_roomSo sweet, huh? If you zoom out though, this is what her room looks like at all times.


She is very busy during her quiet time. She reads out loud. She changes clothes. She does puzzles, builds train tracks, turns lights on and off, shreds paper into bits. I can’t complain though because she stays up in her room the entire time. She is amazing!

Did I lose you in the mess? I hope not. I decided to cut to the end even though I had a few more things to show you – holiday sheets for our bed (that is rumpled and unmade) and the gold tree for the playroom that I never managed to get decorated. Oh well, right? I can see that you’re tired. Me too, my friend.

It’s a lot of work to put up but there sure is a magic to it all, isn’t there?


I’m keeping the tree up for a little longer. I can’t say goodbye just yet.

The Tour of Christmas’ past: 2010, 2011, 2012 (we moved on Dec. 20th that year!), 2013 (Amelie’s first), 2014 (Cade’s first; he didn’t care because he was sleeping) and 2015.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Decor

  1. What a wild blog! Thank you! I love the fuzzy owl. I love your new ice skating bear throw pillow. and plaid throw. and all of your decorations. How wonderful Amome enjoyed helping decorate the tree. Has Amelie seen the movie “Frozen”? Outside lights! a step button tree lighter! I was thinking that it was about time I bought several “clappers” Clap on, Clap off! Lights are magical. Get a couple of strands for your deck for this summer at the reduced rack. Your vanity is the coolest. Can’t wait to hear about it. Keep the lights lit, drink your coffee and enjoy the love that surrounds you and yours. Lv mamap

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