Amelie’s Preschool Valentines

Last year, I was SO into it. Preschool Valentines? Adorable! I’ll take any excuse to craft…

This year, I picked up blank red cards from Target Dollar Spot and had Amelie paint them with swirls of gold and glitter. She was enthusiastic at first but her attention span was short lived. I ended up painting the rest myself. In fact, I put together her Valentines myself and it was a lot of work, actually.

They turned out so cute though.


I included Fun Dip because I loved this stuff as a kid:


I cringe when I think about how much sugar and chemicals are loaded in it though. Next year, no candy! Stickers or temporary tattoos or something – anything – besides candy. It gets to be too much junk for the kiddies, you know?

Amelie only goes to preschool two half days per week and Valentine’s Day fell on a non-school day. We went to story time at Whole Foods and then delivered her valentines to preschool, including two chocolate roses for her teachers.


She’s wearing the same dress as last year. You would never know that tutu got caught on the lint trap in the dryer and ripped out a big chunk out from the back…

Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely. Did you see my Valentine’s Day post? You didn’t. It’s probably because, just like this one, I wrote it in June but published it in February. I’m a cheat.

3 thoughts on “Amelie’s Preschool Valentines

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  2. LOL. I love your description of the tutu with the back ripped out. You are the best, thecandace! Side pony tail and sunglasses. So classy. Lv mamap

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