Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017! I wanted the kids to sport red, white and blue so Amelie chose to wear her Elsa dress. Good enough, I say!


Oh my goodness they are so cute. You must agree!

Also, a rare picture of us grownups:


We had such a lovely day – starting with a park and coffee date in the morning and grilling at our house with friends and family in the evening. The weather and food were amazing and the company was even better:


A look back on Memorial Day of yore: Look at my babies in 2016! I was sleep deprived for 2013-2015 and honestly, who knows what I did on those Memorial Days. But how about when I ran with a DSLR around my neck along with 50,000 other people in the largest road race in the country in 2012!

Or way way back? When I wore a wedding veil for an entire half marathon in 2009…


My sincerest thanksĀ to the service men and women and their families that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I know we are fortunate and blessed and safe; a privilege that came at a price for so many. I do not take this for granted. <3

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