Home Sweat Home: Guest Bathroom

Time to celebrate, I have emerged from hibernation!

(No, literally, I was hibernating. I sleep all of the time.)

It’s been so long, where to do I start? Do I post in the past? Do I play catch up with posts that are way out of season? Do I watch Netflix to avoid dealing with it a little longer and then eat chocolate ice cream to cope with my inadequacies?

I’ll start and see what happens, ok? We are talking the Guest Bathroom. It sounds like a lovely place with the capitalization and all. But it wasn’t.

Let’s back way up to the Proper Beginning. Remember when we bought the house? I barely do – let’s refresh our cloudy memories. Here’s a peek!


This is the only picture I have because I didn’t bother trying to get any more (but I sure wish I had at least tried).

When Amelie was a baby, I worked on painting all of the interior doors Zinc by Martha Stewart, including the doors in the guest bathroom. I didn’t show you because it was the same project on repeat so I thought you might be bored but I can see you’re bored anyway. Here is the current view:


Then slowly, ever so slowly,  I painted the bathroom Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.


Was Sea Salt the worst color in the world to pair with the current tile and vanity? No, but a light neutral would have been better. Much, much better. It photographs much cleaner than it felt in person, trust me on this.

I also managed to paint the ceiling a fresh white along with caulk and paint all of the trim. But, it’s hard to mask ugly. Check out this vanity.

It may look familiar because its twin is upstairs in the master bathroom.


A closeup:


Ugh, that medicine cabinet. Let’s keep going?


Wanna see the shower? Zack and I use this bathroom as our primary because we don’t want to wake the kids while we get ready. It’s been working hard for us.


There are loads of issues with this shower. The biggest, grossest thing about it is the shower pan. It was set in with a slant so water pools in the corner. To make everything worse, the overly long shower curtain liner sits in the “pool” (bathes?) and turns pink with slime (ie: MOLD). Gross, huh? I tried to dry it out by scooping the water down the drain after my showers and hanging the curtain awkwardly against the shelving. But it was unruly and slimey so it wasn’t very effective.

(My sincerest apologies to all of our guests that used this bathroom before I resorted to bleaching the daylights out of it. For years, I scrubbed with natural cleaners and I could never get it clean. I’m mortified just thinking about it! Serious regrets, I tell ya.)

A closeup of the tile. I don’t like the inset “accent” whatsoever. It’s the same tile we have upstairs. I’m no expert, but I think the tile work was far from well done:


Next to the shower is the linen closet:


(I’m sure you remember it from my show stopping linen closet organization post.)

Detail shots. A little surprise with some random contact paper!


Those shelves are not cute nor level.

The hole. Yep, still there even though I bought a patch kit four years ago. FOUR YEARS AGO.


The floor of the linen closet which is usually hiding behind a stack of toilet paper. See those big gaps? And the trim on only one side?

guestbath11_beforeAre you wondering why now, after all of this time, am I showing you our guest bathroom updates? Well, truthfully, I have been meaning to blog. I really have. And also because it now looks like this:


We are renovating, folks! Top to bottom. Well, I’m not doing anything except checking Instagram when I should be doing laundry but we hired pros!

I’m panicking. I hope I didn’t pick out anything stupid that I’ll regret for forever and ever. But really, can it get any worse?

Can it?!?

Are you glad to see me?



8 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Guest Bathroom

  1. Of course we are glad to see you back, thecandace!!! Shear excitement reverberates throughout the Net. I can’t wait to see what you have designed. It will be marvelous for sure. Keep up the good work. And keep blogging! Lv Mamap

    • I’m grateful for the warm welcome despite my many typos! So far, the contractors have uncovered a lot of dead bugs. Apparently the previous tile work was so shoddy, there were plenty of suitable dark wet spaces for bugs to hang out. How adorable!

  2. Icky. Bugs. Wet spaces. I spelled Sheer wrong. Maybe I was thinking of a haircut. Love you to pieces, thecandace! Bugs and all. Lv mamap

    • Oh, and we’ve had ants the last two summers in here too! Bathroom renovation is well under way – tiling starts tomorrow! There has been a lot of late nights and last minute panicking but I think we’ve finally settled on all of the fixtures and details. I hope I don’t hate it.

  3. I hope you don’t hate it either. You have pretty good taste so I wouldn’t worry. Just remember, all things can be changed. I have to say that all of the time even when I buy clothes. They don’t have to last for 29 years. ::))) Lv mamap

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