Tidying The Clothes

Whoa, I started this post in July. Yes, LAST JULY.

I convinced my hubby, Zack to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and together during a miraculous simultaneous nap (that hardly ever happened and now it NEVER happens because Amelie has dropped her nap completely), we tackled our clothes. We piled all of our clothes on the bed during nap time and worked through each item.


This was a tiring undertaking!

Look how many clothes/shoes we donated:


Truth be told, I had already done this with my summer clothes so my portion was easier to sift through. I even got all nerdy and tried on all of my summer clothes and assembled outfits. If I couldn’t put together an outfit with a piece, I donated it.

Marie Kondo recommends pulling out ALL of your clothes. That means hunting through other random closets in the house as well as storage. We both had clothes stashed in Cade’s closet to address, like my wedding dress. Not too long ago (well, longer now because this post is already a year old), the office closet looked like so. Can you see my dress stuffed carelessly in a white bag in the corner?


I’ve tried to sell the dress unsuccessfully a few times and so it sat. I know to most a wedding dress a treasured item but I care more about our photos by Emily Griffith than the dress itself. I liked it and I felt beautiful in it. But, now I want it out of the house. Out!

I looked up how to wash the dress at home and it actually came out beautifully!


I found this great website that lists a handful of charities that you can donate your wedding dress to. I chose Adorned in Grace; it helps sex trafficking survivors. I feel great that my dress is taking on a new (much more important) purpose than sitting sad and crumpled in my closet.

Around the same time, a local lady was collecting dresses to donate to a low-income community for their prom. So, I donated my black satin bridesmaid dress too!

Cheers to a cleaner closet, cleaner mind and a dress that can be repurposed for someone that is very deserving!

In full disclosure, I think my closet could use another look over. I’m still finding a few items that could be donated, as well as finding a few holes in my closet that need to be filled. But, the big clean out is complete and it feels so good to pull out items that I know I for sure feel comfortable in.

I need to get Kondo-ing again. Anyone know what’s next after clothes?

6 thoughts on “Tidying The Clothes

  1. I absolutely love & admire what you did with your wedding dress. What a beautiful way to bring it back to life <3

    After purging closet, maybe try medicine cabinet? I just threw a bunch of stuff out during our packing. Kitchen was the hardest for me.

    • Good tip – our medicine and linen closet is out of control ever since Amelie was sick for three months straight and we tried everything we could think of to get her better (and us a night’s sleep)! I bet moving is just the motivator to purge! 😀

  2. You keep me optimistic. Look forward. Not backward. I can be changed. I can be taught! Can you just imagine that sweet little Marie, standing in front of you, holding a glass frog, and asking if it brings you joy? She must have been horrified when she moved to the United States. And not just because she has seen photos of my spare bedrooms. ::)) Lv mamap

    • Once Marie finds out I’ve been sleeping in guest room due to my sinus infection amongst the light fixtures, tile, and laundry detergent – she’d probably need a cool place to lie down and lots of fanning.

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