Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday afternoon! It’s a hot one here to today and I’ve got a hot mess of a post for you.

Last night, MAJOR hail storm! Take a look at our deck:


Everything was a bit tattered this morning:


I have some sweeping to do but first, other business: Amelie’s summer clothes organization! Who’s excited?

You remember I organized the green dresser when Cade was my super tiny sleepy guy?


Well, turns out it was inconvenient to store Cade’s clothes along with Amelie’s for two reasons:

  • Amelie has too many clothes. They didn’t all fit in one drawer. Girl needs space! Cade needs space too.
  • I needed access to Cade’s clothes while Amelie napped. He was quite the puker! Hence, lots of outfit changes.

So, Amelie took over Cade’s drawer but as spring overlapped into summer, both of her drawers needed some attention.

Her pajamas and sweatshirt drawer before:


I cleaned out most of the winter items and put them away in her closet. I’m hoping they will still fit when the air gets colder but you never know with littles, they grow fast and sporadic. I did keep out a few long sleeves and pants because Colorado can get chilly in the summer when the sun goes down.

Here is the after:


Because you probably can’t tell what anything is:


The second drawer – it was tiring to dig through:


After much pruning:




I have her dresses in the closet and I’m hoping I remember to pull those out every so often. Most of her clothes she can mix and match, which makes it easy for when Dad is dressing her… ;D

Cleaning out the drawers helped me regain some sanity but also gauge what I need to purchase to round out Amelie’s summer wardrobe.


Mine and Cade’s summer clothes are next! I’ll probably blog about it so yaaaaay.

What’s in my diaper bag

This post is going to be terribly exciting.

When I had Amelie, a friend lent me a diaper bag and that’s what I used up until this summer when my friend needed her things back. I was hoping to use it for Cade but planning to borrow things for four years is kind of lot to ask of someone. Returning her baby gear forced me to get a new bag and actually, I’m very happy I had to. I looked into a lot of fancy diaper bags like SkipHop and on Etsy. All were pricy and I felt kinda panicky since I was “investing” in a new diaper bag so late into my “Diaper Bag Days” but finally, I settled on one:

diaper bag

A backpack from Target. For $22.99. It’s the best!

The old diaper bag was perfect initially, but we outgrew it. I knew I had to get something bigger after adding a second baby. The old bag had one big strap you could put over your shoulder or wear cross body but once I loaded it up with all of my crap, it would swing around and bonk me in the legs while I walked no matter which way I wore it. I’d have to use one hand to keep it “steady”…but I needed to be hands-free!

My new backpack is magical; hands-free, spacious, easier on my back, and cute because it’s gray with polka dots! How could I not love it? Often, I’m carrying Amelie and pushing Cade in the stroller (I think I deserve a medal!) and so this has been a big win for me. Wanna see what I cart around everywhere?


These are the essentials. Meaning, I get irritated if Hubs grabs something out and doesn’t put it back. It’s disrupts the Balance of the Bag, you know? I can’t have that.


Since I need to use all of my cloth diapers and can’t afford a “spare” just for the diaper bag, I usually throw one or two in just before we head out anywhere. It probably would be wise to keep a few disposables in here just in case, but I don’t.

MamaP bought these three snack bags for me at a local handmade fair. They are food safe and can be used for just about anything – food, makeup, a wet bag for swimsuits/cloth diapers, etc.


I use mine for snacks. It’s a must to be loaded with snacks! These bags save the landfills from plastic baggies and the prints are adorable! I love them so much. They are made by two+two and I bought a few as gifts as well. I’m thinking about getting a few more for Hubs since he packs a lunch for work.

I have a few more things…


In case you can’t tell what anything is because the picture is blurry (I was holding Cade while taking pictures with one hand)):


I got that little bag in the Target dollar section. Perfect for crayons, stickers, a small pad of paper (thank you, Emily). I take this out to keep Amelie busy when we are at doctor appointments. It’s been so helpful!


The Extras

  • Amelie and Cade’s nuks
  • plastic bag (for dirty diapers on the go)
  • reusable shopping bag (mine is a Envirosax from long ago)
  • one or two of my handmade burp cloths (these get switched out regularly for washing)
  • extra outfit for Cade just in case
  • sweatshirt for Amelie (if it’s chilly)

That’s it! Maybe it’s weird of me to share but I like this sorta thing. What are the must-haves in your diaper bag?

What to pack for the hospital

I started this post in 2013. I started a lot of things in 2013 that I still haven’t finished – but as of today…apparently this post isn’t one of them! Giddy up.

As you hoped to never recall, my hospital stay with Amelie was less than glamorous. My stay with Cade was clunky too but I had learned a lot from my first time around. Looking back, here is what I did right and would have done differently.

It doesn’t hurt to start packing well over a month before your due date. You just never know when your “time” will be. I was one week early with Amelie and two weeks early with Cade. Most importantly, get that car seat in and approved by someone official NOW because it doesn’t matter what you bring TO the hospital, you will want to bring the baby home from it and you can’t do that without a car seat. If you pack anything, it must be the car seat!

For the Mommies:

I put all of my gear in a rolling suitcase. It looked excessive but it was easy for Hubs to cart around and I could keep everything all in one place.

Insurance card and ID. ‘Cuz the hospital needs these things and you don’t want to be digging through your purse full of Tums and Target receipts in between contractions.

Cellphone and charger. Smart phones are the best invention ever. You’ll want to call family, update Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Whatever, take pictures and videos and have something to do when you can’t fall asleep after those late night feedings.

Cardigan, pj pants, a nursing tank top and slippers. I’m apologizing in advance, I’ll be overly chatty in this section. Before I had Amelie, two different friends highly recommended not just comfy pants but LOOSE pants. I didn’t listen and packed my skinny yoga pants thinking to myself “you can’t get more comfy than yoga pants!”. Actually, you can. Loose fitting is key. You may have an owie c-section incision or at the very least, you’ll be super sore and tender down under. Soft, loose pants are the way to go. Tight fitting pants around a Mommy diaper is unfair for everyone involved.

In addition, I recommend bringing a nursing tank (or two) if you plan to breast feed. Throw in some nursing pads as well to protect your tank top from the mountains of nipple cream you’ll slather on between feeds. A cardigan is nice to throw on yet still allows easy access. I’m a slippers person so those went with as well. It doesn’t hurt to pack old underwear but most likely you’ll be chillin’ in the gauzy underwear-shorts-thingys from the hospital instead. You don’t need much but consider the different phases and what you might want for each: laboring, delivery, post delivery, going home – but also recognize you’ll probably be either in a hospital gown or in varying levels of undress for the majority of those. Also, you probably won’t be at the hospital for very long but you never know. For both births, I was at the hospital for 4-5 days – which is not typical but pack extra just in case!


Water bottle and snacks. A water bottle is a must. Ice water never tasted so good until after I gave birth. Usually the hospital gives you one too. It’s nice to have both actually – especially if you find yourself alone like I was when I had Cade and can’t easily pop out to fill up when you run low. As for snacks, I wasn’t allowed to eat anything before each of the the births and was pretty satisfied with the hospital food after delivery. But it’s nice to have some snacks packed for the middle of the night when you are up feeding/Facebooking/worrying about your tiny new person.

Toiletries. This is all about personal preference. Bring what you feel comfortable with, knowing you’ll be very busy, very sore and very tired. I had packed a small amount of makeup (pared down essentials like I mentioned in this post) and even though I didn’t use it every day – I did feel better when I had a little on. Things I’d recommend: toothbrush (easy to forget as you rush to the hospital!), shower cap (if you don’t want to bother washing your hair), a really good lip balm, glasses (if you typically wear contacts like me), lotion, and flip flops for the shower.

Going home outfit for baby (including hat, mittens, and blanket). This is the fun part! I thought I’d be dressing the baby up from the very beginning but it’s easier to keep them in the hospital kimono shirt until it’s time to go home. Don’t go overboard and pack a bunch of outfits, swaddles and accessories. You’ll be promised plenty of outfit changes (and laundry) soon enough… Just make sure your sweetie is warm for the car ride home and that your outfit isn’t a replica of theirs in adult size:


Breast pump. We had forgotten to bring this when I had Amelie so Hubs had to buzz home to get it. A very helpful consultant showed us how to use it and since ours was used, she gave us new replacement tubing for it as well. I was intimated by pumping (and breast feeding in general the first time around) so this was really helpful for me.

Laptop and power cord. Is this necessary, especially since you probably have a smart phone? Nah. But I’m a geek and I like having my computer. It came in handy for the birth announcement, blogging, Facebook and email. You’ll be getting a lot of warm wishes and sometimes it’s nice to have a full sized keyboard to use for responding.

A list! While I was pregnant with Cade, I made a list of things to pack that I couldn’t do ahead of time like my toothbrush and phone. When I went into labor, I went right down the list and it made the last minute packing/prepping/panicking go much smoother. And if labor is really gnarly, your partner can pack these things for you!

For the Daddies/partners:

Unlike me, Hubs did not pack ahead of time. It doesn’t take him very long to do so but I still would recommend having a bag packed. There is a lot to get ready besides packing up the car, like taking out the trash and tidying up. Why not make this very exciting day a little easier on yourself by packing in advance?

Camera (charged and ready), USB cord, and extra battery. YOU WILL WANT TO TAKE A BILLION PICTURES so don’t be an idiot and bring a half-charged camera to the hospital. Pack it now!

Laptop and charger Again with the geekry. Hubs doesn’t leave home without it. When I was in labor with Cade, it took 7 hours after I received the epidural before I started pushing so Hubs actually worked from the hospital. Might as well! If you can’t work, it’d be nice to pop in a movie or something to pass the time.

Pillow/blanket. Hospital beds are not all that comfy but the little cot/couches that the partners sleep on are much worse! A pillow and a blanket will help you get better rest. Not good rest probably, but better. Good rest is a thing of the past once you have a baby.

Toiletries. A toothbrush is a good idea for Dads too! Who knew?

Snacks & water bottle. Your food may or may not be covered by insurance so I’d pack some goodies to help get you by. Be considerate of your partner and eat somewhere else if she’s not allowed anything while in labor.

Comfortable clothes. This is obvious but Hubs didn’t anticipate us staying as long as we did when I had Amelie and he ran out of underwear! Overpacking a little doesn’t hurt.

Anything I’ve forgotten or that you found helpful that I didn’t mention? I’m curious to see what others couldn’t have gone without.

And boom, just like that, this post is over.


And then there were four

Most likely you’re haunted by the uncomfortable pictures from this post, describing my hospital stay after giving birth to Amelie. Although somewhat similar, it’s only fair to share my stay with Cade too. This story promises to be less gory and far less detailed; partly because you probably don’t have much time to waste but mostly because I can hardly remember anything about it.

As you may recall, I was in the hospital almost 24 hours before actually giving birth to Cade. After his birth, there wasn’t time for lingering and celebrating. The nurses worked on cleaning Cade, the doctor sewed my tear and Hubs packed up all of our things so we could be transferred out of Labor and Delivery and into a recovery room. My epidural was already wearing off and I was able to walk – with caution – to the restroom. Then they put Cade in my arms (along with that amazing turkey sandwich) and wheeled me to my new room while Hubs followed with our gear. I kinda felt like a celebrity!

That night, surprisingly, was fairly unremarkable. With the nurses help, Cade would wake to feed every few hours and then go back to sleep. Considering Amelie screamed all night long the first night of her life, this was a very pleasant surprise. Hubs slept near by and I slept in between feeds.

My hemorrhoid did not sleep, however. It was very angry. Oh so angry!

It’s still angry sometimes.

Thursday morning came and I couldn’t wait to order breakfast. I ordered Cream of Wheat of all things, just like I did when I had Amelie. Unfortunately my MIL had to work so Hubs went home to relieve her of babysitting duties, leaving Cade and I alone.

Just the two of us.

That’s how it was for the rest of our hospital stay. Turns out, the stay was longer than expected.

Cade was born with a mysteriously low platelet count. The doctors first noticed there was something amiss because he had tiny bruises all over his body. It was terrifying to see his little foot prick still bleeding a few hours later when the nurses removed his bandaid. One night, I had given him my finger to suck on to see if I could coax him to sleep. The next day, the roof of his mouth was black and blue. Because of his peculiarly low platelet count, the doctors wanted us to stay so they could monitor him. My MIL had already booked her flight to MN so Hubs and I had to split duties: him with Amelie and me with Cade.

I spent those days fretting and snuggling.

Hospital stays are busy, busy, busy. I don’t like the commotion. I wanted to take my sweetie away from the blood draws, the checkups and the prodding. I missed Hubs. I missed Amelie. I wanted to go home.

But as each day set, his platelet count got stronger. He was going to be ok.

Finally we were clear to discharge on Sunday morning. It had been a long week for all of us. We were so thankful to be home and together…as a family of four.

I must admit, I was very fearful of his birth and how I would be able to handle it all. Realizing Hubs would not be able to help me at the hospital only worried me more. But sometimes you don’t realize how much leaning you’re doing until you don’t have someone to lean on. As each day passed, I was reminded that I can stand on my own. I can learn. I can do this. I only had one job: to fall in love with Cade. So that’s what I did.

That’s Cade’s story. Scary and sweet. Clunky yet empowering. I wish I had taken more pictures but you can only do so much with a burning hemorrhoid hotdog between your buns, you know?

You don’t?

Birthing Cade

Hey! Exciting news!

He came out of my vagina, like I had hoped. The end.

Ok, ok. Since I shared Amelie’s birth story in excessive detail, it’s only right to do the same for my little guy. Are you ready?

It all began on the evening of Dec. 2nd shortly after we put Amelie to bed. I was doing my usual, putzing around on my computer at the kitchen table and promising myself an early bedtime. Hubs came up to tell me an exciting story regarding our insurance when…

“I hate to hijack your story but I just peed myself.”

“You what?”

“I just peed myself. And I peed myself again!” I stood up from the kitchen table with soaked pajamas pants and water pooled on the chair.

Realizing my water broke (duh), we sprang into action. It was just a few minutes before 8pm. Hubs called his Mom so she could watch Amelie and I called the hospital.  We busied ourselves with packing, taking out the trash and general tidying up. Thankfully, I had packed my hospital bag the weekend before and had even written up a list of items to grab (like my phone charger and toothbrush) to ensure I wouldn’t forget anything in the heat of the moment. I’m glad I did!

I got dressed, tried to do something with my hair (to no avail) and added makeup to the crusty leftovers from earlier in the day. My MIL arrived shortly after and we took one last bump picture:

and a super attractive selfie…

Then we set off for the hospital. I was having contractions but they weren’t a big deal. They felt like menstrual cramps but I’ve have period cramps worse than that. Obviously, those light cramps didn’t stay that way. No sir.

We got checked in around 9pm and I was feeling optimistic and excited. In fact, I was quite smug since I had literally mailed all of our Christmas cards and packages the day before. I had nothing “to do” except have a baby. Let’s do this!

I got settled in with monitors and met all of the nurses and doctor. Since I had only eaten a light dinner, the doctor allowed me have a few NutThins with strict orders not to eat or drink anything else. Even though I was hungry, I wasn’t too worried. I was hoping to have a baby and a nice breakfast by morning.

(That didn’t happen).

They checked me and I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. I don’t know if it’s my anatomy (or my wussy tendencies) but getting checked HURTS SO BAD. She reached so far up that I swear she could pick my nose from the inside.

That night was a bit of a blur. Hubs slept near by while I labored. I’m not talking light menstrual cramps. In fact, they didn’t feel like menstrual cramps whatsoever. Sometimes the contractions would come every fifteen minutes and other times every five. I did not sleep. But, I was determined. I was breathing through contractions. I was counting down the hours until morning. As the night wore on, the contractions intensified and my resolve chipped away. I don’t really know how to describe the contractions except for serious pain in my lower back and the worst diarrhea pangs imaginable – as if someone was wringing out my intestines like a wash cloth.

By morning, I was sobbing and shaking through each contraction. I could not stand. I could not walk. I was not breathing through them anymore. Instead, I was hyperventilating and being very dramatic. I tried getting in a tub and laboring there. The nurse asked me to rate my pain from 1 to 10 and I told them 9 (because I was too proud to tell them 10). Hubs tried to talk me into an epidural but I thought if I could just hang on a little bit longer…

They checked me and I was dilated to 3 cm. Only to 3! You guys, I’m pretty sure you could hear my heart break. I couldn’t believe it. When I was pregnant with Amelie, I was walking around dilated to 3cm and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT. How could this be after laboring hard for over 12 hours?

Ashamed, I agreed to get an epidural just before 11am. Now, I know, I know. It doesn’t matter. But it did matter to me. I was embarrassed. My MIL birthed three babies with no drugs. Many of my friends had done it as well so why was I such a wuss? I guess I just am!

The epidural burned going in but took effect quickly – about 20 minutes. I felt immense relief. It’s strange to be numb from the waist down but it felt like my legs and feet were “asleep”. I was very itchy and had some nausea, which are common side effects. Nurse Z turned me on my side and placed a bouncy ball between my knees. Then she would flip me to my other side every hour. I think it was to make sure the epidural medication didn’t pool more on one side or the other. I rested. I could feel each contraction but they did not hurt.

I’ll speed things up since not much happened except flipping and resting for the next seven hours.

Eventually, around 5.30pm, I dilated to 10cm. They gave me oxygen and the go ahead to start pushing.

It was finally happening!

An aside. If you dig waaaay back into my archives (not recommended, those posts make me cringe) – you might come across this photo from a few years ago:

I had gotten those knee high snowflake socks for Christmas. Yes, I still have them. Since I was due so close to the holidays, I had thrown those socks into my hospital bag. Why not bring a little Christmas cheer with me, you know?

Well, I put them on shortly before getting the epidural. They felt quite nice since my feet felt like cold numb rocks. I couldn’t help but find it absolutely hilarious to see my husband holding one leg and Nurse Z holding my other “Christmas stocking” during each push. I looked so ridiculous! 

Anyway. I was hoping to have this baby before 7pm for two reasons:

  • Nurse Z’s shift was ending at 7pm. She had been with me since that morning and I wanted us both to finish what we had started.
  • The cafeteria closed at 7pm and damn, I was hungry.

I pushed for over 1 1/2 hours. Even with the epidural, it took great effort. I could feel no pain, only pressure with each contraction. I pushed and pushed (and puked). I pushed so hard, I thought I might pop my eyes right out of my head!

Luckily, the only thing that popped out was a baby. And a hemorrhoid almost as big!

On Dec. 3rd at 7.16pm, I gave birth to Cade.

The cafeteria had closed down but my amazing nurse stayed with me to the end. I’m so thankful for her. Nurses are the best!

Hubs got to cut the cord, which he wasn’t prepared for since he gets queasy about that sort of thing. The doctor sewed up my tears and even showed me my placenta – which I thought was gross and totally awesome.

Cade was tiny at 5lbs 11oz, even smaller than my little Amelie. How in the world I had trouble giving birth to such a small baby, I’ll never know! Isn’t he adorable with that mess of dark hair?

The staff moved me from Labor and Delivery to a new room and handed me my baby along with the best boxed lunch I’ve eaten in my life. Who knew a turkey sandwich on white bread could be so decadent?

I’ve already blabbed too long but I might follow up with a post about my hospital stay since I’m sure you want to hear all about babysitting both Cade and my Hemorrhoid. Am I right or am I projecting here?

Until then, I’ll sign off with one last picture. Seriously, he is such a sweet baby.

Cade, welcome to the family. I love you.


The Green Monster

Many moons ago, I revealed my first big DIY undertaking: Amelie’s green dresser

Even after 20+ months of daily use, I still am in love with it. It’s holding up so far…*says a quick prayer*

But here’s the thing. It wasn’t quite finished. And that super irked me.

Look reeeaaal close. Can you spot it?

See when I painted it, I skipped the inside because we needed the dresser to be DONE and filled with baby girl clothes instead of living disassembled in our garage. Little did I realize, the blonde edges would peek through at me. I’ve spent hours (days? months? years now?) sitting in the nursery holding Amelie, glaring at those “blonde roots” and they glared right back at me.

In addition, there was other unfinished business. I imagined perfect little baby clothes resting neatly and adorably in drawers lined with pretty paper. I spent waaaay too long searching for wrapping paper with the notion I would Modpodge it and Amelie would have the classiest green dresser in all the land. I couldn’t find “the one” and so I finally settled on wrapping paper I found at Target while Amelie was wailing at the top of her lungs. She hated Target as a baby. But then again, she hated lots of things: strollers, sleeping, laying on her back, car seats… I think she may have hated being a baby?

Anyway. On one very sleep deprived day, I decided I needed to finish the dresser so I could feel better about myself. When Amelie went down for her nap, I pounced and got to googling, cutting the paper to size, and modgepodging. I’ll save you the drama by summing up the experience: it was a total flop. The surface of the drawers was too glossy or something because the Modgepodge only bubbled and crinkled the wrapping paper. I could peel it off in shriveled angry bits. I CRIED OVER IT. I cried over the wasted effort when I could have been sleeping. It was one of those days, you know?

Fast forward a year and a half and I finally got the nerve to try again, this time with contact paper that I found on Amazon. This post is already too wordy for its trivial content but let me say that the contact paper was a much better option. It was still tricky to put in. I did half of the drawers by myself over way too many months and roped Hubs into helping me literally days before Cade arrived. One tip with contact paper, take a safety pin to make a tiny prick over any bubbles and smooth it out with a card. Works like a charm!

Surprisingly, the can of green paint living in this closet was still useable so I was able to paint those blonde roots green as well. Oh happy day!

Even though chevron was “so three years ago”, I think it’s fun that it coordinates with my diaper pail too:

Since Cade was two weeks early, I hadn’t had a chance to make room for his itty bitty clothes among all of Amelie’s clothes and accessories. While Dad took Amelie to the mall to play and Cade snoozed, I got to work. It always looks worse before it gets better…

And done! Like, done for real this time.

As with Amelie’s clothes, I only put relevant sizes in at a time so they can share the dresser. As they grow out of things, I add new items in and store the old. Here is how I organized it all, knowing it will change as they do.

How about a closeup so you can see the contact paper peeking through?

Boys clothes. I do love me some greens and blues!

Amelie’s accessories drawer – girl has got hair bows for every occasion!

I’m glad to have this project *finally* finished and everything PUT AWAY. It’s not super convenient since I set up a make shift nursery in the guest room to get us all through the newborn days but eventually the plan is to have the kids share this room.

Gotta run and smooch a baby now. Want to see a photo of him? Ok, I don’t mind.

Ugh, he’s the sweetest!

He’s here?!

Our little dude, Cade, arrived two weeks early on 12.03.2014 at 7.16pm. WHOA!

He weighes 5 lbs 11 oz and is 19.5″ long. He has dark hair and obvious super hero tendencies. We loooove him!

So far, Amelie is not amused and she doesn’t he even know he’s coming home with us yet…

Also coming home with me is an “angry” butt nut the size of a walrus, tusks and all. I can’t wait to tell you all about it sometime.

Can you?


Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: 38 weeks! Ack! This is really happening.

Excuse the hair but lookie at my lady love!

Here is a better picture of my pants pulled half way up to my boobs. I’m adorable!

The Science: Baby Center recap – 38weeks. I feel him moving around especially when I’m trying to sleep. He’s going to be a night owl, like Amelie was. He stomps/punches/headbutts? so hard on my bladder that it’s very difficult to get any rest. I’m getting up constantly to pee and having a hard time falling back asleep. I have had a few nights of good sleep tossed into the crummy mix and they felt AMAZING. But mostly, the nights are long and the days are longer.

Body morphing: I had my “36 week” checkup by the time I was almost 37 weeks so that’s why my stats and blog/picture are a bit out of sync. I had gained 20-22lbs by my appointment last week, which is similar to my first pregnancy. I’m unsure of my exact starting weight so I included a range.

We discussed my options again and I’m still hoping for a VBAC. The baby is head down and she didn’t seem too concerned with my small size this time around. She didn’t even do an ultrasound, like I was hoping. Alrighty then? I’ll try not to worry either.

As the nurse practitioner bade me farewell, she said “Well, I hope to see you at the next appointment (Dec. 9th) but if you into labor before then, I hope he comes out of your vagina!” With that, the door shut and I replied meakly to no one “Me too.”

It’s what I want but that sounds so…uncomfortable.

Sexy stuff! A hemorrhoid. Really? Yeah, really. YUCK.

Food drama: I eat small meals and often but that’s it. No drama for this mama.

Exercising? I found it secretly hilarious when I was chatting with another expectant mama at her baby shower because we both got out of breath quickly. The babies be crowding our insides, you know. Don’t confuse her breathlessness with being out of shape, that mama is the fittest preggo lady I have ever met. On the other hand, my legs burn when I’m standing waiting for my coffee to percolate in the morning…

Oh this was about ME exercising? Yeah, I haven’t been doing any. I hope one day I’ll remember how to.

To Dos: I did find a dear friend that is willing to be “on call” to watch Amelie while my MIL is away visiting family. It’ll be tricky because Hubs will most likely have to shuttle back and forth, juggling Amelie, being with me and the new baby and taking care of my MIL’s dogs. It’ll be less than optimal but I’m not worried – we’ll all have to do the best we can with whatever this labor has in store for us.

At my last appointment, the doctor recommended scheduling a c-section date IF I don’t go into labor naturally when I’m full term. They cannot induce me because of my previous c-section. It was hard to figure out a date around my MIL’s work schedule as well as avoiding holidays but I’ve picked one…Friday, Dec. 19th. I still need to confirm they can get me in but that’s the plan for now.

Things I’ve gotten done? The Christmas tree is up. My Christmas cards are stamped, addressed, and mailed. My Christmas shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, and those that needed it have been mailed. Instead of enjoying my forward planning, I have the urge to keep buying things because I’m second guessing every single purchase. I need to stop. Every year I do this – does anyone else?

As I mentioned last time, I want to keep making progress on house/life stuff, even if that only means picking up the house a little more aggressively after Amelie is in bed each night. I’m notorious for my piles of stuff everywhere, especially on the kitchen table, so I’m hoping these last few weeks will encourage me to put stuff away. Although unlikely, I’d love to finish some of the projects I’ve started but stalled on – mostly painting projects. I’m also working on organizing my pantry and master closet, as well as cleaning out the fridge and freezer. At the same time, I’m trying to revel in what we have gotten done – removing the hot tub, getting baby boy’s clothes washed and ready for him, purchasing our new car, and doting on Amelie. My To Do list will always be there and this is a good thing. It’s a blessing, in fact. That’s living Life.

And randomly: Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 38 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:



Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: We are getting down to it…the finally stages! This is going to be a short update because there is not much new to report. My sleep is horrible; on several occasions I’ve woken up at 3.30am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I remember doing this with Amelie. I think Baby Boy wakes me initially with kicks and then anxiety sets in and my brain starts racing about everything. Or, I’m up 5-6 times to go to the bathroom. It’s exhausting and makes for a loooonng morning with Amelie.

The pose is cringe worthy but I am showered so I still consider this picture a WIN as far as bump pictures are concerned.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 36weeks. I’m a little nervous because my MIL will be out of town the week before I’m due. I know that it’s impossible to predict when this baby will arrive and she can’t be expected to sit around waiting for us. She’s got other grandbabies in her life to snuggle. We need to think of a good plan B for Amelie if I go into labor while Grandma is away.

Body morphing: I haven’t had a doctor’s appointment since the last update, so I’m unsure of my most recent weight gain. I do feel like I mostly look the same though?

Sexy stuff! Nothing juicy (pardon my word choice) to report.

Food drama: Hubs is the meal planner, grocery shopper and cook in the family. (Obviously I’m the blogger of the family, which is super important). He’s been focusing on healthier meals for all of us since we kinda of got in a rut this summer and fall. He’s been making outrageously awesome stuff – cottage cheese cucumber sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread with tomatoes, avocados and alfalfa sprouts? Yes, please!

Exercising? Huh?

To Dos: Good news, we have narrowed down to a few boy names! We decided on circumcision. I toured the hospital and pre-registered. I’ve started packing my hospital bag. We bought a bigger car! I cleaned out our old car. And I’m killing it on the Christmas front! I’m about 75% done with the gifts I’m in charge of which includes wrapping and packing up since I’ll be shipping most of them. Also, Christmas cards have been ordered -weeeee! I barely believe this but my track kids threw me another baby shower and surprised me with a car seat for Amelie. We are officially set if the new baby comes early!

My To Do list is now in the “would be nice to get done” category. Cleaning, organizing, finishing projects I’ve started, getting my hair cut and highlighted…

And randomly: Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 36 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:


Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Tired as always but hey, I think most people in the world feel this way…especially Mommies.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 32weeks. Baby Boy is crowding me. He’s stretching up under my ribs and sometimes (it feels like) past my pelvis simultaneously!

Body morphing: I had another doctor appointment this week. It was the routine pee-in-a-cup, check your weight and get measured type of day. I’ve gained about 18-20 lbs, which is considerably more weight than I had gained by this point with Amelie. The doctor measured my bump and of course, I was measuring quite small. I was so small that she wanted to do an ultrasound to check the baby’s size and my fluids. Ugh, this is exactly what spurred our nutty/emotional day during my pregnancy with Amelie…you remember this drama that all started with Amelie measuring too small, right?

During the ultrasound, the doctor said my fluids are fine and that the baby is small but I couldn’t tell if she was concerned or not. She didn’t have me schedule anything special. She gave me a picture of him (that I can’t really decipher to be honest) and sent me home. It’s one of those weird things. Most days, I feel like this is how I do pregnancy. He’s going to be a small baby just like Amelie was. But when everyone I run into exclaims how small I am, I start to fret. I know they are mostly surprised and trying to be sweet. A friend even suggested I supplement with protein shakes to try and up my calories during the day, but I already eat when I’m hungry. Am I really doing anything wrong?

I’m trying not to worry because worrying doesn’t change anything. My next appointment isn’t for another month. I wish I could get an ultrasound every week!

Sexy stuff! Of course, there is always the restless sleep. I think I may have jinxed myself in the last update because I woke up to a leg cramp the wee hours of Sunday morning. It ripped both Hubs and I awake. I was howling trying to pull myself to standing but it’s awful hard when your ab muscles have long ago been buried by baby-creating goodies and your leg is stick straight like a mannequin. Hubs didn’t know what to do so he was trying to get me to lay back down and we were in this slow motion zombie fight/dance. My calf finally released and we both collapsed back into bed. It’s super sore today.

Food drama: None still! I eat small frequent meals and have even expanded on my typical applesauce and graham cracker diet now that we are focusing on more rounded meals for Amelie. Hubs is an amazing cook and I’m so thankful for his cooking, grocery shopping and meal planning. I drink coffee though. It’s only a cup but I wish I could cut out caffeine completely. But cinnamon coffee (with creamer of course) is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Exercising? Pfffttt! Silly exercise!

To Dos: I need to schedule a hospital tour and pre-register. I need to decide on circumcision. I need to re-sterilize my breast pump! We need a car and a car seat. The rest is coming into place, I feel like. The more we clean, organize and shop ahead of time (especially for the upcoming holidays), the better I feel. Oh, and we have yet to pick a name still!

And randomly: My cross country season is winding down and I’m hoping to take advantage of these newly free weekends (and weekday afternoons if Amelie’s naps cooperate) to get ready for the little guy. I’ll miss seeing my high schoolers but I’m thankful for the time off.

Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 32 week pregnancy pic with Amelie: