Birthday Sparkles!

It’s a very important person’s birthday today!  My hubs.  Here’s a really up close shot of him that he hasn’t approved yet but why not post it on my blog in honor of him??

Like the good wife I am, I made birthday cupcakes from a box, but only after he went grocery shopping for his own birthday supplies.  Please say nice things so his birthday is so super special that he won’t even notice that I didn’t make him a card.

Love this guy with all of my heart; he’s the best.

The Letters

Ever since Hubs and I downsized to our CO apartment, I feel like I’ve been moving our crap around to different rooms, unsuccessfully trying to find a place for it all.

But in my futile attempts to organize, I came across a very heavy bin, plumb full of nostalgia.  It had all sorts of lovelies stashed in there: old emails I had printed, quotes, school papers, cards, pictures, newsletters, certificates.  Oh, and this massive stack of letters from long ago.

Letters.  Handwritten, even.  They are actually all from one person, a childhood friend of mine, whom I bid farewell to when I moved from Alaska to Minnesota.  Her incredibly clever and hilarious letters spanned from 1991 (the year we parted ways, we were 12) until 1997, the year we graduated from high school.  In fact, 1997 was the last I ever heard from her, and she from me.

I spent hours pouring over them, laughing, remembering, thinking back on the little people who eventually grew up to be us.

(Here we are in 1991, caught eating cookies in her mother’s pantry.)

All of this reminiscing got me thinking, I wonder what she’s doing now?  So, I looked her up on Facebook one night and there she was, studying cognitive neuroscience and living in Colorado.  I about fell out of my chair.

Nervously, we set out to reconnect in a small town cafe between our two homes.  It was nice, we spent a few hours catching up, drinking coffee and tea.  Turns out, we are both a little bit the same and a little bit different from our preteen years in the frozen tundra.As the morning skipped towards lunch time, we bid our goodbyes and I decided to give back what she had so generously given me, so many years ago.  The letters.  Her letters.

Heaven’s Dandruff

I had a totally different post ready for you today but when I woke up to this fluffy scene,

I figured the other post could wait for tomorrow.  It’s our FIRST SNOW!  And, a lot of it.  Supposedly we are going to get up to 12″ of heaven’s dandruff!

Of course I badgered Hubs into the elements to snap some photos.  It’s my way (and one of the many things he loves about me, I’m certain).

To think, two days ago I wore shorts to practice and when we had friends over later that evening, we had to turn on the air.  The weather here is weirder than my hair looks when I sleep on it before it’s dry.

Happy Wednesday, my party people.

A Confession

So.  I have a confession.  Remember when I got all serious on you and wrote this post about cutting out The Gluten?  Well.  I did the no-gluten thing for two months, with *no* cheating.  To be honest, besides the first week, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I started to think this might be a lifestyle I could actually get used to for the long haul…

Until, one day a few weeks ago, we decided to spontaneously stop the diet.  You see, I’m just not sure if this experiment was relieving any of my autoimmune symptoms.  I kinda think it helped with some things but I couldn’t pinpoint if it was due to being gluten free, or if it’s because I’m eating healthier in general, or if it’s because I sleep more, or if it’s because I’m less stressed.  It’d be fair to say that after two months of restrictions, I have “inconclusive results”.

I’m kinda sad about it.

But, also kinda pumped because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect…

-because pumpkin bread season is in full effect and I’ve mastered the high altitude version.  Holler.


Boom shakalaka

I sent Hubs to Home Depot on an errand and he came back with the command hooks I had requested and a light in his eyes.

“A new frozen yogurt place just opened up.  We should go.  We should go right now, pretty please.”

I’m not one to squash dreams, people.

We went.  It’s an adorable little place, within walking distance of our apartment, called Boom.  They tout locally sourced and organic yogurts and toppings, which totally had me a loca.

It was yummerific and sorta guilt free since it’s just frozen yogurt after all.

I liked it.  A lot.

All in all, it was a nice way to round out a Saturday afternoon.  Although, I must confess, I am a wee bit concerned that anyone in a sound state of mind would open a frozen yogurt shop in the fall.  Along with organic caramel, I think I smell bankruptcy?

Speaking of fall, I noticed the leaves are just starting to change,

and it’s getting to be about time for scarves.  You *know* how I love me some scarves…


I’ve got a bad case of it.  With each passing week, it seems to worsen.  I’m double posting some days, then other days I disappear into *really* thin air (ooh, an altitude joke).  I’m not sure why I’m having such a hard time keeping up, except for the fact that I’ve been insanely busy doing important things:

I’ve talked to a specialist about this funky spell of blogitis and her only recommendation was to stop being lazy.  I’m totally seeking out a second opinion.

Bee Careful

I woke up this morning and found inexplicable bee carnage on our doorstep.  I know you think I’m being dramatic (which is usually a fair assumption) but check it out for yourself:

Now, I’m not one to sympathize with these cantankerous critters but it did make me wonder if this was a sign of an upcoming Apocalypse.  My sweet neighbor (the soft walking one), swept all of the twitching bodies away but the next morning…there was more carnage.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m stocking up on bottled water, canned coconut milk (love that stuff), and downloaded episodes of Modern Family just to be prepared.

Any idea who could bee responsible for this persistent stripey bloodshed?   Also, if anyone can think of a brighter/non-morbid way to kick off a Monday, I’m open to suggestions.

Gluten pollutin’

Since I have a knack for sharing too much, I’d thought I’d clue my bloggy folk in on my latest escapade.  For most of my life, I’ve been wrestling with a smattering of auto-immune diseases.  Are they the worst thing in the world?  No.  Are they a super good time?  No.  After talking with my doctor and digging through the far corners of the Internet, I realized that although not completely proven, there are some serious links to food intolerance/allergies and certain auto-immune issues.  If I wanted to see if food was polluting my insides, then I need to cut out all types of food that could be the culprit and then slowly add them back in one at a time to see if it causes any of my symptoms to resurface.  It’s called an elimination diet and from what I can tell in a panicky sort of way, it narrowed my food scope down to spinach, water and ice cubes.  Although an elimination diet is the right way to go about this trial, for me, it just seemed too hard.  After conferencing with the Hubs, we decided to pick one common culprit, eliminate it for at least a month, and see if anything feels better.  And the culprit we picked to detox from…was gluten.

We are only two weeks in and it’s going ok.  But maybe that’s because we are still recovering from a rendezvous with one of those tubes of pre-made cookie dough as a last hurrah Gluten Binge before we got down to it…

Amidst the annoyance and carb yearning, I’ve come away with a few things learned.


  • Gluten could be lurking in almost ANYTHING, which is a heinous way to go about things.
  • Hubs is dropping weight and he already has skinny on his resume.
  • The salad challenge is going well because I fear if I don’t eat a salad, I could starve to death.
  • My favorite cupcake place makes awfully good gluten free ones.  Hallelujah.
  • I haven’t had any conclusive results and it could take a long time, if ever, to see if it’s helping which is so super sad.
  • Colorado hippieville is actually a great place to cut out gluten because they love their picky people.
  • Someone that will give up waffles and bagels for you is a person you’ll want to stick with for the long haul.

We have a few more weeks left and then we’ll reevaluate this gluten free business.  So, raise your coffee (gluten free!) and we’ll toast to keep on keepin’ on (hey, did someone say toast?!).

Oh and also?  I’ll be posting a killer Smore Bars recipe later on this month.  You should make them and think about how I can’t eat any but really really want to, okay?