Candace’s Crafty Corner: Amelie’s Craft Bin

Like I mentioned in the last My Amelie, I’ve been enjoying Toddlerdom. Amelie is a pleasure. Although she is still fairly young/uncoordinated, we’ve been doing “crafts” together. I love it! Granted, our projects generally last 15 minutes or less and then I spend her nap time cleaning up/finishing whatever we started. But hey, I’m so happy I get to do this kind of stuff with her now.

My mess of a craft bin is unorganized and loaded full. Plus it was too heavy to drag out and play with often.

I decided to create a craft bin for Amelie. Something just for her. I put in pipe cleaners, Playdoh, paints (washable!), crayons, paper for coloring (in the black and white organizer), stickers (in the polka dot organizer) and sidewalk chalk (also washable, which is key).

As she gets older, I can add in more fun stuff – like glue sticks, scissors, stamps, colored paper, stencils, etc. But for now, these keep us pretty busy.

I may have to get a bigger bin though. My eyes about bugged out of my head when our neighbor tipped me off that the 48 COLORS SIDEWALK CHALK WAS ON SALE at Target.

Just imagine the possibilities! I can’t wait to play with them! I mean, I’m sure Amelie can’t wait to dive into these even though she tends to gravitate towards one color for all of her art. And that color is usually black or brown…


Candace’s Crafty Corner: Gold Glittered Pumpkins

Hi everyone! I hope you had the most splendid of Thanksgivings. Mine was filled with delightful food and so much excitement that even Amelie couldn’t resist skipping her nap. That kinda made for a tricky weekend but still, I’m so thankful for awesome leftovers and the help from my Hubby with our little lady.

Life is very very good, sincerely.

The only decor I put up for Thanksgiving was a clean table (a serious rarity) and this tray with my pretty “new” glittered pumpkins:

I jazzed up the previously all white getup with a little glitter and gold!

I bought the filler at Michaels on super clearance and layered on a few craft paints by Martha Stewart in champagne, antique silver and florentine gold. I should have been painting trim but who cares what the rest of the house looks like, right?

Ooooh, so sparkly. Do you like?


Friday Tidbits

I was hoping to have a DIY update for you but my progress is cyclical. One week, I’m able to hammer away during each nap and the next week, I end up spending all of my spare time trying to catch up on laundry and computer stuff. This week was a laundry and computer catch up week.

I do have a crafty decoration to share from Amelie’s birthday party. Now, I don’t pretend to have any sort of talent when it comes to hosting amazing parties paired with clever decorations. On the other hand, these two blogs put together beautiful tablescapes and throw such creative parties:

But since it’s a fun way to spend a few naps, I got my craft on for Amelie’s celebration.

A few weeks back, I whipped up a fringe garland for St. Patty’s day and thought the craft was too cute (and too easy) not to make another one for Amelie’s pink party. I spotted a fringe garland while I was at Target picking up party supplies so it looks like they are becoming quite popular. Mine was free since I had all of the tissue paper and curling ribbon on hand. I used this tutorial from Pinterest. Here it is (as well as a sneak peek of the project I am currently in working on- painting the french doors):

(Oh hai there, hideous wallpaper. Why do you have to be like that?)

Admittedly some of the fringes ended up kinda ratty but I still think the garland turned out sweet overall. It livened up our otherwise nutty kitchen. You can’t tell from here but I used pink washi tape (from the dollar section at Target) to dress up the stems of each fringe.

I also attempted a centerpiece/drink station. Of course, Amelie’s baby Nike Cortezes made an appearance! It looked a little different for her actual party – but I did my best to recreate it:

I lined the tray (quite poorly if you were to look close) with clearance wrapping paper from Target and wrapped up a few summer clothes that I had bought for Amelie, not intending them to be a birthday present but rather to fill out the tray.

The polka dot bucket was an Easter gift years ago that I hung onto just in case I had a baby girl! I had bought two more pink buckets that I was going to fill with annuals (that I would plant later outside) but then decided what I had was already enough. And paper straws make everything adorable, right?

I swagged (swug?) some balloons in the living room and called it a day!

Update: I removed the dark photo of the living room because even my low standards were offended. 

Nothing like mediocre decorations and even worse pictures to send you into the weekend, huh?


Friday Tidbits

It’s Friday and I have a Christmas craft to share!

You probably remember/don’t care that our Christmas decor color scheme is red and gold. Although festive, we’ve been rocking this theme for a handful of years now.

Like 8 years.

I’m yearning for something more sophisticated like silver, gold, and bronze. Or maybe something fresh and funky like greens and turquoise.


I’ve had this cute tree from Pier1 for a long while.

It got roughed up in our last two moves causing a few cracked bulbs and scratches.  I was thinking of putting this in Amelie’s room but those colors would totally clash. Have no fear, Rehab Candace to the rescue!

First I spray painted it white to give myself a nice even base to work with…

Once Michaels was running a sale on Martha Stewart craft paints, I picked out a few colors, starting painting and…


This, my friends, is an official Christmas FAIL. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to paint one bulb without inadvertently painting the two next to it. I also realized each bulb would take me at least two coats to get nice full coverage. After I calculated how many more naps this tree would take to transform completely, I decided to scrap it!

Here’s to hoping my next Christmas craft is much more successful. I’ll share with you regardless!

Doing any Christmas crafting this weekend?

Friday Tidbits

I’m still recovering from my painting “blues” but in the meantime, I took on a teeny tiny project to bolster my self confidence.

Last spring, my neighbor was in the process of moving out of the house across the street. You know how moving goes. She saw my baby bump as the perfect opportunity to gift me a bunch of old baby stuff she had lying around the house from her grand daughter. We got a broken down rocking chair (which we put out on the curb for free after they moved), a bouncy ball (which we used every day for the first three months of Amelie’s life!), a new piggy bank (with money in it and the tag still on it from Macy’s) and weird pair of maternity pants (also with tags). I thought it was probably a long shot, but Macy’s actually let me return the piggy bank and maternity pants since both were still new with tags. I skipped out of there two items lighter and $25 richer (in the form of a gift card). Score! Who would turn down free money? Not I.

The dear also gave me a few more things that went straight into the Goodwill pile. But, I did hang on to these bookends with plans of transforming them someday:

They were hand painted but too baby-y. Too theme-y. Plus, cats.

Enter stage right, pink spray paint:


Too cute, huh? You probably can’t tell from the pic but some of the blocks are tilted which gives them kind of a modern vibe.

I figure if I tire of the bright pink, I can spray paint them a deliciously clean white and use them in Hub’s office later on down the road.

And luckily I have some pink spray paint leftover…hoping to pink-afy this lamp.

On a side note, Halloween is almost here and I’m attempting to DIY Amelie’s costume. Wish me luck and lengthy nap times.


Mad Money

Money has been on my (mad) mind a bit…you know, now that I’m rockin’ the stay-at-home-mommy gig. I thought I’d start a running conversation about some ways I am trying to cut spending, save greenbacks, but still live life in between.

Today’s topic: Last time we chatted about budgeting but today’s topic is WAY less complicated than that. Like, it’s stupidly simple but I figured it was still worth a mention. You can decide if that’s actually true…

Remember way back, over two years ago, when I declared my cessation from buying craft supplies? Well, I’m still staying true to that promise. Admittedly, I’ve bought sheets of felt and a few cheap supplies for Christmas gifts (for this and this) but I have resisted the temptation to buy extraneous goodies for my bin. I’ve been very good! *pats back*

What does this have to do with saving money, outside of using stuff up? As you know, the only crafting I do is make cards. I never buy store bought ones even though I am a *serious* paper goods admirer. Instead, I whip up a bunch of handmade ones at a time to use throughout the year for birthdays, thank yous, etc. They are far from fancy:

Recently, I’ve been keeping track of the gifts we’ve received for Miss Amelie in a spreadsheet so I can stay organized. It was then I realized just how much I have to be thankful for. I’ve written 80 thank you cards between my showers and the gifts people have dropped off or shipped to us just in the last few months!

I KNOW. I’m so spoiled. That’s a lot of thank you cards.

By using what I have instead of buying packs of new cards, I figured I’ve saved a good hunk of cash. I recognize these cards weren’t free to make even though it feels like it now since I haven’t bought new supplies in over two years. But truthfully, it wouldn’t take that much money up front to get started on making your own cards if you wanted to do the same. Beware, this IS a hobby that could easily get expensive if you start collecting cutters, stamps, decals and the like. I try to keep my cards super simple, almost formulaic. I have even been known to recycle parts of cards I’ve received because it pains me to just toss adorable paper goods in the trash.

I did have to buy a 100-pack of white envelopes from Amazon but I believe it’s still saving me money in the long run. Hubs will even dive into the bin to make me cards for our special events like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines, etc. Sweet, huh?

Best of all, making cards a pastime I really enjoy. So it’s a double win!

Any little things you’re doing to save money but still have a grand old time doing it?

Candace’s Crafty Corner: Reinbeer!

I had grand visions of making lots of cutsie Christmas gifts, but buying a house and getting a second job put a damper on all of that enthusiasm. I did manage to muster up one crafty gift for Hubs and it was a hit!

Behold, a herd of reinbeer.

Aren’t they so cute?

Of course I snagged this idea from Pinterest. To take it further, you could buy bigger googly eyes and poms to dress up a wine bottle too!


  • Beer: $20
  • Googly eyes: 0.59
  • Small red pom poms: 1.00 (I still have some leftover)
  • Glue gun/glue: already owned
  • Brown pipe cleaners: already “owned”

Actually, JoAnn’s was totally out of brown pipe cleaners but luckily I was able to reuse a few black ones that my MIL bought for her adorable Jill-o-lantern when she came out to visit us in October.

Total: $21.59

Not too shabby, eh?

Candace’s Crafty Corner: Makeup Brush Holder

This may be the stupidest craft yet but meh, let’s keep going.

I got this soy candle as a wedding gift from a friend (HER NAME IS TAI) and I loved it so much I just couldn’t bare to toss it out when it was spent.  So, I put it in the freezer…

I took a minute of my Saturday night (wiiiild) and chipped out the wax with a butter knife.  It was easy peasy.  Then, I scraped off the sticker and wick and viola!


Which is now living in my bathroom:

Cute, eh?

Candace’s Crafty Corner: More onesies?

Yes.  More.  Seriously, it’s baby mania out there, I can’t keep up!

I had to reference my own blog (how precious) to re-learn how to blanket stitch, like I did for these mustache onesies.  Speaking of which, those were gifted to these two cuddle bugs who I just recently met a few weeks ago, when I snuck back to MN without telling you…


and Madeline:

Oh, the cute!

Where was I?  Yes.  Baby crafts.  Two more little bundles arrived in May and June, a boy and a girl.  I whipped these up, using material I already had in my craft stash. As an aside, I’m still on a craft buying freeze that I declared over a year ago, you should be proud!

They are crude but made with love/ineptness.

for Hadley:

and for Jordan:

My plan is to get them in the mail tomorrow but I’ve caught a bad case of the Doesn’t Do Much as of late.  Wish me luck!

Be My Guest

We’ve had a handful of house guests since moving out to the mountains (mentioned here, here, here and here and I have yet to tell you of MamaP’s last trip out!) and we always prep in the same way: clean, buy groceries – especially breakfast foods since Hubs makes a mean one, put out fresh sheets/towels and Hubs roasts coffee.  Oh and lastly, and I set out this skinny basket we got for our wedding (love you, Leia) in the bathroom with a card, washcloth and miniature bath goodies.

I didn’t get the chance to use it much when we lived in Minnesota, except when our house was on the market.  Coincidentally, the one time I forgot to set this out to ‘stage’ our bathroom was the *only* time we got an offer.  Maybe I should take a clue and stop using it but I think it’s just too cute.

The fuzzy basket tucked inside was gifted to me from a friend (thanks, Mary!) long ago and I think it’s perfect to slip in an arrangement of bath yummies.

It’s nothing much and not especially crafty, but it gets me super excited for the arrival of my guests.  Plus, now I can justify the decision to put this on our registry, even though Hubs gave me the side eye at the time.

Any old wedding gifts recently resurfaced like mine or any special routines you do when you have overnight guest?