Friday Tidbits

So, you guys, I finished a project!

(I do not know what’s gotten into me.)

Like this stool, the previous homeowners left us these two stools as well.


We’ve been using them all of these years just as they were but I thought they were nasty.

First I used a deglosser to clean them up. Then I grabbed two cans of Winter Gray spray paint and went to town.


I gave them a quick spray of sealer and called it a day. Actually, as always, this took me two weeks. It’s like my magic number of getting things done around here. What’s your magic number?


Now, I’m the first to admit. I don’t know what I’m doing. I probably should have painted these instead of using spray paint but picking out a paint color intimidated me so I just went with what was easiest for my brain at the time. I imagine they won’t hold up awesome with lots of use but at least they are not orangey-oak anymore. Right?


For now, they are stepping stools stones until we pick out pieces of our own when we update the rest of the kitchen set. The best thing of all, I’m not going to freak out if one of the kids takes a crayon to them while I’m trying to use the bathroom.

Are you surprised I went with gray?

Of course you weren’t.


Friday Tidbits

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)! I have some Love Day randoms for you, if you don’t mind.

I’m kicking off the weekend with a picture of my littlest Valentine and my heart necklace from Britta Ambauen

He is my little lovey and very generous with his kisses, even if most of them he saves for his Baby Bear.

These Too Faced Love Flush blushes would be an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for any ladies in your life that dig makeup.

blushMy minis are from this set and I’m loving both of these colors!

Amelie’s has a Valentine’s Day party today at preschool. I may have bought and assembled her Valentines in January because I am a lunatic. But, hey, that made this week no stress!


These Valentines are from Target – they are little critters “hugging” a piece of Dove chocolate that I taped in. I also added treat bags filled with chocolate for her teachers. If I were a preschool teacher, I would need to eat a lot of chocolate to cope.

Amelie was not into dresses but recently Katerina Kitty Cat (from Daniel Tiger) has her changed her mind. I asked her if she liked this red one and if she would wear it for Valentine’s Day? Her reply, “Yes! It has a tutu on it!”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Smooch!

Friday Tidbits

So, I’ve been up since 4am because Amelie still has a cough that is keeping her up night and therefore I can’t sleep either. Might as well zombie blog, right?

The Halloween posts continue with pjs. Because I had to. Plus, they glow in the dark!


Cade was such a good sport, Amelie not so much. Aren’t my babies are so adorable? <3

Happy Friday!

Friday Tidbits

Oh dear, it’s been over a month since my last post. Are you wondering where I’ve been? Not really?

You see, Amelie started preschool last week. Her and Dad donned matching shirts for the occasion, of course.


She is in school for half days, 2 days/week. It’s been liberating for me to have some time to focus on Cade and do things around the house while he naps. But it hasn’t been an easy transition. Amelie cries at every drop off and it’s all sorts of sad. She seems to do ok after we leave but can’t wait to come home. Plus, she’s been sick for almost a month now. She has been sick so much this year! I sure hope this all gets easier. :(

I also started coaching five days/week. It’s wonderful and exhausting. My body just aches when I get home from practice. But I’m so happy to be back.


Can you believe how lucky we are to head up into the mountains on a regular old day of practice?

What’s tricky is my precious “both-kids-are-napping-time” only happens in the late afternoon when I’m at practice. So I am full on Mom-mode then Coach-mode then Mom-mode again, until I fall into bed promising myself I must find time to eat a decent lunch the next day.

In random DIY news, while Amelie was at preschool this morning, I worked on this:


We have biiiiiiig yard things going down soon and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.  Who’s excited?

Friday Tidbits

We had lots of family in town for the 4th and everyone is worn out! Worn out in a good way but still a very a worn out way.

Remember when I prettied up our front door to detract from the peeling paint and mess of hoses? They look so perky in this pot MamaP gifted me many years ago.


Until they didn’t look pretty or perky anymore. See, the blue flowers are part-sun and after a while the hot afternoon sun was too much for them.


They were very sad indeed:


With company coming soon, I decided rip out the blue flowers and add more petunias. Amelie helped me pick out the colors; we added white, pink and a more purple to the existing batch.


I also snagged a used hose reel for $5 and while it doesn’t work great, it still cleaned up the space beautifully!

And now they look like this, just in time to greet our guests:


They are spilling out and filling in nicely, even though they are still a bit lopsided. I love them so. I know, they are just petunias, nothing fancy here, but they add some happy to my sad front step which is a very good thing since our guests had to walk by this compost pile to get there:


And another riveting post has ended so you can charge into the weekend inspired. You’re so totally super welcome.


Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday afternoon! It’s a hot one here to today and I’ve got a hot mess of a post for you.

Last night, MAJOR hail storm! Take a look at our deck:


Everything was a bit tattered this morning:


I have some sweeping to do but first, other business: Amelie’s summer clothes organization! Who’s excited?

You remember I organized the green dresser when Cade was my super tiny sleepy guy?


Well, turns out it was inconvenient to store Cade’s clothes along with Amelie’s for two reasons:

  • Amelie has too many clothes. They didn’t all fit in one drawer. Girl needs space! Cade needs space too.
  • I needed access to Cade’s clothes while Amelie napped. He was quite the puker! Hence, lots of outfit changes.

So, Amelie took over Cade’s drawer but as spring overlapped into summer, both of her drawers needed some attention.

Her pajamas and sweatshirt drawer before:


I cleaned out most of the winter items and put them away in her closet. I’m hoping they will still fit when the air gets colder but you never know with littles, they grow fast and sporadic. I did keep out a few long sleeves and pants because Colorado can get chilly in the summer when the sun goes down.

Here is the after:


Because you probably can’t tell what anything is:


The second drawer – it was tiring to dig through:


After much pruning:




I have her dresses in the closet and I’m hoping I remember to pull those out every so often. Most of her clothes she can mix and match, which makes it easy for when Dad is dressing her… ;D

Cleaning out the drawers helped me regain some sanity but also gauge what I need to purchase to round out Amelie’s summer wardrobe.


Mine and Cade’s summer clothes are next! I’ll probably blog about it so yaaaaay.

Friday Tidbits

You guys, for the first time in months (!!!) Amelie slept through the night with no coughing!

And then today? Both kids napped…AT THE SAME TIME. It was only an hour but that hour was so deliciously exciting, I almost peed myself. I was starting to worry Amelie was done with naps for good – she has taken only a handful in the last few weeks.

I weeded and worked on a project for the kids, which I’m hoping to finish soon. I’m excited to show you…

How about I show you this pretty little thing instead? My new bougainvillea


A friend recommended it to me and I’m so glad she did. It’s gorgeous. I hope it survives!

Sleeping kids and pretty flowers make me so happy. I’m praying the snoozing and blooms continue.

Friday Tidbits

Sorry to inundate you with more Easter related things but since it was such a fun day, I couldn’t help but share a few more pics. Indulge me?

Amelie got sunnies in her Easter basket and put them on all by herself. Bunny noses too!

Amelie thoroughly enjoyed the Easter egg hunt.

I loved every minute of it too. It was so adorable!

In other random Easter news, bunny socks happened.

And now Spring is officially in full swing

so Amelie did some “planting”:

Let’s hope it sprouts!

Lastly, I scored this adorable ceramic bunny on Easter clearance. Do you think my washi tape collection has gotten out of hand?

I don’t think so either. The more rolls the better, I say!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow, Amelie turns TWO!!!

Friday Tidbits

Amelie is quickly approaching the big TWO! Two years old. Such a big girl!

Last year, I put together a (subpar) “pink theme” and this year…a (possibly also subpar) dinosaur birthday party is in the works! I’ve been working on decorations and gift bags – trying to do as much ahead of time as I can. And because it’s fun!

Remember my craft bin?

If you look closely, you may spy a big bag of crayons. As it turns out, they are broken crayons. Broken crayons are sad but it comes with toddler territory.

I bought these adorable dinosaur molds from Amazon to bring new life into those broken pieces. Behold, mini-dinosaur crayons!

Didn’t they turned out cute? And I was able to recycle lots of random crayon bits – weeee! I bought big gold Easter eggs (aka, “dinosaur eggs”) to tuck the crayons into for the treat bags. I’ll be sharing more as the party planning progresses…if you care?

Until then, happy Friday from us!

Friday Tidbits

It’s FriYAY!

I apologize for my absence! I can tell that, deep down, you missed me a little. You see, Amelie and I have been sick. Since I’m breastfeeding and Amelie is little, of course there is nothing either of us can do but suffer through it. She’s been up crying 3-5x/night all week long because she’s so stuffed up. And now Cade is congested too…oh please no!

Since I do enough whining in person, let’s get on with the post, shall we?

One Friday long ago, I posted this really gross picture of our newly “organized” kitchen cabinet. Hello there, Fish Oil!

Unappealing? Yes. Super helpful at keeping a little sanity in our kitchen? Also a yes!

Well, after we prettied up our cabinets with lots and lots of white, I knew this cabinet could use some refreshing up on the inside as well. So I did and it took a long time even though it shouldn’t have.


A closeup:

This system is working pretty well for us. I love that all of my breast pumping supplies are in one bucket. It’s actually the bucket I swiped from the hospital when I had Amelie. What IS that color anyway? Faded mustardy puke?

Where was I? Oh yeah, oversharing. For our keys, I bought the long Command Hook rail from Target. It was pricey at $9.99 but perfect. It has a slot where you could put important mail so maybe I’ll try that instead of piling it on the counters…(maybe). I also picked up a pack of label key rings from Home Depot so we could organize all of the miscellaneous keys floating around. A small To Do with a big impact!

The white basket (also from Target) I use to keep all of our vitamins, medications and sunscreen handy. I hate to mention it to those in frozen land, but we’ve had to pull out the sunscreen already so it’s good to have it close by. It keeps everything together and tucked away. I pull out the entire basket each morning and put it back when I’m done. Why didn’t I do this system a hundred years ago?

The purple tea tin is still holding sunglasses. I put another small Command hook to hold my iPhone charger. Lastly, I bought a wire basket from the Target dollar section and a new pack of pens because our hodgepodge collection was irritating me. That small project was worth the $2.03 that it cost me!

Doesn’t it look so much neater in the “new” cabinets?