Happy 4th of July!


We had a sweet day starting with a big breakfast, then hiking, swimming, grilling out and finishing with smores!

Amelie is so excited to see her first fireworks tonight! I’m excited to hear what she reports back. She already told me her favorite one is the  “blue one” before she even headed out to see them with Dad and Grandma. I’m so thankful for our freedom and my little cuties!

Happy 4th of July!


Memorial Day

I’m forever grateful for those that sacrificed it all for our freedom. <3


I hope you had a beautiful weekend of remembrance and time with your family.

memorial_day2I’m so thankful to have this long weekend together; we enjoyed our kids, we got stuff done and we spent time with friends. My absolute favorite weekend combination!

Easter 2016

Easter was a delightful one. Well, mostly. I had laryngitis and completely lost my voice. That was kinda sad. I wanted to partake in all of the fun but I ended up being a silent observer. Which leads me to my pro-Mom tip: do stuff for holidays, like, way in advance. Luckily, I was overly excited and I…err…consulted with the Easter Bunny…and we put the kid’s baskets together weeks ahead of time. I’m so thankful because all I wanted to do the week before Easter was sleep. Then? A huge record breaking snowstorm hit. I’m talking an excess of 20″ of snow in one day. It was insanity. As you can imagine, helping E. Bunny fill baskets (ie driving to Target in blizzard conditions) was not an option. I spent all of my energy shoveling ourselves out of our driveway instead.

Anyway! The Easter Bunny came!


The baskets were a tad lop-sided but I’m sure next year, when Cade has an inkling of what’s going on, they’ll be even and fair.

The discovery!


Amelie got her first chocolate bunny! Oh how I loved watching their excitement. Cade didn’t much care but Amelie was thrilled!


Of course, I decorated and have a dark photo of it to show you, duh.


A close up of my spring-y tray. I should have ironed the runner but eh, what’s a novice blogger girl supposed to do about it now?


I wanted to show you my outdoor decorations but they were all buried in snow. Just imagine a herd (a posse? a family? a pack?) of bunnies staked into different parts of the front yard to accompany our egg tree and you’ve got it. It really wasn’t that spectacular.

Amelie’s best friend (and her family) came over for a snowy Easter egg hunt in the backyard.


That’s another thing I’m really glad the Easter Bunny did ahead of time – fill the eggs! A squirrel got a few of the eggs but overall, it was a success!

Amelie had a blast, blizzard and all. Cade was indifferent.


And then, Easter was over. But, you bet your fluffy bunny butt I went to Target and Michaels and scored some serious Easter clearance. The end.

Easter Tree

Amelie and I got out the Easter bin and decorated a little. Oh what fun that bin was to open! I had forgotten about most of the goodies I had picked up after Easter on clearance.

The plastic egg ornaments I made last spring by hot glueing ribbon to the tops were in there and so we put up our “Easter tree” again this year.

amelie_egg_treeAnd done. So festive and a little bottom heavy…

egg_tree_decoratedThis morning though, it looked like this!

snowy_egg_treeIf you care, a look back to last year’s Easter egg tree.

Spring Treat Cups

Oh my, Easter is early this year! I love any excuse to pull out the bunny ears.


I mean, come on!


Anyway, I put together spring/Easter treat cups for Amelie’s preschool friends. I’m sure this will get old quickly but for now, it’s something fun to do during nap time. I picked up some supplies for a few bucks at Target. Plus, I needed to use this grass washi tape on something and this was the perfect project. I had to!


I taped a chocolate carrot to the Fun Dip and nestled it in shredded tissue paper. I added a pipe cleaner handle and a few stickers that I already had on hand. Here are the finished “baskets”:


Crude but cute! I hope parents don’t curse me out for sending the kids home with more sugar. I couldn’t resist! I hope the preschool teachers don’t curse me either because I can see that shredded tissue paper being a problem. If Amelie’s tuition goes up, I’ll know why!

Hoppy Monday, bunnies.



Happy St. Patty’s Day!

My little leprechauns.

photo 3

Cade’s only green shirt is in the wash because he wore it yesterday. My inept planning surprises even me sometimes. Also, Amelie is wearing bunny socks because you win some you lose some, you know? Also, an aside. Putting them on this bench was a mistake. It caused much drama post picture.

This morning. Cade with Daddy before work <3

photo 1

Annnd, a real crappy picture of me too. Yay.

photo 2

I should have done something fun with gold coins or whatever but we celebrated by doing Easter crafts with neighbor friends because I’m not on my game today. Maybe next year? Maybe.

Aww, remember Amelie’s first St. Patty’s Day?


Friday Tidbits

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)! I have some Love Day randoms for you, if you don’t mind.

I’m kicking off the weekend with a picture of my littlest Valentine and my heart necklace from Britta Ambauen

He is my little lovey and very generous with his kisses, even if most of them he saves for his Baby Bear.

These Too Faced Love Flush blushes would be an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for any ladies in your life that dig makeup.

blushMy minis are from this set and I’m loving both of these colors!

Amelie’s has a Valentine’s Day party today at preschool. I may have bought and assembled her Valentines in January because I am a lunatic. But, hey, that made this week no stress!


These Valentines are from Target – they are little critters “hugging” a piece of Dove chocolate that I taped in. I also added treat bags filled with chocolate for her teachers. If I were a preschool teacher, I would need to eat a lot of chocolate to cope.

Amelie was not into dresses but recently Katerina Kitty Cat (from Daniel Tiger) has her changed her mind. I asked her if she liked this red one and if she would wear it for Valentine’s Day? Her reply, “Yes! It has a tutu on it!”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Smooch!

A lovely Monday to you


It’s me.

Sorry, we’ve been sick. I’m talking a household full of head colds, a crabby teething baby, lots of skipped naps, one case of croup and one sinus infection with a round of antibiotics. Zack coughed so hard, he burst blood vessels in his ears. Yeah, it has been a seriously rough few weeks. Even worse, we got our friends sick as well and their week included a trip to urgent care. The guilt is heavy.sick

We are slowly on the mend. We’re still up in the night with one of the kids but I’m hoping the nights will get quieter. Just yesterday, Zack noted that our sweet Cade is finally back. He’s been endlessly crabby and it makes our already long days so much more challenging.

I have much to post about and haven’t made time but I hope to remedy that very soon. I miss blabbing to you. Until then, here is a tiny post to start the week because…

it’s officially February!

photo 1

This calendar is from the Target dollar spot, isn’t it sweet? You might not be able to tell, but it’s a pale blush color. The color I’ve been itching to paint a piece of furniture…

And here’s Amelie’s adorable version she made for us at preschool:

photo 2

“A piece of me I give to you. I painted this heart to say I LOVE YOU. This heart is you, the hand is me, for our family is the best that can be. I hope you save it so you can look back on it someday, at the heart I made for you on this special day.”

She calls it “her book” and we like to take it down to look at it often. <3 Oh, I love it so!

Anyway, I thought I’d show you more Valentine’s decor we have up to go along with my festive tray. First, my new mug and plate from Crate and Barrel, thanks to my MIL. It made the Theraflu go down easier.

photo 4

Amelie and I made valentines (which involved A LOT of stickers) when I had to keep her home from preschool last week.


We also made a banner, which is hung in the living room. Of course, as per usual, I’ve included an atrociously dark picture of it.


Our dining room got some love injected in it too:

photo 5I couldn’t pass up the XO banner and heart wreath because both were only a buck! Speaking of a buck, that stag head is new. I scored it for cheap after the holidays and I’m liking how he fills out that wall. Better than the decor of yore, eh?

I’m still in love with the doors I painted long ago, but I’m dreaming of curtains to soften it all up a bit. Of course I have my eye on these beautiful but ridiculously expensive ones from Minted:


So gorgeous. I’m only dreaming for now. This little space sure has come a long way, hasn’t it?

dining_area_scaledHappy first day of February, everyone. It feels good to be back. <3


Organizing Christmas Decor

I finally organized and packed up the Christmas decor. Same as I did for the Christmas wrap, I organized as I went. I lost my fool mind and grabbed more Christmas decor while it was on clearance at Target…which prompted me to buy an extra bin and wreath holder too. So much for “saving” money during the after Christmas sales, huh?

And after much effort, my final Christmas Bin Mountain:


For years, my tree has been generic ornaments and lights…

like this year:


and 2014


2013 as well


also 2012

tree_scaledyes, 2011 too


and way back in 2010, when I started this blog!


I always thought it was pretty that way. But I know as the kids get older, they will get more involved with decorating the tree. It’s a special part of the holidays, especially when they have homemade treasures of their own to add. It’s one of my fondest memories as a kid. I’m happy to create a mismatched magical tree from here on out. I’m willing to “branch out”. Ha ha.

I needed a way to store these precious pieces (like this and this) as well as ornaments we’ve received as gifts with plenty of space to grow into.


I can imagine each kid having a bin of their own eventually but that’s quite a few years out.

We got a few wintery holiday mugs for Christmas and normally I would add them to our current stash but we were running out of room in the cupboard.


I packed them away as well. I think it’ll be such a fun treat to pull these out to sip from next season, especially the mini mugs for Amelie and Cade.

And that’s it! Underwhelming, I know.

I’ve already been sucked into the next holiday. I’m not sure it’s healthy but I’ve decorated for Valentine’s Day, using a clearance Christmas tree so it kinda relates to this post?



Merry Christmas!

Still posting about holidays past. Sorry. I just want to plop a few photos into a post so I don’t forget. Forgive me. Christmas was sweet and surprisingly, not very chaotic. I started Christmas-ing way in advance this year and that helped temper the stress immensely.

A Christmas Eve Underwear Party (of One)


Amelie isn’t officially potty trained but doing well in undies. Only one accident so far!

Opening presents with Grandma. <3


Amelie was overwhelmed and Cade was uninterested so we saved most gifts for Christmas Day and, actually, the days following.

Playing with their new toys with Daddy; he’s very popular:


While Amelie was getting tucked in to bed, I snuck a pic of my sweet little Elf under the sparkly lights:


And when the kids were asleep, Santa filled their stockings. Oh what fun!


Christmas Day

I really wanted to get a Christmas pj picture in front of the tree but there was too much going on. Maybe next year!

Opening stockings.



Amelie opening hers:


Stockings opened. House officially ransacked.


Unsuccessfully trying to get a picture with my toddler:


But this guy didn’t mind:


And then Amelie lost her mind over this little thing:



The house was a crazy mess and the kids were tired so Hubs and I stepped outside and got a picture together. Flannels are forever, you know.


That evening, we decorated sugar cookies for dessert.


Amelie thought this was a grand way to enjoy dessert!



Grandma’s a pro.

grandmas_cookiesAnd Amelie too!


That’s all for today. Not a well crafted post, I admit, but a post nonetheless.