Friday Tidbits

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Friday, eh? I’ve been meaning to but you know how good intentions slip away into darkness sometimes. This is post is going to be chalk full of random. Are you ready?

Remember my old Raves & Faves feature? I’ve decided to nix them. I found them difficult to pull together, I was always months behind and I felt like they were kind of boring to read (whereas the rest of my blog material is totally stellar). But since I’ve come across some amazing music this summer, I wanted to share: this gorgeous ballad by super singer Sam Smith (oh when the choir joins in…), this funny funky song by the talented Meghan Trainor, and Sia, who gives me chills with her vocals. Click through for some musical awesomeness.

Fall. Oh my goodness how I love the fall. The pumpkins, the warm drinks, boot weather, the smell of cinnamon and caramel. It’s the very best. Remember the tree that I wanted cut down in our backyard but was talked out of it by Erik the Arborist?

Thankfully I have some sense to listen to professionals. Look at it now:

And way back during this blog’s beginnings, I spray painted two faux pumpkins white. I discovered them in the Halloween bin while cleaning out the guest bath linen closet and now I’ve officially “decorated” for fall. It’s not much but I love seeing them displayed on our kitchen table. Plus, it’ll be easy to put away come Christmas time.

I’m not trying to skip too quickly past fall because it’s my favorite time of year, but getting organized for the holidays since I am due mid-Dec has been buzzing around my brain. I’m brainstorming Christmas cards, decorations and gifts and trying to strategize a plan to get it done all well in advance. I need to start being more efficient with my evenings because nap time melts away into an endless cycle of laundry and cleanup-after-meals type of tasks and I feel like I can’t make any head way. No matter what your circumstances, it doesn’t hurt to give the holidays some forward thought. Here are two helpful posts on just that:

But before I gather up too much Christmas cheer, I have to work on Amelie’s Halloween costume. It’s the farthest thing from creative or elaborate. In fact, it’s probably perfect because I imagine she’ll wear the thing for about 26 seconds. I better have the camera ready!

Happy Friday everyone!


Raves & Faves: MAY

More (mostly irrelevant) Raves and Faves today. Sorry.

Here is my list of May loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *slow claps*

1. We had a handful of visitors come in May, but this little family stayed the longest.

A Mama, Papa and their baby birds made a home on our deck!

2. It took me a few listens but I really fell in love with this song. It’s oh so pretty.

3. This is a kind of weird product; it’s a lip exfoliator in lipstick form.

I threw one of these into my shopping cart during a recent ELF haul and have been enjoying it. I’ve been battling dry lips this summer…probably because I’m having such difficulty staying hydrated this pregnancy.

4. Tomato soup!

It was basically the only thing I could eat for a few months. Thank you, Campbell’s!

5. I know it’s not good form to wish away days. Life is a precious gift. But I’m being real when I tell you that I’m thankful that May is over. I was sick, crabby, tired and sad. Once May ended, little by little, the days started to feel better.

Only June and July to catch you up on! Fun stuff, eh?

Raves and Faves from long ago: May 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Raves & Faves: APRIL

I get it, April was so long ago. But old Raves and Faves soldiers on whether my readers care or not. It’s going to take me a long time to catch up seeing how June is close to over. Let’s get on with it!

Here is my list of April loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *slow claps*

1. These facial wipes.

I wish it weren’t so, but I’m lazy. Some days (ok, most days) I just use one of these to get my makeup and sunscreen off and call that my “bedtime routine”. They are handy.

2. Although a somewhat creepy video, this song:

3. Amelie and I had a birthday month! As you know, we celebrated with cake and pink everything decorations. When my birthday rolled around a few weeks later, Hubs had a little gift for me every 35 minutes past the hour (because I turned 35). It was so cute! My one request was to eat at Snarfs and even though Amelie was not in the mood to picnic, it was still delicious! What a fun day!

4. My husband’s omelets. My goodness does he make amazing omelets. I look forward to our weekend because he makes breakfast. They are different every time depending on what we have in the fridge, but one thing remains constant: their deliciousness!

5. Oh and this month I got pregnant – basically on Amelie’s first birthday. I can’t wait to tell you about it. We are all terrified excited.

April Raves and Faves of 2013, 2012, and 2011. I nodded off too!

Raves and Faves: MARCH

April is over. Slow down, Spring!

Here is my list of March loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps* Late, as always!

1. This song. It makes me sing embarrassingly loud in the car. I will even forgive Pharrell for having only two verses because it’s just so so good. And the music video is everything I hoped it would be. Come on, clap along…

2. My favorite bloggers came out with a line of hooks at Target! I bought myself the octopus in hopes to stay organized.

It hasn’t happened yet because I’m too lazy to hang up the hook. Someday?

3. Track (sorry, a repeat from last month). I love it. Amelie does too:

4. My showering is infrequent and I wash my hair even less than that. When I lived in Minnesota, I could not get away without washing my hair daily but it’s a different story here in Colorado. On the days that I don’t wash but feel like I need some “freshening”, I used dry shampoo. I picked this up at Target for cheap and like it so far:

5. Unlike last month, Amelie has not been sleeping awesome. This is a struggle we’ve had off and on since The Beginning. What I’m thankful for is wisdom. Slowly we’ve come to realize everything is a phase and if it happens to be a tough week, Hubs and I are reassured that it will pass. I didn’t have that wisdom in the early days.

March Raves and Faves of yore: 201120122013.

Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. There is much hype over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I go back and forth between really wanting one of them and being happy with what I have. This month, I’m happy with what I have. A few years ago, MamaP bought me this Stila In The Lights palette from Sephora.

 I’m not a fan of every shade but as you can see, it’s still very well loved. The dark brown and black I use almost daily. My favorite was the brown eyeliner (in Damsel) that came with it but sadly, I used that up long ago.

2. Track season is officially underway. Don’t I live in a beautiful place?

I have to say, I sincerely debated if I was going to coach track this season. There were a lot of reasons for my hesitation but mostly, it’s hard to coach while taking care of Amelie. I’m distracted, I’m tired, I’m chasing after a baby instead of really connecting with my athletes.

But, I’m thankful I stuck with it. It’s good for me to be breathing in the fresh air and enjoying my high schoolers. They are awesome. And it’s soooo good for Amelie. She LOVES it. She needs the stimulation, the attention, the exploration.

I consider myself incredibly lucky that the coaching staff and the team has been so kind and flexible. My MIL has been a big help on the days she doesn’t work and Hubs volunteered to be on baby duty every Saturday during the all-day meets. Everyone is chipping in to help me do this. I’m blessed. I’m grateful.

3. A women’s anthem. Ugh, I love this song and Alicia Keyes so much. Just close your eyes and listen to the music, the sweet music, because the video is way too literal and cheesy.

4. You guys, Amelie has been such a good girl. She’s been napping great (most days) and the moment I put her down, I throw on my painting clothes! I’ve been working hard on our house and although progress is slow, it’s satisfying.

5. Oma came to town! We shopped and ate and adored Amelie. What could be better?

March already? Oh my gosh, I have to get my taxes done. BLECH.

February Raves and Faves of yore: 2011, 2012, 2013.

Raves & Faves: NOVEMBER

1. We’ve been making food for Amelie with our rice cooker (it has a little steamer on top) and our Magic Bullet. A food processor would be easier but we don’t have one. Pureed broccoli, anyone? Amelie loves it!

2. Apricot Preserves. I’ve been loving this on my English Muffins in the morning; it reminds me of my Grandpa. We lived with my grandparents for a year and they always had this in the fridge. *gets sentimental*

3. Grandma (MamaP) came to visit us! We soaked up lots of time together.

4. Thanksgiving had to make it in here somewhere! Actually, Thanksgiving Day was tiring. Hubs and I planned a big of a feast and truthfully, it was a little too much work with a baby around. When we attempted to clean up just before Amelie’s bedtime, we realized our sink drain was clogged. No bueno. We tried what we could that evening (vinegar and baking soda, hot water…) but ended up leaving our kitchen a complete disaster zone until morning. On Black Friday, instead of eating leftovers and putting up our Christmas decorations and STAYING HOME, we went to Home Depot five times for various rentals and tools and had to eat out! It was a total pain (mostly for Hubs) but he finally did get that clog worked out!

We did manage to squeeze in a coffee date that weekend to help us relax. I walked out of the restroom to this adorable scene:

Yes, Amelie is standing on the counter, flashing her dimple at the barista with a credit card in hand. I almost fainted from The Cute!

5. The Christmas season has officially begun. If this doesn’t bring you serious joy, I don’t know what will. Thanks for finding this, Tai!

I’m so super excited about Amelie’s first Christmas, y’all! She doesn’t even care but still.

Raves and Faves of Novembers past: 2010, 2011 and 2012. Get you some! Nah, don’t.

Raves & Faves: OCTOBER

I can’t just skip October. It’s the best month of the year.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of October loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We successfully sleep trained Amelie. Ohmergerd, we should have done it WAY EARLIER. Those days were lunacy and I’m so glad we all survived!

2. Yes, Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge me.

3. These goofy kids are some of the best runners in the state of Colorado:

4. A dear friend from Minnesota came by to visit and smooch up Amelie. How cute, they coordinate!

5. Of course Baby Butt’s first Halloween was a highlight, as well as visiting the pumpkin patch. We did buy a pumpkin but never got around to carving it. MOM FAIL Alert.

That’s it, sorry. Bored? A look back on 2010, 2011 and 2012 will probably make you even more. I wouldn’t do it.

Raves & Faves: SEPTEMBER

I know, we are half way through November. This post probably wasn’t worth the effort.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of September loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We started Amelie on solids. Let me tell you, I now appreciate how magical breastfed poo and pee smells. Solids? Do not smell nice. A long time ago, I bought three of these mini (dipping) bowls from Pier1:

They are $1.50 each and are perfect for condiments, sauces, used teabags and mixing up baby food for Amelie. I know when she gets older and wants to feed herself that these porcelain bowls will be off limits but for now they are awesome. We use them for everything!

2. Ahh, such a pretty song and his voice is crazy unique:

3. Coaching the high school cross country team. Looking on at my beautiful team with the sun sinking behind the mountains still makes me gasp:

4. Baby Lips by Maybelline:

I have this one (Quenched) and Peach Kiss. They are a summer staple because they have sunscreen!

5. Sadly, my Grandpa passed away in September. He was 94 and had such a good heart. Amelie and I flew back to Minnesota to attend his funeral and celebrate his long and lovely life. While the occasion was tainted with loss, I was still thankful to spend time with family and that Amelie was showered with lots of smooches. Here is a pic of my twin and I:

Just to going through the motions so here are 2010, 2011, and 2012 September Raves and Faves. Now on to October? Should I even bother?

Raves & Faves: AUGUST

I don’t even really remember August. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. My pretty “new” doors! I like to pet them.

2. I love this stuff – it’s probably my favorite makeup remover to date. I wish it removed wrinkles and saggy neck skin but that’s a lot to ask from a makeup remover.


3. BABY SWIMSUITS. *drools*

4. We received this yummy lotion as a baby gift for Amelie. It makes her sweet baby butt smell even sweeter!


5. Ahh, this song:

If you can muster the click through, here is August’s 20102011 and 2012 Raves & Faves. How come September is over already? *sigh*

Raves & Faves: JULY

Still playing catch up. How fun for you.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of July loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Love this sunscreen from Target. It smells nice and is easy to put on in a hurry. Go get you some. 

It has a fancy lock feature and it would be wise to use it, lest you want to spray half a can into your cloth tote while you’re out and about. Doh.

2. I’ve been loving Old Navy’s Rockstar skinny jeans. I have three pairs in different washes (plus the maternity pair I lived in while I was pregnant).

They are so cheap and so comfortable. I scored my last two pair for under $12 a piece! They come in prints, colors and different washes. You can’t go wrong!

3. My MIL put the mini spatula in my stocking last year. It is been the perfect size to scoop out every last drop of breastmilk from my skinny pumping containers. When you put breast milk in the fridge the “cream” (hindmilk) separates and collects along the sides of the container. I want to make sure Amelie gets that good stuff and this mini spatula does just the trick!

P.S. Look at how beat up our real wood floors are. One day I’d like to get those refinished and stained to match the laminate floors we have in the rest of the house. One day…

4. This song is adorable and so is the video:

5. THIS BABY BUTT. It’s just so squishy, you know?

How did the end of August get here so soon? Is it, dare I say, fall?

For old time’s sake, here is July 2010, 2011 and 2012 Raves and Faves.