My Amelie

It’s been far too long. I must tell you about my Amelie!

Age: 2 years, 9 months

photo 2

Dressed up for Wacky Wednesday at Preschool. Her hair. I can’t believe how much beautiful hair she has!

Before we all got sick, Amelie had a nice stretch there where she was sleeping well and she was her happy, silly, sweet self. Over Christmas, she skipped a bunch of naps and we battled some crabby moody days/weeks. Like her Mama, she needs a lot of sleep and is a mess when she doesn’t get it.

She continues to surprise me with her memory, her comprehension and her girly-ness. Also, Amelie still loves loves loves books – just like her Grandma and Oma.


Schedule:  Awake around 7.30 (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and to bed around 8pm, with (sometimes) a nap in the late afternoon.

Amelie goes to preschool on Wednesday and Friday from 8am-12.30ish. In the beginning, we were having a tough time getting Amelie to preschool before 8.30am. The morning would get away from us. Miss Marlene suggested we drop her off earlier to help with transition. Now, she eats breakfast with the other kids instead of at home and this has helped immensely. It gives Amelie a chance to ease into her day instead of being thrown into the middle of an active and moving class. I have no idea why we didn’t realize this on our own but thank goodness her preschool teachers know what they are doing!

If she naps, which is unpredictable, it’s usually from 2ish or later to 5pm. I wish it weren’t so late in the day for a few reasons. It makes for a very long day for me without a break. Also, the evening can get funky since we start bath and bedtime around 6.15ish. Often she doesn’t seem tired so her bedtime gets pushed out later. And finally, Cade is usually awake and it’s difficult to keep him busy and stimulated while trapped at home. It would be much easier and he would be so much happier if I were able to take him out for a walk! Those last few hours before Dad gets home DRAG by. It feels like a 100 years!

Preschool: Preschool has been a wonderful experience, I don’t even know where to start! I have so much respect for her teachers; I am simply amazed at the amount of work they do each day. I can’t imagine taking care of that many toddlers! I cannot fathom it. I think they are superhuman. I rarely get my kids to nap simultaneously but when Zack picks Amelie up from preschool, all of the kids (except for Amelie) are napping IN THE SAME ROOM. AT THE SAME TIME. It’s magic! And Amelie is sitting quietly at the table reading a book while the teachers do their paperwork. They send home daily logs and I love reading what they do each day. Miss Marlene is the main teacher and she is firm but excellent with Amelie. When Miss Marlene takes her break, Amelie follows her and sits by the door reading a book waiting for her. So sweet. Miss Erica is the perfect counterpart to Miss Marlene; she is soft spoken and gentle. I love them both so much.

We went to Parent-Teacher Conferences – which I didn’t expect would start this early – but it was so lovely, slightly indulgent and totally adorable. We sat in mini chairs at a mini table and looked at Amelie’s journal which was basically a lot of wonky smiley faces and exuberant coloring with one color, usually brown. Miss Marlene told us she’s doing well. Amelie stays far away from the rowdy boys but does play a little with a few of the girls. She’s obedient and stays close to her or Miss Erica. She usually needs some encouragement to go out and play or try something new. She did recommend that Amelie work on her letters, especially of her name. I tried to stifle my giggle because Amelie is very bright but struggles with articulation, so it can seem like she doesn’t know. She knows lots of letters/numbers and has for a long time but she can be stubborn about showing it off. She has got her teachers fooled! Honestly, I think she’s fooling me too a lot of days.

I’m so thankful for preschool. It’s structured, safe and I feel good knowing that she’s learning something. At home, I’m stretched thin. I feel like neither kid is getting the stimulation and attention that they need and deserve and I can’t figure out how to do it. They are not learning much running errands with me at Target so thank goodness she has preschool!

Potty training: Her teachers told us she was ready because she would be dry most mornings at school. I tried to do it at home during Cade’s morning nap but Amelie had me working so hard that I was wiped out! She literally tinkled like 12 times in one hour with celebrating, wiping, hand washing, potty rinsing and finally, a potty treat, to go along with every tinkle! It was too demanding and when Cade started dropping his morning nap, I couldn’t figure out a way to do it on my own and take care of Cade too. I started introducing underwear when I could; when my bandwidth would allow and when Amelie felt up for it. I dared to venture a few places, like Home Depot, in underwear and she did well so it bolstered both of our confidences. She got more comfortable wearing underwear and Miss Marlene and Miss Erica did the rest! One day I sent her to preschool in only underwear (sweating it all day, of course) and she did great! She even goes potty by herself at school. Now she’s in underwear all day, except for naps. Oh my goodness, she is so cute in underwear. She’s been wearing cloth diapers all of her life and I’ve forgotten how tiny her tush is!

She had one accident around Christmas. She had skipped four days of naps in a row and was a wreck so it’s not a surprise. Amelie embarrasses easily so we tried our best to shrug it off and do the clean up nonchalantly so she wouldn’t get upset over it.

We haven’t mastered poo on the potty yet, she holds it until she comes home and still requests a diaper. She’s very tooty too; I think it’s from holding it. I’m trying to encourage her but also not push the issue either. She likes to announce to me “I toot, Mama!” It’s hilarious. It’s also very stinky and usually audible…

Other activities: 

At the suggestion of a friend, I signed Amelie up for a dance class on Mondays and she loves it. Her best friend goes too. It really helps break up the week and is such a positive (and totally adorable) outlet for her.


I should have known she’d love dance because over Christmas, Zack took Amelie shopping. He needed to pick up some new clothes for himself and so he grabbed the first thing he could find for her – a puffy skirt – to try too while they were in the dressing room. He said she twirled and danced in the mirror and refused to take it off, so he had to buy it! There is something magical about a tutu/twirly skirt; I remember having that feeling too. <3


Just in the past week, I signed Amelie up for swim class too. It’s 2x/week in the afternoons when she should be sleeping but since that’s unpredictable, I figured I should go for it. Even when Amelie is tired, she listens, follows directions and participates with enthusiasm. And? She’s been going without a swim diaper because her best friend Parker doesn’t wear one and that’s very motivating, ha! The class tires her out and it’s such a crucial skill to know. I want to keep these classes up. Last session, I dropped Cade at the daycare so I could sit, watch and ENJOY it. She makes me so proud, I want to giggle and cry simultaneously.

swimLikes: playing pretend/role playing (every moment of every day!), reading, sweets, the color blue (because “it matches my blue eyes”), Daniel Tiger everything, dance and swim class, being with Dad, squeeze packets, graham crackers, being outside, taking care of her baby Natalie. Here she is pushing Natalie in the stroller while I push Cade.


Dislikes: When Cade touches her stuff, when Cade looks inclined to touch her stuff, when Cade isn’t even looking but she suspects anyway! Ha!

Verbal: She is still difficult to understand and she knows it. I think it gets in her way. I have a suspicion speech therapy is in our future. Nonetheless, talking with her is a joy. Her sentences are funny and clever. She’s also been singing songs she’s learned at school or from the radio. I love that SO MUCH.

I find this interesting and sweet: Amelie is experimenting with humor! She tries joking around by called Daddy “Mama” (and other similar games). Oh, this tickles me!


“I Super Amelie, to the rescue!”

She told Daddy, “That person is wearing pajamas!” when she noticed a lady wearing sweats at Home Depot.

“Mmm, this is NUMMY!” – over hot chocolate from Starbucks

In a recent conversation at dinner…her response to Amelie, who loves you?: “Dadda.” Then “Babba.” We keeping prodding her. “Oma.” Then “Cadey-Cade.” Finally, “Mama.” Oh, and, “Miss Marlene.” <3

Her response to Who do YOU love? “Unco Weevi.” (Uncle Levi)

Made us chuckle!

Social: Again, preschool has made a big difference on this front. She follows direction well and adjusting to her new dance/swim instructors has been seamless. We have a little friend that lives close by (her “best friend”) and only recently have they been playing together and talking to each other. They are both shy so this is a very pivotal moment for the Moms. We both quietly watch them play. It’s makes my heart turn to mush. She also showed a girl in the locker room after swim class her mittens “These are my moose mittens, see?”. Oh the cute!

Sleep: She’s still skipping her naps often during the week, hence this endless cycle of moodiness. She also still has a persistent cough!  — this was from the last My Amelie…but it’s still true! UGH. She was sick, we were all sick and man, those were some hard horrible weeks.

Cade: She tolerates him but her jealously flares mostly when they are both around Daddy. They miss him, they love him and they don’t want to share him.

She calls him “Cadey Cade”- a nickname I started – even when she’s mad. “Cadey Cade, no look at me!” At preschool, the teachers think she has a brother names “Kay Kay”. Endearing!

They take a bath together each night and I’m really trying to sit back and savor this time together as a family. It’ll be gone before I know it. I’m going to miss it desperately.


Mommyhood: I still have days I’m ashamed of. I’m grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep. I lose my temper. I yell. I hate that I yell. Amelie gets so sad and ugh, I feel like I am the wormiest of all the Moms. It exposes an ugliness that makes me cringe and cry. A lot.

But on the whole, I’ve been trying hard to reconnect with Amelie. I’ve been learning by watching Zack parent. Amelie requires a concentrated effort which I find hard to maintain, but worth the attempt anyway. She wants to role play, she wants silliness, she wants affection (but not too much!) and most of all, she wants me to stop taking things so personally and be a good grownup! I’m working on all of those things and she’s been responding well to me.


Amelie, I love you. I’m so grateful for each day; a fresh start; a forgiveness for my many flaws, and a chance to revel in your awesomeness.

My Amelie

Age: 2 years, 5 months

Taking care of a toddler is a rollercoaster. One day Amelie is kind, silly, agreeable and obedient and the next day she skips her nap and teeters between being a happy girl and heading straight to Meltdown City. She’s moody! Wonder where she gets that from…


Dinosaur has been left behind and Baby Monkey has emerged as Amelie’s current treasured stuffie. He comes everywhere with us (so does Sleepsack still). Dad accidentally left Baby Monkey at a candy shop in Boulder and he had to drive back during nap time (a 40 minute round trip) to save him because can you imagine the heartbreak?

Both Dinosaur and Baby Monkey were gifts from my brother. Apparently he knows what Amelie likes!

Schedule: She goes to preschool on Wednesday and Friday mornings. After xc season ends, we might add in Monday too. She’s still on the same schedule as before: up around 8am, to bed around 8pm, with maybe a nap from 3pm-5pm. Ugh, I wish it wasn’t so late, it makes for a weird evening.

Preschool: Preschool was a daunting undertaking. We toured a handful and each one made me nervous. It’s a decision I didn’t want to agonize over but I didn’t want to mess up, either. Our final tour felt the best to me. I really appreciated the teacher Miss Marlene. She’s a no nonsense type of lady. She controls the classroom well and has a lot of experience. “Miss Marween”, as Amelie says, has been wonderful. Amelie now puts her nuk in her pocket at school and Sleepsack/Baby Monkey go in the cubby for the duration of the day. She is gentle but firm; just what Amelie needs.

The first drop off was a disaster. Amelie cried and Dad stayed way too long. Dad was such a mess after dropping her off, he went to a nearby coffee shop to work instead of his office so he could be close by. He called me with the news and I felt stressed at home even though I was very much looking forward to the morning off. Then he went back to preschool after an hour to secretly peek in and check on her. She did ok that first day. They put together a book about things she did with pictures and you can tell she’s been crying. It snapped my heartstrings right in two!

The next few drop offs were sad as well. But she did come around and now says “Bye bye, Dadda!” and Sleepsack also chimes in (in a lower voice) “Bye bye, Dadda!”

Last Friday didn’t go so well though because Amelie is tired. She tried to put on a brave face but her lip was quivering and she held onto Daddy’s legs. :(

Now I get it. I get why parents sob at the bus stops on the first day of school. The thought of Amelie going out into the big, bad, cruel world makes my heart hurt. Will they be kind to her? Will they ensure she is treated fairly? Will she be scared, lonely? Will they understand that she is shy and smart and sweet? Will they try to change her?

It gets me feeling all the feels.

pumpkin_cookieLikes: She *loves* getting her toes painted, lasagna, swimming, cooking, playing at the sink with the water and soap brush, Sesame Street, playing helicopter with Mommy before nap and bedtime, and her gold shoes…she gets lots of compliments on them.


Of course, playing pretend with Daddy is still her favorite. He is so good with her.


Daddy’s girl, through and through.

After we put the kids to bed, we have to clean up the house. We drag ourselves around, picking up toys, wiping up food and cleaning dishes. It’s stuff I’ve been doing all day already so I can hardly muster motivation. Even so, Zack takes the time to put Amelie’s stuffed animals in funny places, waiting to surprise her in the morning. Gosh, I love that guy. <3

Potty training: We had success early on, she peed in the potty the first time and it’s been bumpy going ever since. She’ll wear undies for a while but then wants her diaper back on. We read lots of books about going potty but I think I need to take a weekend to go for it. She looks sooooo cute in her undies!

Verbal: She’s talking so much. I love it. My MIL mentioned it and I agree, I think she’s having some articulation issues. It could be rooted back from her baby days with her tongue thrust or maybe it’s a pacifier induced problem. She has trouble with “Fs”, which is why she refuses to count past three! She has made up a few replacement words for things that she feels more comfortable saying. I love listening to the sentences she creates!!

Only recently she’s been using possession: “Where my Daddy go?”

Quotes: “Hey, what is this guy?” –when she wants to know what someone is doing

“I love you this much!” — holds arms wide

“Silly Mama!” — when I don’t quite understand her

“Dad-da always comes back” — I borrowed this from Daniel Tiger one weekend when Daddy was gone for a wedding. Now Amelie sings it whenever we talk about preschool. She knows that Daddy will always come back to get her.

Learning: I don’t have anything to compare her to but I think she is smart. She has an excellent memory and impressive comprehension. I try to explain things to her and end up getting myself all mixed up but she follows right along. For example, scarecrows. “See, they look like people but they aren’t people. They are fake people. Pretend people! They hang out in the farms, I mean the fields, which are on farms. It’s part of the farm, along with big red barn, you know? Then birds, specifically crows…nevermind, anyway, they fly over and think the scarecrows are real people and get scared and won’t eat the crops. I mean the plants in the uhh, the fields, like corn and stuff….”

She takes it all in with no problem. Zack and I have to be careful because she is paying very close attention to our conversations. She doesn’t miss beat.

Social: I think preschool has helped immensely on this front. Amelie is becoming more courageous with engaging people when we are out. She got this one guy, behind us in line at Target, to jump up and down and spin! It was hilarious. Usually her opening line is “See, I have gold shoes…” She is still shy and takes some warming up time when she is tired. She’s made a little friend (her “best friend”) and they’ve been playing together so well recently instead of being in the same room but avoiding each other. It’s adorable!

Sleep: She’s still skipping her naps often during the week, hence this endless cycle of moodiness. She also still has a persistent cough! It went away for about a month this summer and then she got sick again. She keeps us all tired. Poor girl, I’m starting to worry. I plan to make another doctor appointment soon but it’s difficult with Cade’s nap schedule and coaching. I feel like I’m asking so many favors of Zack and my MIL that I’m hesitant to add more thing to our extremely hectic weeks.

Before bed, she has me cover her up with two blankets with a pillow on top, and “I need water!” and “Kiss me!”. I usually also have to kiss Monkey and Sleepsack before I’m allowed to leave for the night. She is far from affectionate so I am not taking these moments for granted.

Cade: She has been taking toys away from him and having trouble sharing now that Cade is becoming more mobile. She doesn’t like him touching her stuff – who would?! She puts up with sharing bath time (he loves it!) and she’ll play peekaboo,which makes him howl with delight! She get jealous of him but is doing well adjusting. She’ll even say “Hi Cadey-Cade!” when I bring him upstairs in the morning for breakfast. He grins so wide, he almost loses his pacifier.

Amelie, I admit, I am tired. I drink too much coffee and don’t have enough patience. I can see, even on your hardest days, that you are trying so hard to be a good girl. You put on your silly smile and through your tears you tell me, “I happy, Mama.” You have challenged me and some days I’m not up for it. But each morning I remind myself how blessed I am to have a fresh start. A new chance to be the Mommy you deserve. I hope I don’t let you down.


I love you thiiiis much. *holds arms out as wide as they go*


My Amelie

Age: 2 years, 3 months

This is not my biased opinion but simply fact. Amelie is the sweetest toddler in all the land!


Look at that hair!

Now that Amelie is getting a full night of sleep, she’s a dream. I have to give her credit when she was sick, she was up much of the night and miserable. This went on for months. She was crabby a lot, but so was I! The Real/Rested Amelie is happy, goofy, sweet, kind, polite, obedient, and imaginative! She is such an awesome human.

Schedule: Amelie wakes around 8am. I get her ready for nap around 1.30 or 2pm and wake her by 5ish, if she’s still asleep when Daddy comes home. We try to get her to bed by 7pm but it’s usually drawn out and more like 8ish. At least once every week, she ends up skipping her nap. Nowadays it’s not horrible – she happily plays upstairs in her crib the whole time. I can hear her singing, counting and talking in her voices for her stuffed animals. It cracks me up! If she skips her nap, we try to get her to bed earlier and sometimes I can tell the next day that she needs extra sleep. Even when she’s tired, she’s usually a good girl.

Likes/Dislikes: She loves peanut butter oatmeal (eats it every morning), chocolate ice cream, playing pretend, going to the water park, coloring, jumping, bath time, Daniel Tiger, temporary tattoos, and reading books. She doesn’t like change, most foods, wearing dresses (phooey) or messes (which is hilarious because the house is a constant wreck).

One thing that confuses me and kinda makes me sad: When she hurts herself, she doesn’t want comfort from me. In fact, getting hurt seems to embarrass and anger her. I wish I could scoop her up and kiss away her tears, but she runs the other direction. I usually end up gathering up her sleepsack and nuk then handing them over to her without saying anything until she calms down. I remember strong feelings of embarrassment over the littlest of things, so maybe she’s like me in that way.

On a related note, she’s not snuggly. She doesn’t want to cozy up on the couch or lay in bed with us. She likes to sit in our lap to read. I’m usually fairly affectionate and she’ll let me know when I’ve stepped over her boundaries.

Verbal: She talks in full (albeit, choppy) sentences now! This is my favorite part about this age: talking with her. Every once in a while she’ll tell me something that I can’t quite understand. She’ll repeat it a few times very slowly for my benefit but if I still can’t decipher, we both smile and move on.

She is extremely polite. She says “Thank you, Mama” unprompted! A lot! She’ll bring me my phone or my water bottle and say “Here you go, Mama!”


In the car, “Oh Bunny, I love this song! Do you?”

Amelie: “Yes.”

“Do you want to sing along with Mommy?”


She was with Daddy at the water park and noticed a round lady in a red swimsuit with black polk dots. She pointed and said “Ladybuggy.”

And the cutest thing of all: “I’m happy to see you, Mama/Dadda/Babba/Monkey”. What toddler says that?! Seriously, she’s wonderful!

Learning: She knows most of the alphabet. “A is for Amee!” “C for Cade!” “D for Dadda!” “M for Mama!” She only counts to three, I can’t get her to go further. I know she knows because one day I asked her what comes after nine and she replied matter of factly, “ten.” Her memory is very sharp – she remembers things in her books that I don’t!

Imagination: Her imagination is my favorite! She loves Daddy because he plays pretend with her. He talks in a high voice for stuffies/toys and she is over the moon for it. Now she uses different voices too. Best of all? Her sleepsack, which she still sleeps with every night and drags everywhere, has a very low manly voice! It’s hilarious! Every once in a while, I’ll play too although my imagination is rusty. One day we watched a baby sea turtle make its way to the ocean on Instagram and so I pretended we were baby sea turtles. She could not get enough of it! Here she is pretending to be a sea turtle at the water park.


Social: She’s shy and prefers to play one on one. She handles aggressive kids fairly well; she usually watches them from afar. She’s a good sharer, although most kids are not so I feel bad when she gets pushed around by them. It makes me very irritated!


Unlike Cade, Amelie is not overly smiley. She’s a very happy girl but a serious girl. She went to a birthday party last weekend and I asked if she wanted her face painted. She nodded and sat so still. And when she saw the result:


She was ecstatic! I love that smile. It’s so sweet to live these moments again, but now as a Mom. I remember feeling like this – how exciting it was to get my face painted!

Every once in a while, she’ll surprise me by waving or saying hi to someone spontaneously. Also to my surprise, she’s done really well with our summer visitors and sharing her toys. I expected she’d find it all overwhelming but she proved us wrong. She especially adored our friends Chris and Amelia – maybe it was the namesake that drew her in? She was pulling out all of her show off “moves” for them – twirling, “headstands”, dancing and balancing on one leg.


Cade: Seriously, she is an awesome big sister. She has never hit or shown aggression towards Cade. In fact, she’s done the opposite. This week, Cade started crying when I left the room and when I came back, Amelie was sitting next to him stroking his hair. He stopped crying and was smiling up at her. What a sweetheart!

Now that he’s been playing more, she’s been mimicking him, like sucking on toys which is funny because she wasn’t an oral baby except for her pacifier. Many times she wants what he’s playing with but will wait (impatiently) until he’s done (drops it out of his tiny fists) or she will trade him for a different toy, which suits him just the same! She is still jealous when Daddy holds Cade and will ask that he holds her instead and that “Mama hold Cade.”

Mommy stuff: Daddy is still her go to for Fun, but she’s not showing overt preference for only him anymore. She loves me for what I offer, which is different than what she gets from Daddy. I feel such strong love for this sweet girl. Like deep in my throat kind of strong, you know?

The “terrible twos” have been far from that. She is a delight!

My Amelie

It’s been a little while since the last My Amelie post, I figured I was due. I can barely remember week to week so I need to take the time to write things down.

AGE: 25 months. A two year old. With opinions.

We had family pictures taken recently. I spent my very valuable free time hunting for an outfit for Amelie. I scored one for 40% off but she flat out refused to wear any of it! Not a single thing: the dress, the jean vest or the shoes. It’s all being returned. Instead, I had to dig through Amelie’s old clothes and pull something together last minute. On the plus side, I saved myself over $50?

Although Amelie was mostly uncooperative during the session, our photographer managed to get a cute picture of us together:


Speaking of clothes, my MIL mentioned she used to take the tags off of any new items and sneak them into Hub’s drawers so he could get used to them being there first. I’ve been doing something similar. And if I make any remark while getting her dressed (which I try not to), I only comment on functionality, like “Brrrr, it’s chilly outside! Well, I guess we need a shirt today, huh? You don’t want to be cold, do you?” It’s been only recently that she has opinions about what she wears. I didn’t know it would start this young!

Play: Amelie is still quite the little Mommy. She doesn’t bother much with Cade besides bringing him his nuk. But, she spends a lot of time taking care of her babies and having Daddy take care of them too. Diaper changes, suctioning their nose, wiping their poopies, swaddling, feeding and rocking them.

Here she is, feeding “Ducky”.

She even cups the back of their head when she lays them down, just like I do with Cade. She’s watching me closer than I realize.

 Tantrums? I’m lucky, Amelie doesn’t tantrum. She does throw little fits, usually crying and asking for her sleepsack and nuk but no flailing on the floor and howling episodes…yet. She’s been seriously crabby though. Everything frustrates her. A crabby toddler makes for a crabby Mommy. :(

On a related note, she’s been more disagreeable lately. If I ask her a question, she used to respond with a considerate yes or no but recently she’s been flip flopping. I’ll ask her to get her shoes on and first she’ll want the gold shoes and then no, not the gold but her purple shoes instead and then she’ll insist – INSIST- gold again. It can be very tiring. She is fairly obedient for a toddler but this game drives me crazy.

Verbal: Each day, I’m amazed by the small sentences she’s stringing together. “Silly Mama!” “Night night, Natalie” (her baby doll) “I walk” (when she doesn’t want to be carried) “I watch TV” (I let her watch TV when I feed Cade or when she’s feeling under the weather…we’ve been doing a lot of TV watching lately) “Help Mama!” (if she needs assistance). She says something new hourly it seems and it’s so cute! I love talking with her. She can count to three and knows A-B-C (and which letters are which). She attempts the rest of the alphabet but it gets kinda messy before and after “LMNOP”.

Quote: “Amelie, are you sleepy?” “No, I happy!”  😀

Sleeping: Ugh. She has never been a great sleeper. February was a rough month with croup, the flu and hives. And since then, her cough has never gone away. She’s up most nights coughing, with new cold piled on top of the old cold. It’s been really hard on all of us. We’ll be up three times for Amelie and then Cade will wake at 5am-ish for his first feeding. It’s been a long two weeks. Actually, it’s been a long few months! Thank goodness for the Nose Frida thingy – best/grossest purchase ever…

Naps: She’s still napping late in the day. I’d like to move it up but for now it’s 2ish to 5ish. We wake her at 5.15pm if she’s not up yet. Her naps have been all over the place since she’s been sick.

Mommy stuff: She’s been showing preference to Daddy still. She’s fine when Daddy’s gone but the moment he’s home, she doesn’t want much to do with me. It can get me really down. I’m exhausted and therefore feeling especially vulnerable to moments like this.  I’m struggling to balance both Cade and her – making sure they get the attention they need. But I’m only one person and usually they need me simultaneously. It’s hard work!

My Amelie

AGE: Almost two! (23 months)

Amelie, you are such a joy. You are the most delightful toddler – I’m so lucky!

Verbal: In the past two weeks, her verbal skills have exploded. Before she said very few words and now she is saying new words every day. Words: Cade, yellow, purple, red, oh no!, alright, let’s go!, yay!, hey!, whoa!, okay, outside, one, two, three, elbow, puppy, poopy, pee pee, pot pie (she likes those “p” words), and hot tea (which is secretly hot chocolate).

Amelie “sings” the alphabet too! It’s so cute. All of the letters sound mostly the same but she’s trying to get the hang of it. I haven’t been able to catch it on video because she clams up the moment the camera comes out.

She is stringing a few words together like “i sit mama” (I sit with/like Mama) and my favorite of all…she is answering my questions with “yeah”. Her sweet little affirmative reply is just about the cutest thing ever. Also, she likes to mimic. I’ll say “Ok, let’s go!” and she’ll copy. If I’m puzzled and go “hmmm”, she’ll do the same. A lot of times I’ll be talking to Daddy or Grandma in the car and she’ll pipe up from the back seat with what I just said. Amelie is always ALWAYS listening.

Amelie, I love talking with you. We talk about what fun things we did that morning while we snuggle in the chair before nap time. It’s something I never ever want to forget.

Activities: Amelie is doing a great job with colors. She knows blue, red, yellow and purple. Grandma put together a color matching activity for her using colored bins and she got it on her first try! She has trouble with orange, not only is it hard to say but she confuses it with red. Amelie can count to three and knows that she’ll be two on her birthday. She has no idea what her birthday is but once she realizes cake is involved, I’m sure she won’t forget that awesome word!

I love this stage. Amelie is finally coordinated enough to do activities with me. Before, I could tell that most things frustrated her and so she ended up only wanting to be physical (like being bounced around by Daddy). Now we can do a nice mix of both – color on the sidewalk with chalk AND smash snow in the yard. Paint Valentines for a bit and then dance around in the living room. We can spend the morning together – doing crafts and “helping” with chores. Gone are the days where we HAD TO leave the house – now we can spend some mornings at home keeping busy.

She loves to help and desperately wants to be involved in what we are doing. Her favorite activity is cooking with Daddy. It takes forever and makes a fine mess but that’s what having fun is all about.

Enjoys: Cooking and helping – especially with Daddy. Playing pretend with her stuffies – they do everything: color, cook, clap, dance and drink hot tea. She likes accessorizing with her fox slippers and backpack from Oma, hats (loves hats!), and necklaces. She likes playing with our phones and calling people (for real and pretend). She knows how to scroll through pictures and how to play videos. She also showed me how to turn on the TV and somehow set an NBA alert on Daddy’s phone! 😀

Amelie, you are still a Daddy’s girl and probably always will be. But you do like our mornings together. So do I. We talk and laugh a lot and have a good time!

Schedule: She usually wakes between 7-8am and we try to get her to bed by 7ish but that tends to get drawn out. She’s been good this week but for a while, she was waking a few times per night. Sometimes she drops her nuk but other times she wants to be comforted with a few pats and covered up with a blanket. She’s been napping late in the afternoons – usually around 2ish to 4ish – sometimes we have to wake her at 5pm when Daddy comes home.

Personality: You are shy when we are out in public. I find myself saying things “Are you being shy?” when we are around new people or new situations, which is dumb of me because of course you are being shy! Because you are shy. And shyness is not something that should be “fixed” or “forced out of”. Amelie is goofy, smiley and happy at home because she feels comfortable.

She does not like change. If we visit Daddy or Grandma at work, it feels weird so she gets nervous. I try to prepare her for when people come over or if we go somewhere and she seems to do much better. I get it, Amelie, I’m the same way!

I signed us up for music class and she is very clingy, which surprised me at first. She almost seems relieved when it’s over and I suspect it’s because the class is small (compared to story time at the library) and we sit in a circle. Duh, we are all facing each other. I think she feels nervous being engaged across the circle. She does love when Miss Dar pulls out all of the instruments though!

She is obedient and a great listener. She holds my hand, gets her boots on, and stays by me when I ask. She is such a good girl! That doesn’t mean I don’t have to chase her around the coffee table to get her diaper changed…but still, I am so thankful.

Mommy stuff: We are enjoying each other. Amelie has accepted that Cade is part of the picture but she still gets a lot of attention from me. She’s quite the little Mommy herself. She kisses Cade and makes him clap for her! She spends a lot of time (and uses a lot of wipes) changing her babies’ diapers.

I’ve learned a lot in this stage. I’ve learned to have planned spontaneity (if that makes any sense). I have to have a plan but I also have to be flexible. I try to brainstorm a few activities for the day and I recognize that there is a high probability that it will only entertain Amelie for a few moments and then we’ll have to move on to something new. Sometimes I hit the jackpot, like scrubbing the high chair out on the deck (who knew?!), that Amelie can’t get enough of. The girl loves to clean things! Sometimes we run errands but I accept that I can’t get much done. It sounds simple but it’s taken me a while to accept this since becoming a Mommy. I can pull out the mop with the hopes of cleaning the floor but I accept that most likely “mopping” will create more of a mess than when we started. And that’s ok. We are trying to pass time, experience new things, and spend time together. We are not actually going to mop the floor!

Bunny, you. are. awesome. I love you so! And you know I do because when I ask who loves you, you answer “Mama.” Heart melted!


My Amelie

AGE: 21 months – phew, this is long overdue!

Words: blue, book, bubble, dadda, mama, noooo (a nice whiny one), uh oh!, more, bye bye, hat and Heidi (one of grandma’s dogs). She is a lady of few words though. We know she understands but she’s stubborn about speaking. Only recently has she been babbling/practicing sounds with intonation when she’s playing around the house. They sound like real words but mean nothing. It’s so cute to hear her voice!

Her answer to *almost* every question is “noooo” initially until she has time to reconsider.

Favorite things: Walking Heidi! Heidi is patient and walks slow. Amelie *loves* it. She did a lot of dog walking while Grandma was away in MN and it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, she can’t get enough! Power hungry, maybe?

Daddy is still her favorite person. When he comes home from the office, she runs to the window to watch him walk up the driveway and does the cutest little “jig” when he opens the door. If I try to play with her at the play places, she cries and insists “Dadda!” come instead. Ok, I’ll sit by the baby then! I’m not keen on those plastic slides anyway, they make my hair static-y…

She loves to color. Although she can be quite bossy – demanding to switch crayons with you, pointing where she would like *you* to color and only likes “fresh” pieces of paper.

She still enjoys story time at the library. I’ve been taking her to the older one for 18+ months since the summer and it’s so stinkin’ sweet. Littles are precious. My favorite song is “sleeping bunnies” where all of the kids lay down and pretend to sleep and the teacher sings “oh so still, are they ill…?”

“NO!!!” (The littles jump to their feet)

“Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop! Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop!” and they hop around with reckless abandon. Gets me every time!

Amelie, on the other hand, does not participate. She watches very closely and sits on Mommy’s lap. I don’t force her to join in. Sometimes she lets loose and will dance around but mostly she is quiet and observant. She saves being loud and goofy for when she’s at home with Daddy.

She loves being outside, slides, bath time, books, books and more books.

She DOES NOT like being reprimanded (who does?) and having a poopy diaper. I think potty training is near. I would have started already but having Cade makes it a little complicated. I need to get her some big girl underwear and see how she does!

Talents: Putting her boots on and 90% of the time, they are on the correct feet! She also likes to take her boots OFF the moment we are in the car…

She can fly like an airplane (arms straight back), gallop, buckle the car seat and high chair with one of her babies tucked inside. Her talents are endless and I’m sure you would agree that it would be difficult to list them all. Right?

Food: Meal time is impossible. She only likes pudding, yogurt and raisins at the moment and who knows what she’ll decide to eat next week. We also still give her a bottle before nap and bedtime, which we shouldn’t. It’s bad for her teeth and she was supposed to be weaned off months ago. We’ll work on that soon…

Big sister role? Amelie was mad at me for a while after Cade was born. It was a crazy time for her: she was crabby getting her molars (ugh, I’m hoping we are done with the teething crud for a hot minute) and the chaos of me being in the hospital way longer than we expected was hard on everyone. Her naps were totally messed up, I wasn’t around, and she was being juggled between Daddy, Grandma and a family friend. It was too busy for her and she was tired! She saw me in the hospital a few times – once during labor just before my epidural and seeing me in pain freaked her out. She stayed far away from me.

Since we brought Cade home, she’s been interested in him and surprisingly pretty gentle. She likes to be involved with diaper changes, helping him with his nuk and she does not like it when he cries.

But, she’s also annoyed when I have to feed him because she wants to read and move and she wants me to do those things with her. I feel bad that I can’t. She gets jealous if Daddy smooches or cuddles Cade and requests that he kiss and cuddle with her instead!

I wish it weren’t so but my pregnancy was difficult for everyone. I was so tired, crabby and was miserable to be around – I could hardly stand myself! Amelie has had her fair share of crabbiness as well and because of that, I felt like we had a lot of trouble connecting. I felt bad that she preferred her fun Daddy over me when it took every ounce of my energy and patience to get us through the day. I feel much better now that Cade is “on the outside” and surprisingly more rested! I’ve been seriously focusing on reconnecting with her. I give her the bottle before nap and each night (another reason why I don’t want to give it up just yet) and we snuggle and kiss noses and talk about the day. I love her so much and I want her to know it! I know I’m not “fun” but I’m affectionate and that’s what she gets from me. Hugs and kisses. I stroke her hair and her neck and I rub her back. We’ve been doing Mommy daughter dates at Starbucks – a white chocolate mocha for me and a white hot chocolate for her. She slurps it down and thank goodness Cade lets us have these moments together. These mean a lot to us.


My Amelie

AGE: 18 months

My goodness it’s difficult to get a decent picture of her. She has no patience for the camera! You should see the family pics we tried to take this weekend. How come the masterful Emily Griffith has to live all the way in Maine? I need her superhero skills baaad.

Summary: You know what? My little sweetie is back to her normal self. She’s gotten through this latest round of teething/diaper rash/cold. Oh how I had missed that dimple smile! I hadn’t seen it for a long while until now. Not every day is free from crankiness but at least it’s mostly normal toddler stuff.

Stats: I’ve noticed Amelie is much bigger than kids her age and every time another Mommy asks how old she is – they are always surprised by my reply. Doting Daddy chalked it up to her amazing hair; it’s long, gorgeous and does make her look older. But I was starting to feel sensitive about her size. Well, now we’ve got the stats to prove it – she’s my big girl.

  • Height: 2′ 9.5″ – 93% (she’s the height of an average 2 year old!)
  • Weight: 24lbs 11 oz – 76% (no wonder I’m exhausted carrying her around all day)

Verbal: She is not really talking. She says Dadda and sometimes Mama. She’ll sign a few more words but that’s about it. She’s right on the cusp of being “behind” but the doctor said it’s probably due to her observant personality instead of any concern development-wise. It’s something that they are watching though. I’m trying to not to worry. Her comprehension is excellent and I believe she’s a thinker like her Daddy. Amelie, in a world that cannot stop blabbing, this is a good thing.

Socializing: This has gotten easier too now that Amelie is feeling better. No more swatting at innocents that get too close to her. She watches other children intently but still only plays side by side (or more preferably, playing with Daddy instead). She’s still swatting when she gets irked but we are working on that.

Food: She loves to feed herself with a bowl and spoon! It must be so empowering. She’s not eating much variety but I’m trying to cut down on juices and packaged crap per the doctor’s suggestions. Everything contains so much sugar! I’ve been eating terribly myself so I need to do the same.

Amelie is a little neat freak. She points at any crumbs/dirt/lint/who-knows-what on the floor or stairs. Believe me Amelie, I already know our house is a mess from way up at my level. Anyway, she also does not like sticky stuff on her hands. Although she enjoys playing with her food, she insists we clean up any spills or smears on her tray, bib or clothes.

I forgot to mention this in the last update but it’s too cute not share, albeit a little outdated. Grandma watches Amelie for me a few afternoons/week so I can coach cross country. One afternoon, Amelie woke up from her nap and when Grandma went to get her – she was greeted with a very stinky nursery. Assuming she had a big poopy diaper she moved in closer and to her horror realized a very clean diaper was sitting on the floor but a whole mess of poop was inside her crib! Amelie had taken off her diaper, thrown it “overboard” and well… Poop was smeared over everything – the crib, the sheets, her clothes, her hair, sleepsack, her dinosaur and on her hands! She did not like the poop on her hands, that’s for sure! Grandma had to call in Daddy for backups (he works from home). After a few loads of laundry and two baths for Amelie, everything seemed to be de-poopified. Hilariously gross!

Talents: Of course, I think she is quite talented. She can prance around on her tippy toes, she can run, and she’s a great climber. I’ve been taking her to the older story time at the library because she’s getting bored of other one. Gymnastics has ended but we still have swimming lessons through the end of this month. She LOVES swimming lessons. We’ve been walking to her lessons as a family (Amelie rides in her red wagon) and if I’ve shaved, I smash my pregnant belly into a swimsuit and join her and Daddy in the pool. I try not think about being 8 months pregnant and in a bikini.

Especially though, Amelie adores make-believe. Daddy is good at sparking her imagination with her stuffies and thinking of new ways to play with her toys. I need to brush up on my pretend-skills. I’m an old fuddy duddy now and my mind goes blank!

Two times in the last few weeks, Amelie has woken up crying strangely after putting her down for the night. Again, she’s in another funny phase where she isn’t sleeping awesome but these cries sound different to me. I’ve gone into her nursery and something frantic about her makes me rush and pick her up. She’s usually standing with her sleep sack and Dinosaur clutched tightly and the moment I have her in my arms, she lays against me and sleeps. I kinda think she’s having nightmares?

Randomly: She doesn’t go anywhere without Dinosaur and her sleep sack (which she occasionally wears around her neck like a massive infinity scarf). When she’s just woken up or getting settled in for a nap/bedtime, she strokes her sleep sack between her fingers and very much enjoys it if you join her in doing so. I usually pat her on the back after she has had her milk to try and burp her (btw, Daddy taught her how to make fake burping sounds) but it’s mostly for me to get a few snuggles in. Lately while in my arms, she’s been reaching back to pat herself on the butt, showing me that’s what she prefers! It’s SO cute. I oblige and give her the butt pats instead. I love you very much, Amelie!


My Amelie

AGE: 17 1/2 months

Summary: For at least three weeks, she’s been sick and congested, teething, drooling A LOT, sleeping in but skipping naps, battling fevers and acting out by swatting, yelling, stomping and throwing things. Amelie does not feel well and it has been rough on all of us.

It takes all of my energy to get us through a normal day and when the days greatly depart from normal, I feel like hiding. I know Amelie can’t help herself because she’s feeling so crappy. For the longest time, she only had two teeth and now she has at least seven! Pile on being sick and not knowing how to blow her nose or communicate with us must be so frustrating for her. She’s been extremely cranky – all day, during naptimes and nightimes.

Amelie is still showing preference to Daddy. He’s fun! He reads books loudly with animation! He plays pretend with her stuffies! He gives her floppy crazy piggie back rides! He dances and gallops around! He eats what she feeds him, no matter if it’s been on the floor or in her mouth first! He chases her (my goodness, she loves to be chased)! On the other hand, I am creaky and slow moving these days. She is well aware that Daddy is the main attraction no matter how enthusiastic I try to be. She’ll blow right by my open arms with three stuffed animals and two books clutched to her chest to go find him instead.  Daddy has been taking Amelie to swimming lessons on Saturdays while I coach. She enjoys it immensely. I was able to join them the past few weekends but she only wants to be with Daddy in the pool. It hurts but I totally get why. I’m trying to remind myself to be thankful that she has him to give her all of this delight, energy and dedication so I’m working hard not to be offended (not necessarily succeeding though).

One night when she was having difficulty falling asleep, I came into her room and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me and put her head on my shoulder. Her sobs eased. I recognized that although I’m not very fun, this was my time to be the Mommy she needs. I held her and we swayed together in the dark for a long while. I think it’s what we both needed actually.

Socializing: Before it frustrated me that my sweet Amelie was getting pushed around by other kids. Some Mommies stand by and let their children do whatever they want at the expensive of mine.  At the museum, a Mommy was came up to chat just as Amelie and I were about to read a book together. The book was in Amelie’s hands. Her son swiped it away and then he and HIS Mommy sat down and read the entire book while Amelie and I watched the injustice of it all! I tried to diffuse the situation by handing Amelie one of our own books from the diaper bag but her son jumped up and grabbed that one too! So the Mommy started to read him that book… She stopped part way and asked absently “oh this is your book, isn’t it?”. I nodded and we moved away from them. I felt bad because it’s so confusing for Amelie. I’m demanding that she be considerate but other kids aren’t held to the same standard. And I don’t know how to stand up for us because it’s not my nature. I know this social stuff is only going to get more difficult/complicated and I’m dreading it.

So, anyhow, that’s been going on for a while but now I have a new social problem. Lately, especially since feeling rotten, my little sweetie has turned into the aggressor! She is swatting at any kid that gets near her even if they are only walking/crawling by. She’s subtle about it – it doesn’t look like much but I know exactly what she’s doing. I watch closely and reprimand her when she does but how can I stop this behavior?!? She’s even snarled and yelled at a few kids…a full out yell! What I’m hoping is time will teach her that this is not okay. I’ll have to stay consistent/vigilant until then. Right now she’s at that age where she’s around kids almost every day of the week but she’s not actually interacting with them that much. She has very little experience practicing being social. I know with the new baby’s arrival, she will learn quickly and at least I can referee…

Food: I’ve become that Mommy: my diaper bag is filled with juice boxes, packaged crap, squeezy packets, fruit snacks. Most days, Amelie and I subsist on applesauce and graham crackers (plus coffee for me). It’s frightful! Thankfully Daddy makes us dinner otherwise we would probably never eat anything real again.

Talents: She still doesn’t talk much but she’s signing a little more (“yes, “no” – she does a lot of that,”thank you” and most recently, “baby”). It always catches me off guard how much she understands though. The other day, we showed her a picture of a parrot. She confused it with “carrot” and pretended to eat it! She loves to read animatedly and play pretend with her stuffies. She likes to do things herself: put on her hat, grab her shoes to go outside, pull on her shorts/shirt, blow/wipe her nose, clean herself in the bath, comb her hair, and feed herself using her own utensils (sometimes one in each hand). When she’s with me and I have to use the potty (which is constantly), she insists on having her own wad of toilet paper so she can wipe herself too (so super cute)! She did an accidental summersault when showing off her headstand for Daddy. Her latest animal sound is Angry Duck (which Daddy taught her) and sounds exactly how you think an Angry Duck would sound…

Oh and now she knows how to pick her nose. I guess she’s Mommy’s girl after all. 😉

My Amelie

AGE: 16 months

It’s been waaay too long since my last My Amelie post. Littles change so quickly that it’s hard to know what to catch you up on. I’ll do my best!

She *finally* has more teeth coming! After a few nights where Amelie was acting out of character, we realized that new teeth are on their way. We are excited – it’ll expand her food options considerably! Other than her new teeth, I want to mention sleep. Generally speaking, she has been a great sleeper. We put Dinasaur in the crib and she wraps her arm around his (her?) neck and lays right down to sleep. After many months of hard fought bedtimes, she is easy right now. I know that could change so I’m not taking it for granted! She sleeps from about 7.15pm to 7.15am, sometimes with a few wakes in between but she usually puts herself back to bed.

In the last few months, she’s had some flare ups with diaper rash but we have that under control. I suspected the first round, which was especially bad, was due to eating citrus fruits and this latest much milder bought was due to teething. Who knows though, poor girl!

She can woof like a puppy, moo like a cow, snort like a pig, hiss like a snake and say a few words: Dada, Mama, bear, and bubbles (she’s only said that once). She doesn’t talk much at all but she knows a lot of words. Although I’ll get sentimental sorting through her baby clothes prepping for BabyBoy, I really like this stage so much better than BabyVillle. I love that I can communicate with her and she understands. She helps me pick the apples that drop into our yard from the neighbor’s tree for the compost bin. If she spills, she’ll help us wipe it up. She puts her “bed time” nuk back in her crib when we ask. She grabs her shoes for us to put on. She “helps” us with putting on sunscreen – although she usually misses and smears it into her shorts or rubs it into her eyes…

She can also “jump”. Her feet don’t leave the ground but it’s about the cutest thing ever see her hop around the house.

Friends: She’s not overly social but she is big into sharing – especially with Daddy, other kids and her stuffies. She shares everything, including food that she may or may not have already put into her own mouth. She enjoys watching other kids and has been especially entertained when we’ve had visitors stay at our house. Her other friends include a growing posse of stuffies: Dinosaur*, Baby Bear*, Fox*, Lamb and Bunny. (*her favorites)

Activities: She demands engagement. I totally get how people’s houses get overrun with toys. I’m far from a collector but I’m willing to fill corners of the house with play things just to buy a few minutes of time! A neighbor down the street has an entire den dedicated to the kiddies. It’s a play place heaven! Thank goodness for folks like that; we’ll be making a play date soon. Amelie also loves books. She prefers being read to but I’ll catch her flipping through books on her own in her car seat or in the living room. I have always loved books so this thrills me.

Filling our mornings is still difficult but I’m slowly figuring out a list of options to spend time: the library story time (we never miss it), play places in town and at the mall, the local children’s museum, and sometimes I take her somewhere to run around like Target or Home Depot. I can’t do any real shopping but at least she enjoys exploring! It’s kind of weird to hang out in an aisle of Target at 9am following her all around but on especially hot days, it’s something to do.

I signed her up for gymnastics (starts next week!) and hope to get her into a swimming and music class as well. Everything costs lots of money but it’s worth the new experiences for her. I figure any money I make coaching (which is very little) will go directly to Amelie experiences: camp, classes, anything to get her out with other kids and learning new things.

She is a kind and inquisitive little lady. I think she’s awesome.

My Amelie

AGE: 14 1/2 months

Right after I posted this update, Amelie’s sleep went to crap again. I really enjoyed that stretch of sleepy days but I knew it wasn’t going to last. Alas, it didn’t and her two naps per day were back to being unpredictable again. It’s *really* hard to plan my days when I have no idea what’s going to happen with The Naps. Last week after struggling with each and every nap time for a while, we officially moved her to one nap. What does this mean for us? Every morning, just like all of the other grown up Mommies out there, I have to plan something big for us to do. Like, 4 hours kind of big. I have to have a plan! With a toddler and their 2 minute attention span, that’s not the easiest task. Usually it involves an errand and an activity for her. We go to the bank then the park. We go to Home Depot, then story time at the library. We always end with lunch and she is usually exhausted. I did push her too far one morning and she fell asleep in the car. That cratered our entire day! Curse those mini car naps!

I thought I would dread losing one nap, but it’s actually so much nicer for a few reasons:

  • I have more energy/motivation in the mornings to go out and about.
  • It forces me to look half way presentable before noon.
  • Her afternoon nap is (finally!) predictable and sometimes longer than her previous two naps combined!
  • We have a bigger chunk of time to do something instead of fragmented chunks of time where we can’t do much of anything but we can’t stay home because Amelie is too bored and cranky. Those days were LONG.
  • Conversely during her afternoon nap, I have a substantial amount of time to myself. I usually sneak in a nap and still have time leftover to tackle a project. Before, I didn’t know if I had 40 minutes or 2 1/2 hours to fill. It made me panicky and a little lost with how to spend that very very precious time.

She still won’t sleep without the sleep sack, which is absurdly too small and too warm for summer but we are working on that…

We are noticing how much Amelie is learning and absorbing. As silly as it seems, it comes as a surprise because for so long she has been a baby, you know? Now she understands new words daily that she picks up conversation, not necessarily with her. One evening, Dad was going through the face with her: where is your nose? where is your head? where are your eyes? and so on. He asked her “Where are your cheeks?”. We’ve never taught her that but she grabbed her upper thighs. It cracked me up because I always say “Cheeks, please!” when I change her diaper. She was pointing to her “cheeks”!

She doesn’t say any words with consistency but her comprehension is very comforting. She is not a vocal baby. I think you are a smart little girl, Amelie! I’m a proud Mommy.

Other talents:  Oh, her wobbly walk is so cute! She even picks up speed when Dad is chasing her. It’s her “run”! She’s very proficient!

She can also do a headstand!

Amelie. You make me giggle!

She is very independent. She refuses to hold my hand when we walk, she wants to push the cart if we are out somewhere, she wants to push the wagon instead of ride in it, she wants to push the vacuum while we are cleaning. AND SHE DOES NOT WANT HELP. She gets frustrated by her limitations or if we intervene. Much to my dismay, she tantrums. Sigh.

Food: Ugh. Surprisingly, I really hate this part of parenting. Amelie has no restrictions when it comes to food. The doctor said “She can eat what you eat!”. Fun, right? Well, actually…I eat crap. I eat loads of preservatives. I eat high fructose corn syrup. I eat shredded cheese. Do you know what’s in shredded cheese? You should look it up! I eat too much fat and not enough veggies. I eat bread that has no nutrients. I eat McDonalds! I eat mayo, lots of mayo. I don’t want my little sweetie filled to the brim with this junky stuff. She doesn’t know any different so I want her body to have only healthy goods for her bones and her brain and her skin and her insides. Not pop! Not ice cream and chips and salt galore! Plus, Amelie has only two teeth (should I be concerned?) so she can’t really chow down on a carrot or a hunk of chicken very well. I find feeding her very stressful. It’s hard to think of a well balanced meal that she can eat. She’s already showing preference to sweets and turning down vegetables. She was such a good broccoli eater before! We have been making her spinach smoothies (which are actually delicious) so I feel a little comforted knowing she’s getting something green in her some days.

Lastly, Amelie is a Daddy’s girl. She LOVES him. She squeals when she sees him. She is not an overly smiley or laugh-y girl but he can bring that out in her. I couldn’t ask for a better Daddy for Amelie but in truth, it has made me feel very badly these last few weeks. It hurts my feelings. She wants to play and wrestle and be loud! I want to rest. I’m not really good at playing and wrestling and being loud. I’m a smoocher and stroker and a reader. She finds me ridiculously boring. At least she adores story time at the library. I do too, I wish it was more than two days per week! We sing songs and read books. She sits in my lap and takes it all in. She never does that at home. It’s so fun to be around other little kids and important for Amelie socially. They are all so excited to be there! I love it. It reminds me of my childhood; libraries were a magical place! They still are!