My Amelie

Age: Over 13 months old. She’s our little Big Girl.

She’s been a very tired girl these last two weeks. Her morning naps have been long…so long that I don’t know what to do with myself! And sometimes, she’ll nap again in the afternoon. I know! I’ve been trying to nap with her most days so I am grateful for the extra resting time. It’s been a blessing – thank you, Amelie.

I know why she’s so tired. She mastered a new skill. Amelie is officially walking! Albeit, very slowly with trepidation, but walking nonetheless!

She also shakes her head “no”, can show you her nose and belly button, still roars like a dinosaur, signs “all done”, and gives kisses when she is feeling generous. She obeys commands too: “Come over by Mom”, “Can you hand me that ball?”, “Can you put that in the bin?”. She’s still not talking, but doing a lot of “Ehhh!?!” and her classic move, pointing. She loves to point. She is hilarious and sweet.

Well, most of the time. She has also been experimenting with boundary testing. She’s swatting at us, hollering when she doesn’t get what she wants and this is my personal favorite, blowing frustrated raspberries at me when she’s especially irritated. The other day, she was standing by my chair and I leaned in to rub her back and talk to her. She pulled back and cracked me in the teeth with an old cellphone she was holding. Whoa, that really irked me!

I can tell she is tired and extremely bored at home. She wants to be outside, she wants to be out exploring and being strapped in her stroller at Target does not count. She’s very busy and I admit, I can be lazy in engaging her because truthfully, I just want to stay home. I’m tired!

Here is a picture of us on Mother’s Day. We actually got a huge snowstorm – crazy, huh?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our first Mother’s Day together. I’m very proud of us!


My Amelie

It’s hard to know where to start when I can’t really remember where we left off. My days are sincerely blurring together!

Age: 12 1/2 months

Just in the past week, Amelie has been feisty. She’s more demanding and when she doesn’t get what she wants (which is hard for us to tell since most of the time I don’t think she knows what she wants), she’ll get frustrated and throw something or swat at us. It’s not overly pleasant! It peaked starting Thursday (my birthday, of course) and lasted throughout the weekend (along with crappy naps). Today, she seems more like herself. Considering her moody Mom, I guess everyone is entitled to a few irritable days.

New talents: She’s been taking independent steps every day! It’s usually three at a time before she realizes she’s not holding onto anything and then she immediately sits down.

She’s been mimicking us too; it reminds me how much she notices and how closely she is watching us. For example, Hubs caught a cold and was blowing his nose so Amelie took his Kleenex and “blew” hers too.

She’s been pointing at everything. Mostly, I think she points just to point because it gets our attention: “Oh, are you pointing at the tree outside? It’s a pretty big tree.” The point moves. “Oh are you pointing at the dried up noodle on the floor? That’s icky.” The point moves. “Now you are pointing out the window. Do you see the neighbor dog?” Over and over again.

Oh and the dancing. UGH, IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER:

My Amelie

Age: 1 year and 1 week! She’s (almost) 20lbs of awesomesauce!

Her birthday was last Friday and we celebrated with a doctor’s appointment and 5 shots (poor baby!), plus time with Grandma since I had to coach at a track meet all afternoon and Hubs was out of town for a conference. Bummer, huh?

To make up for it, this past weekend we hosted a little birthday party. I decorated the house (with loads of pink, of course!) and picked up three helium balloons for Amelie to bat around and enjoy:

Although she looks curious, she was quite terrified of them! A total fail.

What was a success? One of our friends brought Amelie a singing birthday card – that was a hit! And once she warmed up to the idea, she thoroughly enjoyed her first cupcake!

Hubs and I were pretty whipped for the party on Sunday afternoon. Like I mentioned earlier, I had a track meet almost all day Friday and then was up by 4.50am for an all day Saturday meet. It’s so fun to spend my weekends at the track but it’s still very tiring work. Saturday night, Amelie was acting funny and up 5-6 times! She’s not a very consistent sleeper – we have a few nights a week like this. When she does sleep “well” – she usually wakes twice at 11pm and 5.30am. Sometimes she puts herself back to sleep, sometimes she needs comforting. She’s my needy lady, always has been. It makes for sleepy parents though.

The doctor gave her the clear to switch from formula to whole milk – yay! Amelie had no problem with the switch. She’s also allowed to eat anything but she still only has one tooth so we are trying to figure out how to give her a well balance meal that doesn’t take too much serious chewing. She loves sharing breakfast with Dad in the morning and he pretends to ignore the milk and soggy chunks that she drools back into the bowl:

She’s been quite physical this week – back to her climbing on everything and wrestling with Dad. It’s funny how last week she was big into books and quiet time. She also took TWO steps to Grandma!

Other talents to mention: dancing (!!!), waving with twirly wrists, scooting backwards on her tummy, putting caps back on things (or attempting), “putting on” her socks. She’s busy!

I need to sign off but…my adorable view from last Friday morning’s walk:

Birthday toesies!

My Amelie

Amelie is zooming up on her first birthday and Hubs and I are still married! Go us!

I have a lot to catch you up on: Two weeks ago, Amelie got her first cold and first tooth. It’s a sharp little thing! We are lucky it’s taken this long for both to happen but man, a sick baby is miserable. She was our happy girl during the day but the nighttime was hard on all of us. We spent a lot of time in the rocking chair snuggling. I tried to stop freaking out about how much we were getting up and just enjoy sitting in the dark comforting her.

We weren’t stingy with the Benadryl and Tylenol. Anything to help her sleep. Last week after she got over her cold, we had to sleep train again. It was far from fun. We let her cry for 7 minutes and then check on her and start gradually increasing the time in between checks. It’s not a whimper cry either. It’s a full-fledged snot flinging sweaty scream. It’s so unpleasant. One time it took her almost 2 1/2 hours to go to sleep. It wiped us all out.

This week? She’s been going down like a dream for the most part. It’s a rollercoaster.

New talents: clapping (!!!), can go from sitting to standing without assistance, pushes her cart while walking behind it, and kinda saying “Dada”! She was super chatty but has quieted down recently.

Just this week, she is really into books. BIG TIME. She points and grunts and sometimes gives kisses. In one of her books, a baby is crying and she offered him her nuk! AWWW.

We are planning a party for the birthday girl this weekend. I have a decorations (pink everything) to detract from our half painted kitchen. Think it’ll work?

Amelie has been screaming for over 15 minutes and looks like she’s skipping her morning nap today. Doesn’t she realize how much I need these naps?

My Amelie

Oh Amelie, you are so cute!

AGE: Just over 11 months

She has been proficient going up the stairs for a while now, although she doesn’t quite get that sitting down on them could lead to a big tumble back down…

Just in the last few days, she’s been able to stand briefly by herself for 5-10 seconds! She’s also getting better at cruisin’ (using furniture to steady herself) and her big thing is crawling up our legs when she wants us to pay attention to her. She’s especially clingy and needy in the mornings.

I made a batch of bran muffins to bring to my track meet this weekend and forgot to add the oil. Amelie adores them even so!

Amelie has a generous heart and has been giving Daddy kisses. You know the kind; the open mouth sometimes with an accidental lick involved. It’s ridiculously sweet!

She gave Mom one too, albeit a very reluctant one. She’s a Daddy’s girl.

My Amelie

Amelie will be 11 months tomorrow. WHOA.

Oma (her Minnesota Grandma) bought me Amelie this dress last time she was in town. Ohmergerd, I can hardly stand how cute she looks in it!

She’s in the very early stages of “cruising” using the coffee table to keep her balance. Her steps are like a robotic march and it cracks me up every time!

She can roar like a tiger/dinosaur (depending on what’s relevant at the time, obviously). She’s been playing more independently. She still insists we be near but I can actually do small tasks or just even enjoy a cup of coffee while she is awake. It’s the little things! Other accomplishments include: sampling dirt and sucking on a rock while my back was turned at track practice, enjoying bath time again (she had no time for it when she was trying to learn to crawl) and using her car seat as her own private climbing gym.

Also, Daylight Savings. Whomever invented this did not have children. They did not have to worry about naps and bedtime. I strongly dislike that person.

My Amelie

AGE: 10.5 months

Amelie has been very tired this week. She’s been going down easy for bed time, her naps have been substantial and when she wakes, she’s not up for very long before rubbing her eyes signaling to us that she is ready to sleep again. This follows a week of clinginess, irritability, rough naps, hard fought bedtime routines, and not sleeping very well through the night. She must be going through a growth spurt.

Making noises: Her big sound experiment used to be a throaty gasping sound and then it moved to an open mouth hiss. It’s so funny. She also does the usual (ADORABLE) baby babbles┬áindiscriminately: baba, dada, mummum.

I’ve given up on breastfeeding and pumping completely. I was sad at first but now I accept it. It gives me a lot more freedom and I’m trying to enjoy it. But whoa, formula is so expensive!

She pulls herself to standing now and she keeps very busy practicing this new talent!

She also waved “bye bye” for the first time this week. She waved to Michael (the handyman who┬ábuilt our wall) of all people! It was hilarious (and a little shocking considering she’s usually suspicious of strangers).

Oma (MamaP) was in town and Amelie enjoyed the extra attention. She’s a shy but social little girl. She wants to be involved and interacted with.

It was also Daddy’s birthday! She LOVES being with her Daddy.

She knows how to make him melty! And so it begins…


My Amelie

Amelie tidbits so I don’t forget:

LOVES: Taking her vitamins, eating (with enthusiastic/borderline aggressive MMMMMs! between each bite), knocking over little towers of stuff that Dad builds for her, being outside, napping, and snuggles with Mom – but only when she is desperately tired.

DISLIKES: Dogs (they terrify her to instant tears), breastfeeding (more on that sometime), baths (which is ironic since they were our only moments of calm in the early days), and anyone besides Mom or Dad – especially if they approach quickly.

Typical schedule:

7:15am – wakes and plays with Dad until she realizes that she IS STARVING.

9:00am: goes down for her first nap.

10.30am: wakes and we do lunch, playtime and sometimes a small errand.

1:00pm: goes down for a second nap.

2:30pm: wakes, eats and we get packed up for practice.

5:30pm: dinner and lots of play time with Dad, plus usual fussiness.

6:15pm: bath time (lasts only a few minutes and then wants out), lotion (we coat her!) and naked play time, which she thinks is AWESOME.

7:00pm: jammies, feeding, kisses and off to bed. She usually sleeps through the night with a few wakings where she typically self soothes.

What I’m learning about Amelie is that she is mostly predictable. I can always expect our week to go like so: there will be a few nights of putting her to bed where it is a breeze, followed by a few nights where it’s more of a struggle. The struggle is always different and varying in degree, but now I know that two easy nights will be followed by a few funky ones. It’s the same with the daytime naps. One day a week, her nap schedule goes straight into the toilet. We both have to just survive it best we know how. And one day a week she naps like a champ, so much so that I end up sitting around just waiting for her to wake up because I wasn’t prepared to take advantage of the big chunk of free time. And of course, I usually worry that something is amiss and fret until she eventually wakes up. The rest of the week, her naps are pretty decent (varying from 45 min to 1.5 hours). The afternoons are still our worst part of the day – it’s the longest period of wakefulness and she gets fussy towards the end.

It helps immensely to take her to track practice because we are both forced to get outside and embrace new surroundings. She loves everything about it; the people, the commotion, the exploring.

It’s such a positive outlet for us, even though it’s exhausting trying to manage her and coach simultaneously.

My happy girl is worth it:


My Amelie

I was re-reading old blog posts (yeah, I’m THAT girl) and I stumbled across my weekly Baby Bump posts. Oh how I wish I would have been posting regular updates now that Amelie is “on the outside”. Just as I feared, all of the days of her life are kind of blurring together in my foggy groggy brain.

It’s never to late to start though, right?

Age: 9 months TODAY!

She just learned to crawl and she is very proficient. Our house is so far from safe right now and we’ve got to remedy that STAT. She first started by “booty popping” then transitioned to scooting on her tummy pushing around with her tippy toes and finally figured how to pop her knees up underneath her body. She sometimes gets fancy and does downward facing dog!

She works so hard and it’s ridiculously adorable.

Along with crawling, she’s been exploring with her forefinger. She points and scrapes at everything she finds on her trips along the floor: lint, crumbs, dents, jalapeno seeds (oh no!)…as well as finger my nose, lips, and nips during breastfeeding. “That’s Mommy’s” I say and usually she moves on to poking my (now very deep) belly button and the subsequent squish around it. “That’s also Mommy’s, unfortunately” I say.

Here is Amelie fingering a puddle of her spit up. Classy, no?

I want to keep these updates short so I’m not intimidated to write them. Amelie is such a happy sweet lady. I love her mucho mucho.