My Cade

Oh dear, it’s been months since a My Cade. Fixin’ that right now.

AGE: 15 months


I’m clinging to his baby-ness. My sweet baby Cadey-Cade. I love him so much.

Verbal: He’s babbling a ton. The babble is my favorite because it sounds like real sentences but it’s only gibberish. Besides babbling, he’s also saying quite a few words. He’s much more verbal than Amelie was at this age. He can say graham cracker and “baaaa” like a lamb. He makes zoom zoom noises when he drives cars around. He says “Buh bye Dadda!, Mama, hi, bye, thank you, more, Night Night, and Baby Bear.

It’s so funny when he decides to talk. He usually talks to women because he knows they will coo right back at him. He’ll say “Hiii.” in the sweetest little voice that turns me all mushy and proud. The other day, just as I packed up my items at Target, he told the cashier “Buh bye.” and waved. He is adorable! Amelie was more of a long-stare type of baby…

Growing: He is in 18 month clothes still and is skinny, skinny, skinny. He weights just under 20lbs. His legs are so tiny. Ugh, I think he is the cutest ever.

Sleeping/Schedule: Cade, overall, is a wonderful sleeper. It was rocky for a while when we first tried dropping his morning nap but that’s always a tough transition. For a few months, he couldn’t quite make it to the afternoon nap and was endlessly crabby and needy. We are finally settled into the one nap schedule, which is a lot of work for me early on in the day but a much nicer schedule overall for us. Now I don’t have the conundrum of whether I should go somewhere so Amelie can get out and have fun but mess up Cade’s morning nap or keep Amelie at home, bored and unstimulated while Cade naps – just to have Amelie throw her nap out the window that afternoon.

Cade typically wakes earlier than Amelie – in between 6.30-7.30am and Amelie is usually  7.00-8am. They are like me, late sleepers. Then they both go down for a nap around 1pm. Cade is always up before Amelie – she usually takes a long time to fall asleep because she’s upstairs singing and reading. It’s a long afternoon waiting for Daddy to come home, trying to figure out how to entertain Cade but not go anywhere.

We get started on bath around 6.15-6.30pm and try to have both kids in bed around 7.30pm – although Cade likes to stay up and play a little longer so it’s closer to 8pm. This is way better than his 11pm bedtime from a few months ago!

Sick: Our family was hit with some serious sickness early in 2016. We had three rounds of bad colds and have only been healthy a few weeks this year! At one point, we were all on antibiotics in the same week! Zack was first with a sinus infection, then Cade had an ear infection, then I got sinus infection and then Amelie was next. And she got croup (again). It was insane. We were dealing with difficult nights and miserable days for weeks. When Cade had his cold and ear infection, his naps were inconsistent and he was so sad. Now that we’ve been through one round of ear infection, I know better and will not wait as long to go in to get meds. I couldn’t put him down or leave him by himself even for a moment. It was terrible!

Milestones: He can pull himself to standing, he can climb stairs (and go down them backwards like Daddy taught him), he can stand unassisted for a few moments, and he has take one or two unassisted steps (super recently). It’s so cute and Frankenstein-y. He is learning to walk much later than Amelie (she started all of this around 11 months). He’s taking his sweet time. With Amelie, I worried a lot about her tipping over or tripping when she got going too fast – and I still do. I don’t worry as much with Cade because he seems more coordinated. We have this window sill in the living room is just high enough to climb up on and sit. Amelie loved that little spot and I hated it because I had to sit on the floor next to her to make sure she wouldn’t fall off. Being pregnant and sitting on the wood floor until my butt fell asleep was far from fun. She fell anyway one time when the doorbell rang and I stepped away for a moment! Cade is up on that thing all of the time and a lot of the times, I’m not even in the same room.

He has five teeth! It’s so weird to see them sprouting up when for so long he had that adorable gummy smile. He has two teeth on the bottom and three on the top. And more are coming!

Randomly, he’s had three haircuts already (one at an official salon). His hair is no where near as thick and long as Amelie’s but it grows fast like hers.

Play: He loves caps and lids. He loves to play in the kitchen while Daddy cooks. Daddy pulls out bowls and utensils for him to stack and bang (and stash into random cupboards to surprise us with later).

He plays so well by himself. I’m amazed and thankful because that makes managing both kids easier on me. Amelie is demanding and rarely goes off to play by herself. Here he is, a one-man tea party.


He loves to play with Daddy. They “wrestle” on the bed or couch. In fact, the down comforter in the guest room (ie Cade’s room still) kinda crinkles when you lay on it. He was having trouble sleeping one night and I laid him on the bed to change him. He heard that crinkle and immediately thought it must be wrestle mania time! His eye lit up, he got the hugest smile and was ready to go! It was far less amusing in the middle of the night…

Cade does not like books as much as Amelie. Bummer! By this age, Amelie wanted to be read to constantly. She loves her books. Recently, she has started taking books with her for naps and bedtime. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? I wish Cade liked them more but he’d rather open and close them and carry them around. He loves to push the buttons on the animal sounds book from Great Auntie Jane. He’ll “read” in the car but I think that’s because Amelie is always reading her book in the car and he wants to be like her.

Feeding: He used to be a better eater but he’s become picky recently. One day, he gobbles a food up and the next day, he refuses it. I’m feeding him too much milk and snacks but I’m having trouble getting him to eat real food. He usually eats oatmeal with Daddy in the morning so at least he has a good start to his day. He likes oatmeal (usually), Daddy’s morning toast, squeeze packets, blackberries, smoothies, yogurt and the rest is hit or miss!

Firsts: His first Halloween was a bust. I dressed him in his mummy pjs but he was cold, a little afraid of the dark and hungry so Dad took him home. He was much happier after that.


His first birthday was a small party with friends. We had pizza and a few decorations. It was nice and laid back. In true Cade style, he almost slept through his own party! Dad had to wake him. Also, he refused to eat his cupcake. That’s ok, more for Mama. I’ve been meaning to blog about it but I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things.


His first Christmas was sweet; he was spoiled with books from his Grandmas, some clothes and a few toys. His favorite gift of all though was spending more time with Daddy.


The only toy he actually cared about was Baby Bear from his Auntie Becky. He took one look at Baby Bear, clutched it his chest and gave it the biggest kiss. He is in love! Now Baby Bear goes with us everywhere and he sleeps with it at night. Cade dropped Baby Bear at Target last week and a thank goodness a lady noticed and let me know. “We cannot afford to lose Baby Bear! THANK YOU!” I gasped. She told me she understood completely.

Amelie: He wants to play with her! Badly. Every once in a while, she’ll talk to him or hand him something to play with and it makes him so happy.


He watches her closely and wants to be involved with her play, especially when Daddy is home and they are playing super heros or cars or whatever pretend thing they’ve come up with. Daddy does an amazing job of involving Cade and satisfying Amelie simultaneously.


Personality: He is affectionate. He loves kisses and being held. He doesn’t mind if I touch his hair or kiss his neck or tickle his legs – in fact, he loves it. He smiles and laughs! I could count on my hand how many times Amelie laughed in the first year. This is new for me because Amelie wants attention but not necessarily affection. I do it anyway and she mostly tolerates it.

Cade gets mad when Amelie takes something from him or tries to push him out of the way. He’ll put his head down and push her with it like a ram. Ha! He’s not all sweet and sugar, I guess.

Daddy time: When Cade had his ear infection, he wanted his Daddy. He would sob and reach out his arms, begging Zack not to leave in the morning to go to work. He was fine with me when we were alone but the moment Zack was home, Cade wanted him desperately. He would even swat me away if I got near them! It was hard on me and made me feel bad.


But even before Cade got sick, he was really attached to Zack. They have breakfast every morning and make coffee together. Zack grinds the beans and Cade will lean in to sniff the grounds. Hilarious! It’s so sweet because he used to make coffee with Amelie in the Baby Bjorn and she too loved that time with him.

Cade started saying “Mama” way before “Dadda” but what’s ironic is that when he says “Mama”, he’s really saying “Daddy, hold me.” It has nothing to do with me! Both kids love him and miss him. In fact, we all wait at the window for him to come home from work. Zack is a wonderful, attentive, loving, hard working father. Go me for picking such an awesome partner in parenting! But come on, why do the kids have to love him more than me? No fair, I thought I earned some sort of birthing rights?

Mommy time: Amelie is still in preschool two mornings/week but since Cade has dropped his morning nap, I only had a few short weeks where I had some time in the morning while he napped and Amelie was at school. I had such grand plans of being productive! Oh well. Now, we go out for walks, go to swim class and run a few errands and have lunch together. It’s so sweet to have special time with him and I enjoy it. It’s not a break for me but I’m thankful we get to do this together.


I could go on and on. Cade, I relish this time of your life as I know it’s fleeting. In this brief moment in time, you want to be held and snuggled and be a baby. I’m more than happy to oblige. You make me swoon.

My Cade

AGE: 10 months

I wish he would stay my little baby forever and ever.


Growing:  I have no idea what his stats are because we don’t go back to the doctor until his one year. He’s in that weird stage where 12 month clothes are too short but he’s swimming in 18 months. Cade is still a long skinny guy. I want to smooch him constantly.

Sleeping: On most nights, he sleeps all night long. All night! I’m so lucky. Amelie didn’t do that until she was over a year old! She still doesn’t, actually. Cade is easy to put to bed. Sometimes he cries briefly, sometimes he needs bouncing or to be awake a little longer but most nights, we can put him to bed and that’s it! I can hardly believe it.

He is still sleeping in the pack and play in the guest room. I’m working on his nursery but it’s going painfully slow. My goal is to get him in his room by the end of the year. I have many plans but no time. But he does well downstairs so why hurry, you know?

One big project should be done by next week though and I’m excited to tell you about it!

Milestones: He has been busy! He can sit by himself and scoot around the room. He *just* started crawling, like as in a day ago. It’s slow and robotic and soooo cute! He also does this adorable hop to get his knees up underneath him. He works very hard. It’s funny to watch him learn compared to Amelie; she went about it differently. She would pump her hips really fast while lying on her tummy. She struggled when she was on all fours because her ankles would get crossed! Cade started with rocking on his hand and knees. When I go get him after nap or in the morning, he’ll rock excitedly when he sees me. So sweet! Cade has got the arm motion down but kind of drags his knees behind him.

Trying to crawl has been disrupting his sleep some. I bet his mind is a whizzin’ thinking of ways to keep up with Amelie. Who can sleep with exciting stuff like that on the horizon?

He also got his first tooth a month or more ago. When Amelie was teething, she had terrible diaper rash (I’m talking blisters!) and was crabby and it was all sorts of yuck. With Cade, the milestones have been much easier. His sleep patterns were a little funky, he wasn’t as smiley and his skin was more sensitive. And then, bam. A tooth!

Play:  He loves to put things in bins and take them out again. He likes to swish things in windshield wiper motions while laying on his tummy on the floor. He loves to throw balls and play “catch”. He thinks throwing food and other objects from his high chair is hilarious. Amelie will usually retrieve them for him and he thinks it’s such a grand game until Amelie gets fed up and finds something else to do.

He loves to go on walks and be read to; two things we don’t do nearly enough with him.

Feeding: Dad has been great at giving Cade lots of new food to try and he loves it all. He uses his thumb and pointer finger to pinch food and feed himself. He feels empowered! Favorite foods: yogurt, squeeze packets, sweet potatoes, cheese and tortillas.


Breastfeeding is not happening anymore and he’s 100% formula for his milk. Ah, well.

Naps: He usually takes a morning nap, one after lunch, and he needs to squeeze a short one in before bed time. I’m thankful Amelie is in preschool because his naps can be really limiting for her. Amelie was an unpredictable napper (is she going to sleep for 30 minutes or 3.5 hours?) but Cade is much more consistent and even.

Firsts: He got his first haircut about a month ago. I’m nervous with scissors! I cut off his adorable hair wings because they were getting tangled and matted after naps.  His bald patch filled in and he looks like a little boy. His hair is lighter and thinner than Amelie’s was at his age. I was hoping to see some curl but it looks pretty straight.

I’m excited for his first Halloween. I’m still brainstorming a costume for him. He’ll be so entertained by Amelie’s enthusiasm! I’m worried he might be fearful of the commotion that comes along with trick or treating but we’ll have to wait and see how he does.

Amelie: He watches her every move and he is thrilled by any interaction she is willing to give him. He adores her. She makes him laugh from his belly!


Amelie goes to school two days per week and it has been really nice to have time with Cade alone. I’ve been meaning to take him to story time but he is usually still taking his first nap so we always miss it. It relaxing to spend my morning with him; we snuggle on the couch while he takes his bottle. It’s so lovely and slow paced.

Personality: Since I coach xc each afternoon, my MIL comes on her days off to watch the kids. On the days that Grandma works, Isabel (a sweet high schooler) comes over to babysit for me. If Cade is awake when she arrives, he sobs and reaches for me as I get ready to leave. It makes me sweat! I feel so bad for all of us; Cade, Isabel and me too! Now I try to time it so he never sees me leave but that doesn’t always work out. He does fine once I’m gone (unlike Amelie as a baby, she was not easily comforted).

He babbles a little (“Na na na”) but mostly, he’s a quiet baby. Even when he is tired.

He loves being held. He likes to move from me to Daddy by reaching out his arms. He is such a loving and cuddly little guy!


When I found out I was having a boy, I was a little disappointed. I don’t know why exactly but probably because I was scared of the unfamiliar. I feel so silly now. I’m totally in love with being a boy Mommy AND a girl Mommy. It feels so good and comfortable. And much to my surprise, shopping for boy clothes is a treat!

Cade, being your Mommy has been a pleasure. A cup full of sweetness you are; filled to the very brim!


My Cade

AGE: 7 1/2 months

He is my Mr. Sweet and Sensitive!


Growing: He looks like a little baby boy now. I think he looks like my twin brother. His bald patch is filling nicely, although he’s got serious hair wings in the front. I should trim them soon but I’m hesitant because they have some curl to them, like his Daddy’s hair. They are hilariously cute!!


He’s a long skinny baby still, wearing 9-12 month clothes already. I love to smooch the back of his neck! He is seriously the cutest little guy!

Just recently, he’s showing signs of stranger danger. He’ll be subtle about it but I can tell that he is wary of new people holding him. He usually does ok if I’m near but if he’s tired, he’ll fuss. Amelie had serious stranger danger by the time she was 4 months old and would cry instantly if she was in anyone’s arms but mine or Hubs. It’s so interesting to see how different my two babies are!

Sleeping arrangements: Up until about a month ago, Cade was sleeping in a swing. I worried about it because he’s a long baby and since we swaddle him, we couldn’t buckle him in. “Do you think he could flip himself out?” I asked, concerned.

“There is no way. Think about the physics! Candace, it’s impossible.” Hubs replied.

Like usual, I woke to him crying one morning so I slowly shuffled down to feed him. To my horror Cade, swaddled like a caterpillar, was HANGING OUT OF THE SWING like a teeter totter hinged only by his hip!

Yeah. So, now he sleeps in a pack and play. We had to cut the swing cold turkey and as with everything Cade, it was fairly easy to do so. It wasn’t a piece of cake but rather a few bumpy nights. We bought a used crib many moons ago but haven’t gotten around to setting it up. It’s on the To Do list, along with putting together a nice room for him someday. He’s still sleeping downstairs but we have to move him for guests soon so I might try to start working on his nursery. I don’t know when though because I have so many projects in flight and so little time.

Milestones: He can flip to his tummy and back again and now he is sitting up unassisted! We never leave him because the opportunity to face plant or fall backwards is still very high.

He can feed himself a bottle which has come in handy when I’m trying to get Amelie down for a nap. I usually bring him upstairs with us and he sits in his chair feeding himself while I read Amelie her two books before nap.


He reaches for everything, especially my hair. He’s always ripping out strands in his tiny clenched fists. I don’t love that…

What a I do love? When I pick him up and he holds on to me.. His little hand holds my shirt, his legs wrap around my hip and his other arm links around mine. It’s the best!

What Cade loves? Amelie. He adores her. Every time she’s near him, he grins and laughs. He’s delighted by her!

Play: Unlike Amelie, Cade will play for a while. We prop him between our straddled legs and dump bins of toys around him. He loves to empty the bins, suck on everything and clang things together. He plays!!!

Nicknames: Mr. MaGoo, Gooies, Cade Man, Mr. Sensitive. We call him Mr. Sensitive because if he gets the slightest bonk, he cries. On the other hand, Amelie skinned her knee pretty bad this week and didn’t flinch. Cade is also scared of the the vacuum cleaner (Hubs had to take him outside one time because he kept screeching) and just recently he finds the washing machine concerning.

Feeding: Ugh! I hate this part. It’s really hard to find time to make food for him. He doesn’t like it, either. We’ve tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas. Unlike Amelie who gobbled up everything I made for her – even straight pureed kale – Cade refuses. He’s drinking way too much milk and not eating nearly enough. I may have to start adding apples or pears to everything to get him interested. I noticed Cade didn’t struggle learning to use his tongue with solids but Amelie had a lot of trouble with accidentally pushing food out (tongue thrust). I believe it was an issue when she breastfed too. I don’t think she was very efficient and it frustrated her.

Speaking of breastfeeding, it is not going great anymore. My supply can’t keep up. I used to feed him during the day and slowly I started to supplement at night with formula when my supply was the lowest. Now I feed in the morning and maybe once during the day. The rest is formula or milk that I have pumped and frozen beforehand. More on that someday! Luckily, he takes a bottle like a champ. It only took him a few seconds to figure it out, whereas Amelie cried during the first few bottle feedings. I felt so sad for her!

Sleeping: Bed time seems to be the trickiest with Cade, especially the few months when Amelie was sick. It was relentless! We’d finally get Cade to sleep after much bouncing and effort and then Amelie would wake from her cough and be up crying/coughing for hours! Cade would wake for his first feeding between 4am and 6am. And then everyone was up for the day shortly after. I thought I may not survive! Seriously, I was a total wreck.

About a month ago, he started going to bed around 8-8:30pm AND Amelie’s cough disappeared. It was a dream come true! What a beautiful schedule to have an hour in the evening to ourselves to get the house picked up, dishes done and be able to sleep during the night again. Now, he goes to bed anywhere between 8:30pm and 10ish. Sometimes he wakes for his first feeding around 6am, sometimes he wakes me at 2am!

Naps: His naps are all over the place. I should be keeping a log to see what schedule works best for getting him to bed before 10pm. But I’m trying to keep up with Amelie and I put him down when he’s fussy. Sometimes we are out and about and his nap gets pushed back and we all have to roll with it! He still takes three naps/day but his last nap can start late in the evening. That’s where it gets tricky because I wish he were going down for the night, but instead he treats it as his last nap and is up again. Luckily when he is awake, he’s a very happy pleasant guy so it’s not a big deal except for cutting into our kid-free time (which is pretty precious).

Cade, I get a little sad thinking about you growing up. You are my last baby. I don’t get to really enjoy your babyhood because I’m juggling you and Amelie. It’s unfortunate because you are such a loving, happy, smiley, wonderful baby. I always wondered how other parents were doing it – going out to eat (especially during the witching hour?), getting projects done around the house, going shopping and taking trips. Now I get it! I could have done it all with you.


Even so, I’m counting my lucky stars that you came second. Amelie is the most amazingly awesome toddler and you are a rockstar baby. I don’t deserve either of you!

My Cade

AGE: 6 months TODAY!

Cade, you are a happy, happy guy. Your smile! Your laugh! You are so sweet!


Size: I’m not certain what he weighs currently but at 4 months he was 13 lbs. 11.5 oz (10.27%)  and 2′ 2.5″ inches long (90.06%). He’s a very long and skinny baby. In fact, he is already in 9 month sleepers and growing out of those soon. Whoa!

Update from 6 month apt: 14lbs 13.5oz (6.07%) and 2′ 3″ (63.31%). They are keeping an eye on his weight since he dropped a few percentile since the last appointment. He is my scrawny sweetie. He was an smiley angel for the doctor, even though he desperately wanted to take a nap! He let her hold him and snuggle. Amelie would have never in a million years!

Likes: This is funny. He likes to run his fingers through Daddy’s curly hair. He also likes to twirl his own hair and is very gentle. It’s sweet!

Cade is a mama’s boy but is easy going and likes everyone! By 4 months, Amelie didn’t like to be held by anyone except for Mom or Dad. Her stranger anxiety started way early. Cade loves being held! He does cry when I leave the room and unfortunately, I don’t hold him as much as we’d both like since I’m taking care of Amelie simultaneously.

Sad times: Constipation has been an issue – especially this week. He was up a big part of the night on Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning. We couldn’t figure out how to get him to sleep and stay asleep. On Monday, he had a monster poo (ohmergerd, it just kept coming!) and now he feels a lot better. Poor guy was so uncomfortable! I’m going to call the doctor and see what they suggest. Other than that, Cade is not a a sad baby. He’s usually a pretty happy dude, even when he’s tired.

Talents: Blowing raspberries! He works very hard on them and they are so delightful. He can grasp toys (and big clumps of my hair when feeding), grab his feet and roll over! Here he is showing off his skills and impressive bald patch:



  • Naps: I haven’t figured out a consistent nap schedule with Cade. He has to be flexible because we have appointments/errands to run and Amelie needs to get out and play. Mostly, Cade has a great nap in the morning and then the afternoon is hit or miss. There have been many afternoons where I would feed Cade until he fell asleep while Amelie also napped. Once I relented to the fact that my only free time for the day would be spent this way – which was difficult for me to accept at first – I sat back and tried to enjoy our time together. He’ll only want to snuggle with me for a short time and my inbox/cleaning/projects will always be there. He usually takes 3 naps per day and they get shorter and more unpredictable as the day progresses.
  • Overnight: I’ll be honest, it’s been rough. Cade, on his own, is not a tricky baby like Amelie was. But with Amelie being sick these last few months straight (literally, no exaggeration), any difficulty with Cade seems to almost break us. Bedtime is hard for us to figure out. Cade seems to squeeze in catnaps in the evening and most nights, we don’t get him down until 11pm. It’s exhausting. It makes for very long days and nights because Amelie has been getting up 2-3x crying and coughing and then Cade wakes up for his first feeding anywhere between 2am and 5am. My milk supply is confused because the feedings are all over the place and I’m stressed. We’ve been giving him a bottle before bed but that doesn’t really seem to hold him off. He used to go to bed around 10pm and wake for his first feeding around 6.30am which was a nice way to start the day. Now, each day is unpredictable. I am so tired. So very very tired. I marvel when Hubs and I manage to get anything done because we are in survival mode. It took me two weeks to write this blog post!

It’s a demanding life being a Mommy of little ones. I have much respect for all of the Mommies out there (including my own Mom and my MIL). It’s hard, relentless work.

It’s important work too.


Cade, although I wish you would go to bed earlier (and stay asleep longer), you are a wonderful little baby. You are so giggly; especially in comparison to my serious Amelie. You were even smiling at a person behind us in line at the post office and when I turned around to see, the guy standing there wasn’t even looking at you! Ha! You are so adorable!

My Cade

AGE: 3 months

Oh Cade, you are my sweet, smiley, snorty, good sleeper little guy. You are such a blessing.

Schedule: I wish I had noted Amelie’s schedule at different phases because it’s hard to remember…even though in the moment you think you’ll never forget. Right now, Cade has a great schedule. He usually wakes between 6ish-7ish and wants to go down for his first nap fairly soon afterwards. I usually keep him awake out of necessity because I’m trying to get Amelie fed, dressed and ready for wherever. As soon as we’re in the car, he’s asleep! Blows my mind. If we’re at home, I swaddle him and put him in the swing. And he falls asleep. Blows my mind! It’s absolutely perfect because then I can focus on Amelie for the morning. He likes to feed every three hours with a some awake time but not much. He spends much of his awake time spitting up. 😀 He is so smiley and sweet. I’ll catch him smiling away at me because he thinks I’m talking to him when I’m really talking with Amelie. Poor guy! He is so ridiculously adorable.

Amelie goes to sleep around 2pm and if both kids are napping simultaneously (which happens fairly regularly), it’s so delicious that I can hardly stand it. I start to drool!

In the late afternoons and evenings, Cade has his fussy time. Sometimes I end up feeding him every hour because neither of us can figure out what he wants. My milk supply is crap by evening and we both find that frustrating. Hubs bounces him on the ball and sometimes it takes a few tries to get him to bed. Now Cade’s fussiness is a joke compared to Amelie’s “witching hour”. Amelie would howl and sob and scream and it was all sorts of sad/painful/awful/exhausting. Cade doesn’t even full out cry – he just fusses! Blows my mind!

Anyway, I feel bad but Hubs and I are both zapped of patience by that time. We’ve finally gotten Amelie to sleep and frankly, we want to rest! Cade is such a great baby and he should be allowed this tiny bit of attention but I get crabby. But when night time rolls around…Cade is a dream baby! Whenever we get him to sleep (usually around 10) he sleeps. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. All night! Blows my mind!

Guess who is still waking us sometimes up to 3x/night? Yep. Amelie. She’s the one keeping us sleep deprived…

Talents: Laughing! Oh Cade, your laugh is just about the cutest, squeakiest thing ever. I haven’t been able to catch it on video yet. He’s laughed a handful of times and mostly it’s because of Amelie. He thinks she’s awesome and hilarious! I do too!

Cade does “baby” things that Amelie never did. He has a fairly predictable schedule of awake and sleepy time! He likes mobiles! He coos when I talk to him! I can sit and hold him (instead of pacing)! I can put him on the floor to hang out for a while! All of this (you guessed it) blows my mind!

It’s hard not to fill this post up with comparisons to Amelie. I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself. The contrast continues to amaze me. Cade loves being a baby and I love it too. Cade, thank you. You’ve given me a gift. I’ve never had much confidence in myself but especially when it comes to this Mothering stuff, it was stripped pretty bare for a while.

But now, on most days, I think I’m a pretty good Mommy and it’s because I have two delightful kids making me feel that way.

Gotta go, the Mommy tears are coming and I can’t see what I’m typing anymore.


My Cade

Oh how I wish I had started the My Amelie posts earlier but I’m going to try to keep up with little Cade.

AGE: 6 weeks!

His cross-eyed newborn faces are so cute. They make me giggle. I’ve been trying to capture them but it’s hard to hold the camera and a floppy newborn simultaneously.

As I noted in this emotionally charged post (I still cry re-reading it), I had a tough time with Amelie as a newborn. She hated being a baby. So when I got pregnant the second time, I had a summer-long anxiety attack anticipating the newborn madness I barely survived the first time around…except now with a busy toddler in tow! I didn’t think I could do it. I knew I had to but how?

I am happy and so thankful to say, Cade is the most wonderful baby. I didn’t realize babies could be like this! The contrast between my two littles is down right shocking.

Breastfeeding: It’s going 100x smoother than it did the first time around. I was expecting the worst but he has been a stellar nurser from the beginning. The only issue I have is carving out time between the two kids to pump extra milk. I’m not opposed to introducing formula if/when we need to.

Schedule: After a few weeks, Cade is now on a schedule. I think that was the most difficult issue I had with Amelie – no day was remotely the same. There was nothing predictable about her! Cade usually wakes around 7am and feeds every two or three hours during the day. I do my last feeding between 10pm and 11pm and then he sleeps three to four hour chunks at a time…sometimes longer! I know! I feel so much more rested than I did during my pregnancy. During the day, he’s awake only a little while before he wants to sleep again.  I usually go somewhere in the morning with Amelie and he falls asleep immediately in the car or stroller. Say what?!

My days are busy juggling the two of them but I’m actually really enjoying this time. I didn’t think I’d be able to say that!

He does have a fussy period in the evening from 5pm-10pm but if he’s being held and bounced, he goes right to sleep.

I must mention the early days. Cade did have his days and nights switched around for a while. Instead of being wide awake during the night (like Amelie), he still wanted to sleep but only in my arms. For many nights, I held him on my chest and didn’t get much rest. I was camped out in the guest room with him so we wouldn’t wake Hubs and Amelie. Finally, I moved to the couch but I could still hear him. You guys, he is SO LOUD. He starts groaning about an hour before his feeding and I would lie awake listening to him. I couldn’t get any sleep! After 25 days of this, I got to a breaking point. I probably would have put up with it indefinitely if I didn’t have Amelie to take care of during the day. Zack offered to take a turn downstairs with Cade. He’d do a diaper change and then come and get me for the feedings so I could actually sleep in between. We did this for two days and Zack was a wreck! The experiment was worth it though. We recognized that Cade could space out the feedings for 2-3 hour chunks at a time (now it’s even longer) if we could find a way to sleep through the pre-feeding groanings. It’s hard being so far away from my tiny baby, but we keep him in the guest room and sleep upstairs. We can hear him cry but not the grunts! This makes my nights very reasonable!

He is getting less grunty, by the way.

Sleep: He hates sleeping in the pack and play/on his back. I wish I could put him in his bed but, just like Amelie, he is sleeping in a swing. At least he is sleeping and so am I!

Growing: Cade was born a little guy at 5lbs 11oz but he’s been doing a great job packing on the chub. Due to some medical issues, we had his regular two week checkup when he was only 9 days old. The doctor said they usually like to see newborns get back to their birth weight but he was already up to 6.5lbs! We got an A+ for weight gain – good job Cade and good job Mommy! He grew out of his newborn clothes this week and although I said otherwise, I am really digging little boy clothes. I think he looks so adorable in his outfits that I can hardly stand it.

Circumcision: We opted to and I witnessed it. It was more intense than I expected – it’s not just a little snip. He wasn’t allowed to get circumcised in the hospital so I had to take him when he was two weeks old. He did great and even held the nurse’s finger during all of it. They use this plastic cap called a Plastibell that falls off after surgery. Cade’s fell off after five days.

Daddy time: It’s fairly limited when Amelie is awake because she gets jealous but once Amelie goes to bed, it’s Cade and Daddy time. Cade is a snuggler. He loves being held and bounced on the ball and that’s what they do while Zack watches a show.

Milestone? I know this is awful early but I could have sworn he smiled at me this week. At first I thought it was accidental but I kept talking to him and he did it again!

Big sister: Amelie has been very gentle. Well, for the most part. She accidentally conked Cade in the head with her massive doll “Rosie”. She was only setting her down beside him to change her diaper too, you see. She’s been pretty patient during the feedings and that may or may not be because I give her a pudding cup to busy herself with…

I feel bad because Amelie still requires my constant attention or supervision so Cade is often ignored more than I would like. I try to snuggle with him when Amelie naps.

Cade, you are my sleepy sweetie. I love you so much!