Raves & Faves: JULY

Still playing catch up. How fun for you.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of July loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Love this sunscreen from Target. It smells nice and is easy to put on in a hurry. Go get you some. 

It has a fancy lock feature and it would be wise to use it, lest you want to spray half a can into your cloth tote while you’re out and about. Doh.

2. I’ve been loving Old Navy’s Rockstar skinny jeans. I have three pairs in different washes (plus the maternity pair I lived in while I was pregnant).

They are so cheap and so comfortable. I scored my last two pair for under $12 a piece! They come in prints, colors and different washes. You can’t go wrong!

3. My MIL put the mini spatula in my stocking last year. It is been the perfect size to scoop out every last drop of breastmilk from my skinny pumping containers. When you put breast milk in the fridge the “cream” (hindmilk) separates and collects along the sides of the container. I want to make sure Amelie gets that good stuff and this mini spatula does just the trick!

P.S. Look at how beat up our real wood floors are. One day I’d like to get those refinished and stained to match the laminate floors we have in the rest of the house. One day…

4. This song is adorable and so is the video:

5. THIS BABY BUTT. It’s just so squishy, you know?

How did the end of August get here so soon? Is it, dare I say, fall?

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Raves & Faves: JUNE

Ohmergerd, June was so long ago. Sorry.

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of June loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I spent my birthday money from MamaP at, you guessed it, Target. I picked up two new lippies since my stash had dwindled down to nothing after the no-buy promise I made last summerThey are Maybelline Color Whispers in Pin up Peach (my fav) and Lust for Blush. They give a sheer wash of color, are comfortable on the lips and I think the packaging is so pretty. A warning, you have to reapply these often. But for me, that’s fun.



Do I need to even explain?

3. Our weekends. I cherished those precious two days together each week – even though Amelie had a knack for getting us up for a walk before Dawn was barely awake herself.

4. Each day got easier with Amelie and each day I got a little braver. I met up with a group of new nervous Mommies for a potluck and we all were so proud of ourselves that we were able to venture out of the house! Maybe we’re remotely competent at this Mommy stuff after all?(Of course Amelie cried a little at the end…)

5. Hubs started watching Amelie in the evenings twice a week so I could join my cross country kids for summer running. It felt so good to feel like me again. I needed the break and the fresh air. Plus, exercise? I had forgotten what that was.

6. We’ve been doing the absolute bare minimum in our yard. I just can’t deal with the outside of the house knowing all that needs to be done on the inside. We didn’t plant flowers or a garden but this surprise Columbine crawled up our deck in June: It made my heart happy.

7. Can you believe my little snookum used to look like this?

I’m hoping to post July Raves & Faves before August ends. The probability of that happening is unlikely at best.

I can barely remember yesterday, much less what happened in June of 2010, 2011, and 2012. You can click through if you want and I know, I’ve been listing stuff for way too long.

Raves & Faves: MAY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of May loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Amelie is growing out of her newborn clothes. She wasn’t amused but aren’t those pants hilarious?

I’m trying not to take her growth for granted. Breastfeeding is not a given, expected thing. It’s work and it’s hard and no matter how much you want to breastfeed, it may not pan out. I’m trying to appreciate my body and Amelie because we are lucky that we can do this.

2. MamaP gave me a few of her Essie castoffs and I’m loving one called Mango Bango:

It’s the perfect red-toned orange. Oh, and it was free, which adds to the allure of it.

3. It’s no secret I love P!nk. The girl can SING. So obviously this duet makes my head spin.

4. Let’s not mince words. On May 15th, Hubs bought a baby swing off of Craigslist. IT WAS A GAME CHANGER.

It was only $75 but I would have cashed in my 401k for it.

5. With my birthday money, I grabbed this eye shadow (in Moondust) from Target. It’s only A BUCK and actually a pretty perfect neutral.

The picture makes it look gold but it’s more of a taupey brown. You can sweep it on with a baby in one arm and it’ll still look decent.

6. Coconut oil. I got me some. I have no idea what to do with it but apparently it has a bazillion uses from cooking to body care. I can’t wait to be a Coconut Princess with Pinterest’s help.

7. May was an exceptionally difficult month for me. Because being a baby is hard and babies cry. And being a mommy is hard and mommies cry too. Thank you to those that helped me through. xoxo.

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Raves & Faves: APRIL

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of April loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. My iPhone. I’m far from techie but having my iPhone so I could quickly access email, Facebook, my blog and Instagram was so nice – especially during those lonely nights when Amelie and I were trying to figure out breastfeeding in the hospital and these first few weeks at home. I’ve grown quite adept at texting, emailing and Facebooking with one hand in the dark. I’m adding that to my long list of talents!

2. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure and mine is Bruno Mars. Normally I’d scoff at cheesy lyrics, but his voice always manages to reel me in…like this one. *sigh*

3. Our friends and neighbors who brought us FOOD after we got home from the hospital. Our neighborhood set up a schedule to drop off dishes. Why, oh why, didn’t I do this for my friends that had babies!?! It’s a damn luxury, I tell ya.

4. EYE CREAM. This is the one I’m using currently:

Life with a newborn, do I need to say more?

5. My 34th birthday (whoa, how did I get so old?)! My big bash took us to Target, where I picked out some clothes while Hubs and Amelie shopped for groceries. Then, we fed in the family fitting room and went home for a nap. The perfect day!

6. The granola from Whole Foods. It’s CHEWY. I go nuts for it (so punny!). Has anyone tried it?!?

7. Of course the arrival of Miss Amelie Quinn, my super sweet snuggle butt, was the best thing that happened this month and like, ever.

April showered me with blessings. It was my favorite month of all.

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Raves & Faves: MARCH

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of March loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I spent a lot of time cooing at (and organizing by size) all of our sweet baby girl clothes. My little baby is a lucky lady!

2. We received the Bentley of strollers (and car seat) from my track sweeties.

I’m still in shock (!!!).

3. I can hardly focus when this song comes on the radio. LUUUURVE.


Update: here it is live at the Grammys instead of the boring video above. #mindblown

4. I met up with my old running buddy for a coffee date on a snowy Sunday seeing how we don’t get to spend our morning sunrises together anymore.

My drink was almost too cute to sip on and the company was divine. I miss her.

5. Hitting up the Old Navy/Gap sale, where I scored a handful of cutsie workout clothes. Pray that they fit post baby, it’s hard to tell right at this moment…

6. JELLYBEANS. I could not stop myself. Why are they only a once a year thing? It’s just not fair.

7. Hubs and I had the most wonderful Easter Sunday. The weather was gorgeous, we went on an easy hike, we made delicious food (that generated loads of leftovers), I snuck in a nap and we watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

It was the perfect day.

How is it already April!?! *panics* Hopefully they’ll be two birthdays to celebrate within our little family this month?

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Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I’m still staying mostly true to my “using stuff up pact” mentioned in this post. I just recently finished off one of my body sprays and was delighted to start a new scent that was already in my stash, which I’ve loved for a loooong time. It’s vintage Bath and Body Works at it’s finest: Meet Pearberry. Sweet, light, perfect.

Any old school Bath and Body Works scents that still do it for you?

2. When we headed back to Minnesota, my SIL taught me how to use the Moby Wrap. I desperately want to “baby wear” so I’m very thankful she figured it out first with her little one and was willing to share the baby wearing love with me.

3. This past month was all sorts of ‘madness'; it was busy, short and hectic. Thankfully, this slow grooving song helped put the brakes on my cluttered mind and let me escape into the music for a while:

4. Our car battery died in Lowes parking lot.

Normally this is not an experience to rave about. BUT. One of the kids working at Lowes kindly jumped our car, reminding us that the world is indeed full of good folks. We were so thankful for his help. Car trouble is never “convenient” but we were counting our lucky stars that it happened on a Sunday afternoon instead of a day where I needed to get to work/coaching or a few days later when a snowstorm hit…or even worse, at the Denver airport. That would have totally sucked!

5. Hub’s homemade FISH TACOS. *drools*

I’ll be sharing the recipe sometime before I have a baby (I hope). You need to know about these, they are fanfrickintastic.

6. It was Hub’s birthday month! I got him beer and socks – it was nothing fancy but it was what he wanted.

But what was fancy was the homemade ice cream cake he was spoiled with while back in Minnesota!

7. And finally, my baby shower was a sweet day; full of blessings, laughter, loving advice and gifts. Baby Girl even decided to show off a little for the family. Awww.

March is HERE and the count down to meeting Baby Girl is ticking away fast!

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Raves & Faves: JANUARY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of January loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. For a steal, I picked up these running tights from Kohls (using Kohls cash and a coupon, ahhh yeah).

Ironically, I’ve been doing very little running in them. I wear them to coach in and I’m hoping they will still fit post-baby. Plus, they were on “the list” of needs from this post so I feel somewhat justified buying workout clothes even though fighting to get my shoes on makes me sweat these days.

2. Baby Girl strutted around showing off for Grandma one night! Cauuuute.

3. Remember when my sister-in-law and brother-in-law sent us this baby care package?

Well, we baked up that jar full of amazingness one Sunday morning at our new house and my life was forever changed. They are Cranberry Hooty Creeks and I hooted about them for days. Days!!!

4. My hubs. I know it’s sappy (and a repeat) but I can’t help it.

He so crazy, I think I want to have his baby. (Turns out, I am!)

5. Maternity pants. Praise the holy awesomeness that is the secret stretchy waistband. I pull them up to my boobs and head out!

6. We were blessed with so many thoughtful baby care packages this month, it’s hard to even accept without ugly cries and belly pats. This little sweetie is so incredibly spoiled – and so are we!

7. Obviously our new floors have to get a mention. They are so pretty and cost us a crap load of money. I want to pet them.

(Of course our little crib makes those floors look even more delicious).

January sprinted by me without the decency of a hello and the month of mushy love is in full effect!

I’m just gonna say it, I love you guys.

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Raves & Faves: DECEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of December loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We found out the little baby inside of me is a GIRL. I’m still surprised!

2. We picked out our floors: Home Legend hand-scraped Walnut Plateau – I love that they have some texture and are not super glossy.

3. I got spoiled rotten with my Christmas haul this year…a new house AND all of these goodies?!? It’s criminal.

4. Obviously Christmas cookies needed to get mentioned in here somewhere.

Now that we have a freezer in the garage, I’m going to start baking in October, which is awesomely dangerous.

5. The sunrises on my runs this month were nothing short of amazing (though this pic does not do them justice!).

I miss my mornings with Callie baaaad.

6. We celebrated our baby girl’s first Christmas (kinda).

7. And, we closed on our new house (with Stan, our realtor)!

We’re going to bring our little girl home to this house. Make my heart all sappy inside.

December’s icy air blew over into a new year. I don’t know if I’m ready for you, 2013! Oh wait, we’ve been at it for weeks now. *sigh*

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Raves & Faves: NOVEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of November loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I’ve been a long time fan of this popular blog: Young House Love.  This fanatically hard-working couple recently published a book and is on tour.  Although no stops were scheduled in Colorado, they did swing by Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  My friend Tai not only bought me their book, but also waited hours in line to get it personally inscribed for my little family, then shipped the surprise to my door.

I almost peed my pants.

Although it looks as if I may be in severe pain, I’m just simultaneously shocked, teary-eyed and with a full, happy heart.  Thank you, Tai!!!

2. Although somewhat anticlimactic, I’ve been enjoying Revlon’s Pink Truffle Lip Butter.  Oodles of beauty bloggers have raved about these lip butters, so I picked up one for myself and a different color for my Mom this spring when RiteAid was having a 40% off Revlon sale (you can find them at Target, Walgreens and CVS as well).  The texture is really moisturizing (kinda like a balm) and is an awesome option for non-lipstick wearing folks.  Personally, I think the Pink Truffle is too much on the brown side for my skin tone, but I’ve been wearing it a ton nonetheless.  Revlon is the queen of drugstore lip products; their stains, lipsticks and these lip butters all come with fantastic reviews, just in case you are in the mood for some lip candy for yourself or stocking stuffer ideas for the holidays.

Even though they have delicious names, these products don’t taste sweet – drat!  After I run out of this one, I think I’m going to pick up the Peach Parfait next since I think it’ll be more wearable for my fair skin.

3.  As I mentioned here, I picked up some temporary holiday work at a retail chain in town, to add to the part-time work I do for Hubs’ software company.  Let me tell you, retail is HARD WORK.  I guess I didn’t expect that.  My shifts are short but I work like a crazy person for those few hours.  It’s given me serious appreciation of this type of job and my shifts fly by.  After I clock out, I like to sit in my car for a few minutes and think about what I “earned” for us today.  Some days, it’s a cloth diaper and paint for the nursery – other days, it’s chipping away at our Christmas gift list, and sometimes it’s just a little extra to throw at our monthly cell phone bill.  It’s certainly not much, but it feels really nice.

4. It was a ridiculous 65 degrees today.  Although gorgeous, Colorado is DRY.  My skin hurts.  I’ve been slathering on an old time favorite: Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. I adore the smell and it’s super soothing.  I couldn’t get by without it this month!

5. To relax, Hubs and I have been kicking back in the evenings with an episode (or two) of Mad Men, a show on AMC.  They are already in their sixth season, so we are playing catch up.  It’s a guilty pleasure for us and something to fill the void, now that we whizzed through all of the episodes of Game of Thrones!

6. If you are in the mood for a quirky film, you must check out Moonrise Kingdom.  It’s a childhood love story set on the coast of New England and the cast is stellar  It’s directed by Wes Anderson, who also did Fantastic Mr. Fox (another movie I thoroughly enjoyed).

7. Hubs made our first turkey for Thanksgiving and it turned out wonderfully!

But even better, he planned for loads of meals with the leftovers: pilgrim sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, and turkey noodle soup.  We’ve been eating so outrageously well lately.

November went fast for me.  I’ve been anxious about house stuff, baby stuff, and holiday stuff.  Luckily, Hubs and I have a plan for how we are going to tackle our move, house renovations and managing our tight finances for the holidays.  I do so much better with a plan!  Here goes December – I’m certain all of you have a busy month planned as well!

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Raves & Faves: OCTOBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of October loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  I snagged another MAC lipstick just for fun, this time the Viva Glam V.  It’s not an outrageous color, it’s just my lips but better.  Me really likey.

2. When my MIL was in town, we hiked up to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was a gem of a view!

3.  Having way too much fun playing with picmonkey.com to doctor up this creepy pic

as well as this terrifying Friday Tidbit.

4. Watching my cross country kids (both the boys and girls) compete at the State High School Meet.  We had to board the bus early on a snow dusted Saturday morning and it was gorgeous.

5.  Hubs and I carved our final pumpkin and things got hairy:

6.  Sharing our spooky news with you all was one of the highlights of the month (and of my life, actually).

7. Oh and also?  Someone got an iPhone…!

October was baked with spice and everything nice (mmmm, pumpkin bread…) and now November is here!  Are you gearing up for the holiday season, or hunkering down with the sun in the evenings?

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