Happy Thanksgiving

I’m breaking the internet by posting about holidays past. Don’t be mad, ok?


I didn’t do much for decor, except for the few random pumpkins leftover from Halloween. But, I did doodle on my chalkboard sign (from Amelie’s birthday party) to remind myself what I’m thankful for.


Earlier in the week, we went to Amelie’s preschool for Pie With The Parents.

piewithparentsIt was totally adorable but a little awkward since we were the ONLY parents that came. Actually that’s not entirely true. Another mom came, super late, toting a brand new baby. I pretended not to notice as she scooted in and apologized to the teachers for being late but I wanted to give her a high five and tell her she was doing an awesome job. <3 I really should have!

Cade thought it was awesome being at preschool, he played and played.


Anyway, of course, we had to don a turkey barrette for the special occasion.


On Thanksgiving, Dad and Grandma took Amelie to the Turkey Trot. It was cold and snowy and magical. Excuse the weird angle, her boots look almost as big as Santa’s!

turkey_trotWhat a gorgeous morning with the fresh falling snow. Here is Bunny, enjoying hot cocoa:


It was too cold for Cade, so we stayed home. Next year though, we are coming too!

Zack smoked a turkey in a our grill (yes, you read that right) and it turned out totally delicious. I’m a little grossed out by the turkey prep, to be honest, but I’m glad Zack does all of the work. Zack and my MiL put together such a gorgeous array of dishes: sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pies, brussel sprouts, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. We had leftovers for days! It was lovely.

Thanksgiving but it got me kinda itching to set up a pretty table next year since ours was so bare. The table was actually clean – a win – but stark. I need new dishes first….pretty, pretty white dishes. Someday.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful. I’m blessed. I’m trying to live more mindfully and gratefully. I’m really working on that.


Backyard: Flowers and herbs

Since I showed you my annuals out front – I thought you’d certainly indulge me if I showed you the ones out back?

It looks almost the same as last year because I’m super predictable. Even so, they make me happy. I’m impressed I picked up any annuals at all, considering I am seriously short on free time these days with two little ones. Anyway, here they are: pots of petunias, pansies from my MIL and a few herbs.


Up close of my “herb cluster”:

herbsI have grand/unreasonable-right-now plans for a big multi-level raised garden loaded with veggies and herbs one day where our hot tub used to sit. Until then though? An herb cluster will have to suffice. That adorable dill has got me itching to make these. I must!

I have plans to makeover these chairs and little table. I’m working on a different project right now but I’m hoping to get to these before we have visitors in July. My track record of getting things done is not great though…


Amelie loves to help me water. I let her have at it because why not enjoy the flowers together? I’m sure they’ll recover from a few less than gentle touches and occasional overwatering. That’s why it’s all a bit of a mess. The little guy is basil in survival mode. Amelie got a kit for Easter and so far, it has been through a lot. Who knows, maybe he’ll make it after all!


That’s it for annuals. In addition, I have clematis,




and creeping myrtle


that the previous owner planted. They are beautiful. I’ve been experimenting in the front yard with a few perennials and I’m getting excited to plant more back here. I’ll have to work in sections (and take you along for the ride of course) but I’m thrilled to be starting off with a nice base.

I’ll show you what we’ve done in the front sometime soon. It’s my first crack at this being a grown up and planting perennials thing…

Friday Tidbits

Hubs has been itching to get a pet and I promised him we would once we bought a home. Turns out, our home already came with its fair share of pets living in our attic…

Although really cute, the thought of them nesting, PROCREATING, chewing through wires and insulation (prompting the possibility of an eventual house fire) and damaging our roof is far from appealing. We had a professional come out today to set traps. Don’t fret, he doesn’t harm them but rather releases them 20 miles away in the country. It’s not the most fun I’ve had spending 300 bucks… Oh, homeownership.

But, the pet control guy said he discovered a little kids table up there. A long lost treasure! Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve to see for myself (wouldn’t that be cute for Baby Girl?) but hoisting my pregnant belly up the ladder into a creepy attic hasn’t made it on my list of To Dos yet. It might never.

Have a happy Easter weekend, everyone! I hoping to nap a lot.  :)

Only 20 Good Years Left

Meet MamaP.

You’ve read her comments, which are guaranteed to be two things.  Sweet and Quirky.  And we need more sweet and quirky in the world so I thought I would feature my first guest blogger, evar: MamaP.  I’m hoping she’ll be a regular.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Candace invited me to share/blog. I am so excited. So much so, that I have a paper bag to breathe in close by at all times. Anyway, I wrote a small one, entitled “Only 20 Good Years Left,” a blogette, of 1000 pages or so (we will see how much of it she prints).
Somehow, Candace pried the page length of the blog out of me. She tried to explain the word “consumeable” to me. This was, I assume, to give me an idea of how long the blog should be. From what I gathered, it is the exact opposite of droning on and on. As far as I am concerned, she uses too many hand gestures to be a Norwegian. Here we go.

I have never been bothered by my birthdays, actually, I welcomed them. Until the big 60 loomed in 2010. AWK! Ergo, the realization that I have only twenty good years left. This is forcing me to look hard at my life, at each task, invitation, sit-in, argument, with a discerning eye. As I explore the huge question of “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”…..I will keep you posted on which direction I decide to head. How do you feel about time and birthdays?