Tidying The Clothes

Whoa, I started this post in July. Yes, LAST JULY.

I convinced my hubby, Zack to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and together during a miraculous simultaneous nap (that hardly ever happened and now it NEVER happens because Amelie has dropped her nap completely), we tackled our clothes. We piled all of our clothes on the bed during nap time and worked through each item.


This was a tiring undertaking!

Look how many clothes/shoes we donated:


Truth be told, I had already done this with my summer clothes so my portion was easier to sift through. I even got all nerdy and tried on all of my summer clothes and assembled outfits. If I couldn’t put together an outfit with a piece, I donated it.

Marie Kondo recommends pulling out ALL of your clothes. That means hunting through other random closets in the house as well as storage. We both had clothes stashed in Cade’s closet to address, like my wedding dress. Not too long ago (well, longer now because this post is already a year old), the office closet looked like so. Can you see my dress stuffed carelessly in a white bag in the corner?


I’ve tried to sell the dress unsuccessfully a few times and so it sat. I know to most a wedding dress a treasured item but I care more about our photos by Emily Griffith than the dress itself. I liked it and I felt beautiful in it. But, now I want it out of the house. Out!

I looked up how to wash the dress at home and it actually came out beautifully!


I found this great website that lists a handful of charities that you can donate your wedding dress to. I chose Adorned in Grace; it helps sex trafficking survivors. I feel great that my dress is taking on a new (much more important) purpose than sitting sad and crumpled in my closet.

Around the same time, a local lady was collecting dresses to donate to a low-income community for their prom. So, I donated my black satin bridesmaid dress too!

Cheers to a cleaner closet, cleaner mind and a dress that can be repurposed for someone that is very deserving!

In full disclosure, I think my closet could use another look over. I’m still finding a few items that could be donated, as well as finding a few holes in my closet that need to be filled. But, the big clean out is complete and it feels so good to pull out items that I know I for sure feel comfortable in.

I need to get Kondo-ing again. Anyone know what’s next after clothes?

Meet Me at the Art Center in Your White Dress

Two years ago TODAY, Hubs told me that we ain’t gettin’ no younger so we might as well do it.  I hustled him down the aisle at the art center and although he’s been reconsidering ever since, we’ve managed to flap around still married so that’s pretty cool.

Photo by Emily Griffith Photography

Happy Anniversary to me! I’ll let you know if Hubs gets me any presents and maybe work will kindly give me the day off?

(If you don’t get my title, click here and be ashamed that this hasn’t been in the regular rotation on your iPod until now.)

Flashback Friday

Since it’s my engagement anniversary (kinda), I thought I’d post a picture from that special night.  Moments after the proposal…

Can you believe THAT was the picture we took to immortalize the moment we took our relationship to the next level?

Our friends helped cement this memory by posing for a super supportive picture at our engagement party.

And so ends another Flashback Friday (just in the neck of time) bringing us that much closer to the weekend.  Be good!

Rules of Engagement

Do you know what tomorrow is?? 

Tax Day?

Well, yeah…

Flashback Friday?

Uh huh, but…

The day after, three years ago, when The Candace got engaged?

YES!!  Even though you’re busy and have other things to do and think about, I’m going to tell you about that day.

Hubs had been working on a business venture in California from January through early April 2008.  It was a long and lonely Minnesotan winter without him.  When his stint in Silicon Valley ended, he flew back home and we only had ONE day to get settled before flying out west for a short snowboarding trip.  I wanted to take the day off to spend it relaxing with the Mister I had been missing…and finish up the taxes I hadn’t started yet…

Turns out, Hubs (then, the Boy Toy) had already gotten his taxes taken care of like a responsible adult.  Even worse, instead of doing my taxes, I spent that precious day running around like a frantic idiot in the freezing cold rain, trying to hammer out a slew of last minutes errands before we had to head out to catch our flight.  My stress-o-meter was totally in the red.  And the fact that this was all self induced was completely infuriating.

Needless to say, I started off this little vaca on the cranky side.  Oh, and it didn’t help matters that a month earlier I had spontaneously decided to chop off eight inches of my hair and dye it brown (you guys!  BROWN!), a choice I sincerely regretted.  To say I looked (and felt) like an old washed out hag was an understatement.  Also, the lonely winter did nothing to improve my waistline, so yeah.  What I’m trying to say is that I was a tax-delinquent hot mess.

We flew into Denver, met up with my good friend Kari who helped me file an extension.  I mailed two fat checks to the government to make sure I was covered until I could get the specifics ironed out.  After shrugging that hairy monkey off my back, I finally relaxed and had myself a mighty favorable time.  How I love the mountains!  We spent an incredible day snowboarding with Kari and then she graciously let us stay the night at her beautiful condo nestled along the base of Keystone (our favorite ski resort) when she had to head back to work.

Unbeknown to me, Hubs had masterminded a proposal plan – a plan that was about to go down in flames…

First, let’s break for a picture.

Wow, huh?

Hubs was hoping to finish off our last day of snowboarding with a romantic evening in Keystone’s picturesque village.  It’s a darling place – bustling with restaurants and shops.  Unfortunately, we were a day too late (because it was the tail end of ski season) and it was closed.  Drat.

Also, because of my unfortunate hair situation, I was feeling reminiscent of a yeti and just wanted to hit up a place where we could wear jeans and enjoy some cheap food.  Another drat.

We decided to eat in Breckenridge.  It’s not quaint like Keystone.  In fact, it’s  a sprawling busy strip and we walked for what seemed like *forever* before we settled on a place to eat.   While we were restaurant hunting, Hubs was trying to find a secluded and scenic spot (THE spot) to get a picture (and deliver a bling-y surprise!).  Being the helpful hungry monster I was, I suggested a few stupid places – like next to a bronze eagle cemented in the sidewalk.  “There, we got a picture by a faux eagle, for the love of God can we eat now???”  Drat?

(The picture turned out so ridiculous that I deleted it later…)

And with that, Hubs plan of proposing (and talk excitedly about our future over dinner) completely fizzled.  A dinner proposal was not an option because I am a shy hermit and would have passed out if he would have popped the question with other people staring.  He was running out of time.

After gorging myself like a beast at dinner (drat) and heading back to the condo, Hubs suggested an evening walk to settle our bloated tums.  I said no.  I said I was cold.  I said I was tired.  He persisted and I reluctantly agreed but as he headed out down the way, I quietly turned around and bolted for the condo (he had to chase me down).  After some convincing, I said I would walk but only THREE minutes out and THREE minutes back.  It was actually a super gorgeous and quiet night (since it was a weekday) and I decided that I didn’t mind the walk after all.  So, we kept going.  Hubs kept trying to find a place for a picture (oh great, here we go again) and let me just sum it up and say, it was harder to find than you might think.

After much failed picture taking prospects and shenanigans (like getting stuck up to his shoulders in snow), we finished up the chilly jaunt on the path right outside the condo.

Time had run out.

So, Hubs just started talking.  Oblivious, I interrupted – TWICE.

He had to tell me to stop heckling and let him finish.  When he got down on bended knee, it hit me.  HOLY CRAP HE’S PROPOSING EVEN THOUGH I HAVE AWFUL HAIR (shudder) AND INCOMPLETE TAXES (slaps forehead)!  I was sincerely shocked out of my gourd.  Once I uncrossed my eyes, I replied with a very eloquent ” HECK YES, I WILL!!”

Let’s pause for a bling shot.

Oooh, shiny.

The next day, we snapped a picture at “the spot” and spent the rest of that sunny Tax Day touring Boulder and trying to recover from the previous night’s proposal.

Had I known my life would change in an instant on this trip, I would have been apt to take more pictures.  But, I didn’t.  I just wasn’t prepared.

So, that’s part of the reason why we decided to revisit Colorado this week.  Not to recreate old memories – but to make new ones and document them this time.  This will always be a very special place for me, for us, because it’s where we agreed to become a team.  A forever team.  It was truly the best decision of my life.

Now that this story has bored you out of your skull and turned me into a sappy schmuck, I’ll just leave it at that.  But before I bust, I’ll share you with some words of wisdom (or just words) to handle anything life throws at you.  Here, these are my Rules of Engagement.

Rules of engagement: Don’t heckle (it’s poor form) and get your taxes done on time.  I have a great tax guy now and if I’m being honest, I think you should pay him to do yours too.

That’s it.

P.S. (As if this post wasn’t long enough).  To say everything from that moment on was a dreamy wonderful wedding fairytale with an infinite happily ever after is an absurd lie.  I almost crapped my pants because I was so scared of getting married.

The end, thank you for wasting your time.

Girl Crush NEWS

You remember my Crush?  Well, she has some exciting news!

Emily Griffith is celebrating the Grand Opening of her shiny new office in downtown Rochester!

Date:  NEXT WEEK, Thursday August 19th

Time: 4-9pm

There will be food, prizes, outstanding company and you can hit up Thursdays on First while you are there!

I’m going to be casually milling around pacing the sidewalk shouting out all of the good things I think about her.  Please come anyway – I can be easily subdued (Hubs will buy me a waffle cone) and you will be sure to have a jolly good time!

Take this link to view the invitation (YOU are invited!!)

Just a little reminder of why she rocked my world…

She’s crazy talented.  Come on by the Grand Opening, I promise to be showered and well behaved!

My Girl Crush

Ok.  I’m coming clean with it.  I cannot keep this secret any longer.  I have a crush.  In fact, a girl crush.  A crush on a girl.  I know, I know, I’m a married lady.  But, I couldn’t help myself, this crush caught me way off guard.  She’s my neighbor.  She’s a photographer.  She wears really cool clothes.  She has impeccable hand writing.  She is Stunning.  And she has great eyebrows.  I met her one warm summer day to talk wedding business and BAM, fell in love.  Didn’t even fight it.  Like any good crusher would, I did a lil’ Facebook stalking research to find out more about her.

And I brainstormed ways to try and see her again.  Like this scenario that I day dreamed up.

I keep a watchful eye on our shared bank of mail boxes (because, well, she probably gets mail) and notes when she stops by.   Then, I casually plant myself there at the ‘right’ time the next day.  Crush comes out to check her mail…

me: “Oh, what a surprise seeing you here!”

Crush: “Yes it is!  How are you?”

me: “I’m really great.  Oh look, we both have mail!  We have so much in common!  We should hang out!”

Crush: “What fabulous idea!”  And we skip off together, arm in arm, into the sunshine.

Or something like that.

But, then summer evaporated into fall and fall fell into winter.  I didn’t get much of a chance to see my crush.  Until, we met up for my engagement photo shoot (Our Very First Bona fide Date). I got nervous.  Real nervous.  Had Dry Mouth.  Had the sweats.  Had word slobber.  You know, when you talk really fast in a high pitched voice and all that comes out is stupid crap?  Word slobber.

But, she whipped up some photo magic that day.  Trust me, you can trust in her.  She’s got mad dope skills.  She took two nerdy engineers and, somehow, made us look like Normal People.  I know, I can’t believe it either.

Then, we got to go on a second date.  06.07.09.  Have a look-see, please.

Our wedding photos made my head explode.   And you know what, her work makes me want to have babies (real human ones!) someday just so she can photograph them for me.

Since then, we’ve actually had many more dates.  Yes, of course, I’m still a nervous wreck for them.  But, somewhere along this long awkward road of dry mouth and word slobber, I found a very kind friend.  You should meet her, I’ll bet you’ll have a crush too.