My Cade

AGE: 10 months

I wish he would stay my little baby forever and ever.


Growing:  I have no idea what his stats are because we don’t go back to the doctor until his one year. He’s in that weird stage where 12 month clothes are too short but he’s swimming in 18 months. Cade is still a long skinny guy. I want to smooch him constantly.

Sleeping arrangements: On most nights, he sleeps all night long. All night! I’m so lucky. Amelie didn’t do that until she was over a year old!

He is still sleeping in the pack and play in the guest room. I’m working on his nursery but it’s going incrementally slow. My goal is to get him in his room by the end of the year. I have many plans for his room but no time. One big project should be done by next week though and I’m excited to tell you about it!

But he does well downstairs so why hurry, you know?

Milestones: He has been busy! He can sit by himself and scoot around the room. He *just* started crawling, like as in a day ago. It’s slow and robotic and soooo cute! He also does this adorable hop to get his knees up underneath him. He works very hard. Trying to crawl has been disrupting his sleep some. I bet his mind is a whizzin’ thinking of ways to keep up with Amelie. Who can sleep with exciting stuff like that on the horizon?

He also got his first tooth a month or more ago. When Amelie was teething, she had terrible diaper rash (I’m talking blisters!) and was crabby and it was all sorts of yuck. With Cade, the milestones have been much easier. His sleep patterns were a little funky, he wasn’t as smiley and his skin was more sensitive. And then, bam. A tooth!

Play:  He loves to put things in bins and take them out again. He likes to swish things in windshield wiper motions while laying on his tummy on the floor. He loves to throw balls and play “catch”. He thinks throwing food and other objects from his high chair is hilarious. Amelie will usually retrieve them for him and he thinks it’s such a grand game until Amelie gets fed up and finds something else to do.

He loves to go on walks and be read to; two things we don’t do nearly enough with him.

Feeding: Dad has been great at giving Cade lots of new food to try and he loves it all. He uses his thumb and pointer finger to pinch food and feed himself. He feels empowered! Favorite foods: yogurt, squeeze packets, sweet potatoes, cheese and tortillas.


Breastfeeding is non-existent and he’s 100% formula for his milk. Ah, well.

Sleeping: Most nights, Cade is easy to put to bed. Sometimes he cries briefly, sometimes he needs bouncing or to be wake a little longer but most nights, we can put him to bed and that’s it! I can hardly believe it.

Naps: He usually takes a morning nap, one after lunch and he needs to squeeze in a short one before bed time. I’m thankful Amelie is in preschool because his naps can be really limiting for her. Amelie was an unpredictable napper (is she going to sleep for 30 minutes or 3.5 hours?) but Cade is much more consistent and even.

Firsts: He got his first haircut about a month ago. I’m nervous with scissors! I cut off his adorable hair wings because they were getting tangled and matted after naps.  His bald patch filled in and he looks like a little boy. His hair is lighter and thinner than Amelie’s was at his age. I was hoping to see some curl but it looks pretty straight.

I’m excited for his first Halloween. I’m still brainstorming a costume for him. He’ll be so entertained by Amelie’s enthusiasm! I’m worried he might be fearful of the commotion that comes along with trick or treating but we’ll have to wait and see how he does.

Amelie: He watches her every move and he is thrilled by any interaction she is willing to give him. He adores her. She makes him laugh from his belly!


Amelie goes to school two days per week and it has been really nice to have time with Cade alone. I’ve been meaning to take him to story time but he is usually still taking his first nap so we always miss it. It relaxing to spend my morning with him; we snuggle on the couch while he takes his bottle. It’s so lovely and slow paced.

Personality: Since I coach xc each afternoon, my MIL comes on her days off to watch the kids. On the days that Grandma works, Isabel (a sweet high schooler) comes over to babysit for me. If Cade is awake when she arrives, he sobs and reaches for me as I get ready to leave. It makes me sweat! I feel so bad for all of us; Cade, Isabel and me too! Now I try to time it so he never sees me leave but that doesn’t always work out. He does fine once I’m gone (unlike Amelie as a baby, she was not easily comforted).

He loves being held. He likes to move from me to Daddy by reaching out his arms. He is such a loving and cuddly little guy!


He babbles a little (“Na na na”) but mostly, he’s a quiet baby. Even when he is tired!

When I found out I was having a boy, I was a little disappointed. I don’t know why exactly but probably because I was scared of the unfamiliar. I feel so silly now. I’m totally love being a boy Mommy AND a girl Mommy. It feels so good! And much to my surprise, shopping for boy clothes is a treat!


Cade, being your Mommy has been a pleasure. A cup full of sweetness you are; filled to the very brim!

Halloween Treat Bags

The Halloween stuff cropped up at Target and I had these sweet non-candy treat bags assembled by mid September (while the rest of the house sat in disarray, obviously). It’s one less thing to think about come October so why not?


I spent about $10 for the supplies and took some quiet crafting time to myself. Turns out, I don’t want to spend all of my free time doing laundry and cleaning up spilled food. Mommy needs some fun time too!

Included in each bag is a pencil, eraser, foam and paper stickers and a package of Goldfish. Basically stuff I was craving to get in my Halloween haul because I loved this kind of thing as a kid. Target is the best! They should sponsor this blog.


As I ran low on items, I substituted in suckers and temporary tattoos I had lying around. I tied each one up with “candy corn” curling ribbon from the 90s and called it good.

I figured it was less than I would have spent on candy. We can give a few to friends and set the rest out for trick or treaters. We will be out trick or treating ourselves so I didn’t go overboard. When they are gone, they are gone!


Next project, Amelie’s costume. She wants to be a sea turtle…

Friday Tidbits

So, I’ve been up since 4am because Amelie still has a cough that is keeping her up night and therefore I can’t sleep either. Might as well zombie blog, right?

The Halloween posts continue with pjs. Because I had to. Plus, they glow in the dark!


Cade was such a good sport, Amelie not so much. Aren’t my babies are so adorable? <3

Happy Friday!

Candace’s Crafty Corner: Tree Ghosts

Hello, October! The first day of October isn’t too early to be talking Halloween, is it?

Truth is, I’ve been Halloween-ing for some time now. My new motto is: if I manage to feel inspired one day then by all means, don’t hesitate! With little kids, you can not count on the opportunity for free time, motivation and a decent night’s sleep to line up. The days (and nights) are unpredictable. I totally understand why stores start stocking holiday stuff so early. It’s for the Moms, they need every moment of prep time they can get!

A few days ago, the kids and I did a Halloween craft together. When I say “together” what I really mean is I get the craft supplies out and Amelie bounces around like a pin ball machine unloading the craft bin, Cade quietly scoots along sucking on things he shouldn’t while I do the craft as quickly as I can yelling, “Scissors are for grownups, don’t touch!”

“We” made these adorable ghosts, one representing each family member:


I had everything on hand: the styrofoam balls were from a friend that moved, the googly eyes were leftover from Amelie’s dinosaur birthday, the gauze was from this scary Halloween of yore and the black ribbon I’ve had since the 90s. The 90s!

I used three eye hooks leftover from the playroom lantern cluster project


and hung them from various branches along our front walkway. Also, a sneak peek of our new landscaping! More on that later (hopefully before the snow flies).


I wasn’t about to buy anything so the eye hook-less ghost got nestled in a tree.


Cute, free, festive!

Amelie and I did a bit more decorating – spiders and spiderwebs for the boxwoods:


and a scarecrow and mums for my front step courtesy of my MIL. I should have bought more mums while they were on sale to fill out the planter but I’m tired, you know?


Amelie has been fascinated by scarecrows lately. They’re a funny concept, aren’t they?

The inside got some Fall sprucing as well when I brought out an old favorite, my white and gold pumpkins!


We are feeling very Halloweeny-y/Fallish these days, even though it’s been hitting almost 90 degrees still.

Flannels, don’t fret, I’m coming for you soon! Also, beware, more Halloween posts are in the queue…

Friday Tidbits

Oh dear, it’s been over a month since my last post. Are you wondering where I’ve been? Not really?

You see, Amelie started preschool last week. Her and Dad donned matching shirts for the occasion, of course.


She is in school for half days, 2 days/week. It’s been liberating for me to have some time to focus on Cade and do things around the house while he naps. But it hasn’t been an easy transition. Amelie cries at every drop off and it’s all sorts of sad. She seems to do ok after we leave but can’t wait to come home. Plus, she’s been sick for almost a month now. She has been sick so much this year! I sure hope this all gets easier. :(

I also started coaching five days/week. It’s wonderful and exhausting. My body just aches when I get home from practice. But I’m so happy to be back.


Can you believe how lucky we are to head up into the mountains on a regular old day of practice?

What’s tricky is my precious “both-kids-are-napping-time” only happens in the late afternoon when I’m at practice. So I am full on Mom-mode then Coach-mode then Mom-mode again, until I fall into bed promising myself I must find time to eat a decent lunch the next day.

In random DIY news, while Amelie was at preschool this morning, I worked on this:


We have biiiiiiig yard things going down soon and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.  Who’s excited?

Kid Table Makeover

You guys! I made over Amelie’s kid table for her playroom. *Cue disbelieving gasps*

I purchased this table and chairs from a big consignment sale last fall for about $30 with the hopes I’d get the nerve to make it over before Amelie out grew it.


Here is a before. Also, please excuse the nasty compost pile. I’m working on whittling it down. It’s slow going.

beforeIt was quite slick with poly so I knew I had a big sanding job on my hands. I was inspired to try a liquid deglosser after a friend redid her bathroom vanity.


The deglosser was easy to use but stinky Here is the deglossed after.


A lot less “shiny”.

Up close. If you squint your eyes and scrunch your nose, you might be able to see the white film left from the deglosser.


In hindsight, if I were doing things the Right Way instead of the Impatient Way, I would have done two rounds of deglosser and then went in with a sander as well. But I didn’t do it the Right Way, in fact, I barely let the deglosser dry before I attacked with this:

ocean_mistIt’s a new color called Ocean Mist by Rustoleum. It was just the color I was looking for!


This was after two rounds of spray paint. I ended up needing a second can and a few more rounds. I did most of my spraying in a hurried fashion and during the sunniest part of the day so I kept missing spots. Still, I liked where it was going. But it needed something more…


Gold always takes things to Fancy, right? I was going for “gold dipped”…


Let me see you dip, baby, dip in progress:

gold_dipped_progressAre you ready for the final reveal?

table_finishedIt’s marred with many imperfections but isn’t it still so cute?

gold_dipped_closeWhy not end with a badly lit zoomed out shot? Please ignore the laundry room doors propped against the wall. It’s on our To Do list…


This project took me weeks to do so I might get physically ill the moment one of my kids takes a crayon or pen to it when I’m not watching. It seems to chip easily too. Why, DIY Gods, why? I think I need to go in with some poly but I can’t muster any more effort on it.

I’m opening the floor now. Shower me with Ooohs and Ahhhs!

If you want to see how the playroom has evolved, click here.

My Amelie

Age: 2 years, 3 months

This is not my biased opinion but simply fact. Amelie is the sweetest toddler in all the land!


Look at that hair!

Now that Amelie is getting a full night of sleep, she’s a dream. I have to give her credit when she was sick, she was up much of the night and miserable. This went on for months. She was crabby a lot, but so was I! The Real/Rested Amelie is happy, goofy, sweet, kind, polite, obedient, and imaginative! She is such an awesome human.

Schedule: Amelie wakes around 8am. I get her ready for nap around 1.30 or 2pm and wake her by 5ish, if she’s still asleep when Daddy comes home. We try to get her to bed by 7pm but it’s usually drawn out and more like 8ish. At least once every week, she ends up skipping her nap. Nowadays it’s not horrible – she happily plays upstairs in her crib the whole time. I can hear her singing, counting and talking in her voices for her stuffed animals. It cracks me up! If she skips her nap, we try to get her to bed earlier and sometimes I can tell the next day that she needs extra sleep. Even when she’s tired, she’s usually a good girl.

Likes/Dislikes: She loves peanut butter oatmeal (eats it every morning), chocolate ice cream, playing pretend, going to the water park, coloring, jumping, bath time, Daniel Tiger, temporary tattoos, and reading books. She doesn’t like change, most foods, wearing dresses (phooey) or messes (which is hilarious because the house is a constant wreck).

One thing that confuses me and kinda makes me sad: When she hurts herself, she doesn’t want comfort from me. In fact, getting hurt seems to embarrass and anger her. I wish I could scoop her up and kiss away her tears, but she runs the other direction. I usually end up gathering up her sleepsack and nuk then handing them over to her without saying anything until she calms down. I remember strong feelings of embarrassment over the littlest of things, so maybe she’s like me in that way.

On a related note, she’s not snuggly. She doesn’t want to cozy up on the couch or lay in bed with us. She likes to sit in our lap to read. I’m usually fairly affectionate and she’ll let me know when I’ve stepped over her boundaries.

Verbal: She talks in full (albeit, choppy) sentences now! This is my favorite part about this age: talking with her. Every once in a while she’ll tell me something that I can’t quite understand. She’ll repeat it a few times very slowly for my benefit but if I still can’t decipher, we both smile and move on.

She is extremely polite. She says “Thank you, Mama” unprompted! A lot! She’ll bring me my phone or my water bottle and say “Here you go, Mama!”


In the car, “Oh Bunny, I love this song! Do you?”

Amelie: “Yes.”

“Do you want to sing along with Mommy?”


She was with Daddy at the water park and noticed a round lady in a red swimsuit with black polk dots. She pointed and said “Ladybuggy.”

And the cutest thing of all: “I’m happy to see you, Mama/Dadda/Babba/Monkey”. What toddler says that?! Seriously, she’s wonderful!

Learning: She knows most of the alphabet. “A is for Amee!” “C for Cade!” “D for Dadda!” “M for Mama!” She only counts to three, I can’t get her to go further. I know she knows because one day I asked her what comes after nine and she replied matter of factly, “ten.” Her memory is very sharp – she remembers things in her books that I don’t!

Imagination: Her imagination is my favorite! She loves Daddy because he plays pretend with her. He talks in a high voice for stuffies/toys and she is over the moon for it. Now she uses different voices too. Best of all? Her sleepsack, which she still sleeps with every night and drags everywhere, has a very low manly voice! It’s hilarious! Every once in a while, I’ll play too although my imagination is rusty. One day we watched a baby sea turtle make its way to the ocean on Instagram and so I pretended we were baby sea turtles. She could not get enough of it! Here she is pretending to be a sea turtle at the water park.


Social: She’s shy and prefers to play one on one. She handles aggressive kids fairly well; she usually watches them from afar. She’s a good sharer, although most kids are not so I feel bad when she gets pushed around by them. It makes me very irritated!


Unlike Cade, Amelie is not overly smiley. She’s a very happy girl but a serious girl. She went to a birthday party last weekend and I asked if she wanted her face painted. She nodded and sat so still. And when she saw the result:


She was ecstatic! I love that smile. It’s so sweet to live these moments again, but now as a Mom. I remember feeling like this – how exciting it was to get my face painted!

Every once in a while, she’ll surprise me by waving or saying hi to someone spontaneously. Also to my surprise, she’s done really well with our summer visitors and sharing her toys. I expected she’d find it all overwhelming but she proved us wrong. She especially adored our friends Chris and Amelia – maybe it was the namesake that drew her in? She was pulling out all of her show off “moves” for them – twirling, “headstands”, dancing and balancing on one leg.


Cade: Seriously, she is an awesome big sister. She has never hit or shown aggression towards Cade. In fact, she’s done the opposite. This week, Cade started crying when I left the room and when I came back, Amelie was sitting next to him stroking his hair. He stopped crying and was smiling up at her. What a sweetheart!

Now that he’s been playing more, she’s been mimicking him, like sucking on toys which is funny because she wasn’t an oral baby except for her pacifier. Many times she wants what he’s playing with but will wait (impatiently) until he’s done (drops it out of his tiny fists) or she will trade him for a different toy, which suits him just the same! She is still jealous when Daddy holds Cade and will ask that he holds her instead and that “Mama hold Cade.”

Mommy stuff: Daddy is still her go to for Fun, but she’s not showing overt preference for only him anymore. She loves me for what I offer, which is different than what she gets from Daddy. I feel such strong love for this sweet girl. Like deep in my throat kind of strong, you know?

The “terrible twos” have been far from that. She is a delight!

Home Sweat Home: Outside Front Perennials

Perennials! I feel like such a big girl now. I did lots of learning googling and figured now is as good of time as any to dive in.

It’s overwhelming but I’m reminding myself that this is simply an experiment. I’ll try a few things and then see what works. I don’t think I need a grand vision just yet.

We started here with a very busy front yard. Lots of trees, mulch and a few perennials too:


We removed two trees and I weeded a lot but not nearly enough:


I have big plans – namely removing the juniper jungle (also seen here),


cutting back the mulch and adding more lawn. But for now, we are starting small by adding a few perennials to the mulched section by the corner of the driveway.

front_perennialsCan’t tell what anything is because I had to take these photos in the middle of the day, with sweat dripping into my eyes because that’s when both kids were serendipitously napping at the same time?


The placement was random. I’m a thinker and Hubs is a doer so we plopped them in without allowing me to think too hard about it. I really wished we didn’t put the dianthus right in the middle since it’s such a low plant but eh, it’s in the ground. It would be better as a border. I’ve already learned quite a bit about what I would do differently. The strawberry plant, although beautiful with its dark green leaves,


attracts bunnies and the fruit is nibbled off instantly. It would be better in a fenced garden. The asiatic lily, although stunning,


only bloomed once.


But, I do love the Happy Returns Day Lily (as does everyone) because it blooms frequently. I’ll be planting more of those!


I took the earlier pictures a while back. Here is how everything is looking now. Look at the Russian Sage, it’s huge! I guess my pruning this spring helped. It’s a beast!


I scored the irises for free from a lady that was thinning hers out. I had been wanting irises so the timing was perfect. Nap time was ticking away so I quick googled how to plant them because I know nothing. There was an empty spot where we removed the young silver maple tree:


I probably planted them too close but it’s difficult to dig through the mulch, sheet block, roots, stiff clay and rocks. I need a tiller but who has time for that? I’m praying they take root in spite of my amateur gardening.


Up close:


The second batch is looking especially sad but I’m hoping one or two survive. Forgive the lighting, the sun was setting and casting a gorgeous pink glow on everything:


Up close:


I planted a spirea on the corner and it’s barely clinging to life:


In July, I got overzealous and bought a few echinacea and phlox:


I planted them on either side of our sage (which I trimmed back because it was overflowing onto the sidewalk). They don’t look so healthy now:


And after weeks of slowing dying in their pots because summer busy hit me like a freight train, I finally planted the remaining two out back where our hot tub used to sit. They have lots of company with the weeds!


I have serious doubts they’ll live but at least I tried! Plus, it was good Mommy-Daughter time planting these together. She stacked the bark on the top. 😀


I know I was supposed to only talk abut the front yard but eventually, this will be an amazing place for a garden! Wouldn’t it be a pretty corner with raised garden beds surrounded by echinacea and shasta daises?

Anyway, the summer is closing in on me fast so I think I’ll focus on maintaining what I have before diving in any deeper. Along with adding a few perennials, I have been in major cleanup mode. I’ve trimmed, weeded and raked so much that our compost bin has no hope of keeping up! There is still much to do but I’m trying to make progress when I can. It’ll be fun to take a peek at this post next year and see what actually survived!

Our neighbor graciously gave us a tour of his beautiful backyard and it has Hubs and I very inspired. His lawn is lush and he has roses, peonies and raised garden beds! I wish I could wave a magic money wand and have someone come do the work for us while I drink iced coffee. Wouldn’t that be nice?

My Cade

AGE: 7 1/2 months

He is my Mr. Sweet and Sensitive!


Growing: He looks like a little baby boy now. I think he looks like my twin brother. His bald patch is filling nicely, although he’s got serious hair wings in the front. I should trim them soon but I’m hesitant because they have some curl to them, like his Daddy’s hair. They are hilariously cute!!


He’s a long skinny baby still, wearing 9-12 month clothes already. I love to smooch the back of his neck! He is seriously the cutest little guy!

Just recently, he’s showing signs of stranger danger. He’ll be subtle about it but I can tell that he is wary of new people holding him. He usually does ok if I’m near but if he’s tired, he’ll fuss. Amelie had serious stranger danger by the time she was 4 months old and would cry instantly if she was in anyone’s arms but mine or Hubs. It’s so interesting to see how different my two babies are!

Sleeping arrangements: Up until about a month ago, Cade was sleeping in a swing. I worried about it because he’s a long baby and since we swaddle him, we couldn’t buckle him in. “Do you think he could flip himself out?” I asked, concerned.

“There is no way. Think about the physics! Candace, it’s impossible.” Hubs replied.

Like usual, I woke to him crying one morning so I slowly shuffled down to feed him. To my horror Cade, swaddled like a caterpillar, was HANGING OUT OF THE SWING like a teeter totter hinged only by his hip!

Yeah. So, now he sleeps in a pack and play. We had to cut the swing cold turkey and as with everything Cade, it was fairly easy to do so. It wasn’t a piece of cake but rather a few bumpy nights. We bought a used crib many moons ago but haven’t gotten around to setting it up. It’s on the To Do list, along with putting together a nice room for him someday. He’s still sleeping downstairs but we have to move him for guests soon so I might try to start working on his nursery. I don’t know when though because I have so many projects in flight and so little time.

Milestones: He can flip to his tummy and back again and now he is sitting up unassisted! We never leave him because the opportunity to face plant or fall backwards is still very high.

He can feed himself a bottle which has come in handy when I’m trying to get Amelie down for a nap. I usually bring him upstairs with us and he sits in his chair feeding himself while I read Amelie her two books before nap.


He reaches for everything, especially my hair. He’s always ripping out strands in his tiny clenched fists. I don’t love that…

What a I do love? When I pick him up and he holds on to me.. His little hand holds my shirt, his legs wrap around my hip and his other arm links around mine. It’s the best!

What Cade loves? Amelie. He adores her. Every time she’s near him, he grins and laughs. He’s delighted by her!

Play: Unlike Amelie, Cade will play for a while. We prop him between our straddled legs and dump bins of toys around him. He loves to empty the bins, suck on everything and clang things together. He plays!!!

Nicknames: Mr. MaGoo, Gooies, Cade Man, Mr. Sensitive. We call him Mr. Sensitive because if he gets the slightest bonk, he cries. On the other hand, Amelie skinned her knee pretty bad this week and didn’t flinch. Cade is also scared of the the vacuum cleaner (Hubs had to take him outside one time because he kept screeching) and just recently he finds the washing machine concerning.

Feeding: Ugh! I hate this part. It’s really hard to find time to make food for him. He doesn’t like it, either. We’ve tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas. Unlike Amelie who gobbled up everything I made for her – even straight pureed kale – Cade refuses. He’s drinking way too much milk and not eating nearly enough. I may have to start adding apples or pears to everything to get him interested. I noticed Cade didn’t struggle learning to use his tongue with solids but Amelie had a lot of trouble with accidentally pushing food out (tongue thrust). I believe it was an issue when she breastfed too. I don’t think she was very efficient and it frustrated her.

Speaking of breastfeeding, it is not going great anymore. My supply can’t keep up. I used to feed him during the day and slowly I started to supplement at night with formula when my supply was the lowest. Now I feed in the morning and maybe once during the day. The rest is formula or milk that I have pumped and frozen beforehand. More on that someday! Luckily, he takes a bottle like a champ. It only took him a few seconds to figure it out, whereas Amelie cried during the first few bottle feedings. I felt so sad for her!

Sleeping: Bed time seems to be the trickiest with Cade, especially the few months when Amelie was sick. It was relentless! We’d finally get Cade to sleep after much bouncing and effort and then Amelie would wake from her cough and be up crying/coughing for hours! Cade would wake for his first feeding between 4am and 6am. And then everyone was up for the day shortly after. I thought I may not survive! Seriously, I was a total wreck.

About a month ago, he started going to bed around 8-8:30pm AND Amelie’s cough disappeared. It was a dream come true! What a beautiful schedule to have an hour in the evening to ourselves to get the house picked up, dishes done and be able to sleep during the night again. Now, he goes to bed anywhere between 8:30pm and 10ish. Sometimes he wakes for his first feeding around 6am, sometimes he wakes me at 2am!

Naps: His naps are all over the place. I should be keeping a log to see what schedule works best for getting him to bed before 10pm. But I’m trying to keep up with Amelie and I put him down when he’s fussy. Sometimes we are out and about and his nap gets pushed back and we all have to roll with it! He still takes three naps/day but his last nap can start late in the evening. That’s where it gets tricky because I wish he were going down for the night, but instead he treats it as his last nap and is up again. Luckily when he is awake, he’s a very happy pleasant guy so it’s not a big deal except for cutting into our kid-free time (which is pretty precious).

Cade, I get a little sad thinking about you growing up. You are my last baby. I don’t get to really enjoy your babyhood because I’m juggling you and Amelie. It’s unfortunate because you are such a loving, happy, smiley, wonderful baby. I always wondered how other parents were doing it – going out to eat (especially during the witching hour?), getting projects done around the house, going shopping and taking trips. Now I get it! I could have done it all with you.


Even so, I’m counting my lucky stars that you came second. Amelie is the most amazingly awesome toddler and you are a rockstar baby. I don’t deserve either of you!

Home Sweat Home: The Stairs Again

Remember when the Heavens opened up and the world rejoiced because we finally completed the stairs?


Lookin’ good, right?

Actually. No.

Like me from far away, everything is kinda looking alright. But when you get up close? Everything IS NOT LOOKING ALRIGHT.

For example, this huge hole in the caulking:


I’m to blame because the handyman caulked in a shred of blue carpet in his haste to get home. I was not having that so I carved it out, leaving a large gaping hole for bugs and things to snuggle in. Awesome, huh?

The caulking in the seams was also lacking in a few places. Can you see it?

crappy_caulkI tediously re-caulked everything and painted the primed risers a delectable white. Look closely and you will notice where it’s been painted versus the plain primed riser:

paintIt took three coats of paint to get the coverage I was happy with and of course our stairs sat like this for a few weeks along with my best intentions. Warning, adorable toddler ahead!


That swimsuit! It makes me weak!

Anyway, you’ll never believe this but here they are finished:


Here is where my husband and I differ. This is a project he would have never wasted his time on. From far away, it looks fine! On the other hand, the doors to the laundry nook are off and propped up in the den, the office is disaster, the bathroom is half painted, etc! I could be making a much bigger impact. But, my spare time is sporadic and comes in very small chunks. The stairs bugged me and it was a project I felt like I could take on in small steps.

Ending with a pun is so clever, isn’t it?